360 Part 2

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m going for a “free” XBOX 360.  Several years ago I pulled this off with a “free” Macbook Pro (being used to type this right now, in fact), but in the years since, many of the “free” offers have either disappeared or become impractical.  Case in point:

The 360 in this configuration costs around $350.  I calculated the least expensive path through the available offers, excluding offers that I didn’t qualify for (Blockbuster was available, for example, but only to new customers).  Choosing four (1 + 1 + 2) from a pool of about 30, the cheapest route wound up being:

  • Sign up for Gamefly ($10 / mo)
  • Sign up for diet pills ($6 s&h)
  • Sign up for web hosting ($4 / mo + $30 setup)
  • Sign up for a dedicated server ($25 / mo, minimum 3 months)

Total cost wound up being $125, or about 64% off retail price.  Not as good as the 90% off retail I wound up getting on the MBP, but still not a bad deal.  I made all my purchases today, printed all my supporting paperwork, and am waiting on two of them to report back to the promotions company.

Interestingly, the company I’m using for this offer was one of the companies that people previously complained incessantly about.  After scouring forums with well-established members, it seems that these guys (YF Direct / Connexus) are actually one of the more reliable companies.  And TheUseful, who fulfilled my Macbook Pro, seem to be generating more complaints.

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  1. I’ll post it once everything completes. The last thing I want to do is send a bunch of traffic their way, then have my offer fall apart.

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