$3,841,779.00 to Hollywood Casino

That’s how much gamblers at Hollywood Casino threw down this past Tuesday, the casino’s first day open to the public.  After taxes and payouts, they netted $162,000 before operational costs such as wages and utilities.  I can’t tell you if that’s good or bad, but compared to some of the other Pennsylvania casinos, it certainly appears to be on the plus side:

  • Philadelphia Park took in $6.08 million, netted $372k after payouts, before taxes & fees
  • Harrah’s:  $4.13 million, $349k
  • Hollywood Casino:  $3.84 million, $360k
  • Mount Airy:  $1.94 million, $115k 
  • The Meadows:  $1.77 million, $154k 
  • Presque Isle:  $1.31 million, $12k
  • Mohegan Sun: $1.29, $101k

Those aren’t earth-shattering numbers by any means, but they are impressive for a casino that is otherwise in the middle of nowhere AND that was opening to the tune of a really fun Pennsylvania snow storm.  Obviously, once the newness wears off, the numbers will dip somewhat.  But the weather has created an interesting counterpoint that might help smooth their decline into the summer months, when we’ll no doubt see a tourism boost.

Who else has been there?  What did you think?  Was it everything you expected, or less (or more)?

8 thoughts on “$3,841,779.00 to Hollywood Casino”

  1. We are heading out tomorrow afternoon. I hear the signs are hard to find and also that its a short drive through some unlit country roads. We are going to make a night of it, so is there anything else we should do while out there?

  2. I went there with my family last weekend. I played the 2 cent slots and won 110.00 with only spending 20.00!!!! They have lots of penny and 2 cent slots. They also have nice restaurants and of course the horse racing. I live outside of Harrisburg so it is nice for something like that to be close by. I think when summer hits, the tourists that come to Hershey to go to HersheyPark and the outlets etc. the casino will be booming! Overall I think it was very nice.

  3. my husband and a couple of friends headed out for the great hollywood casino!!! lots of people there!! we went to eat and play!!! sandwiches were not our choice but better than hungry!!! awful!!!! everyone we spoke to !! no pay outs!! no winnings!! just gotta give back a little to keep the people comming!! you will have a name of a loser casino, a place we went to in indiana. you heard no bells no excitement!! i over heard a lady say what did we come here for!! i came to spend a little money and dinner !! a long drive to to be disappointed.

  4. we will not visit again!!!! we love to gamble!! we go to louisville, evansville.vegas!! we know nothing free!!! but ya gotta have fun!!

  5. LisaLisa, the signage is pretty bad, but they now have a tacky highway construction sign up directing people to the right place. If you’re coming from Harrisburg, turn left off exit 80 on I-81. Go straight about a mile and you’ll eventually see the streetlight-lined casino entrance on your right. If you want something other than the casino food, there’s an excellent Italian restaurant called Fabio’s just down the street. From I-81, turn right off exit 80. Go straight through the first light. Over the hill is a barn-like building on your right, right next to where they’re building the Mainstay Suites. Fabio’s is in this building. There’s another Italian restaurant at the corner of 743 and 39, but Fabio’s is better. And if you go during the day, there’s a farmer’s market just across 39 on 743.

  6. Crystal, I agree. That place is going to be packed once the warmer weather hits — ESPECIALLY with HersheyPark right up the street.

    Diana, sorry about your luck. I actually fared reasonably well on my last visit there. Aside from the lack of card dealers, I have exactly two complaints about the casino: No free drinks, and no off-hours food. Aside from a $5 danish and $2 small coffee at Extras, that is.

  7. Went up there on a Monday-not very thrilling but nice for the middle of nowhere!
    They should have better road signs to get you there from the south of the state-I already knew where the racetrack was or I probably would not have found it!
    also they need a buffet-this is Pa we are smorgasbord silly up here!!

  8. The signs definitely need work. That’s the second most common complaint I hear, next to the lack of free drinks. That sign on the last intersection before the actual entrance is set at a 45 degree angle to both streets, with an arrow pointing up for the casino entrance. If you take the time to stop and read the sign, it becomes a little more obvious. But that’s a difficult task given its small size, tiny font, textured background, and low contrast. Once you actually get there, it’s easy enough to remember.

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