$3.999 Per Gallon Arrives

$4 / gal 05/31/08The gas station just up the road from my house has officially hit $3.999 per gallon. Other gas stations seem to have fixated at $3.95 / gal, but I want to salute the Gulf for going full-throttle towards $5 / gal. It’s experiences like this that make me thankful for only living 14 miles from work, 12 of which are Interstate travel. And it’s times like this when I’m glad I am that guy driving 65 in a 65, and taking forever to get up to speed from a stop light, and only passing downhill, and doing all the other little tricks that help me crank out an extra 15% – 20% on my fuel economy. After all, 20% of $4 is like saving $.80 per gallon, which for me amounts to about $25 / month. Not only is that like getting a free tank of gas every four weeks, it’s also enough to pay for my spiffy new custom bumper sticker:

MPG is the new SUV

2 thoughts on “$3.999 Per Gallon Arrives”

  1. Wait, June 5th and that part of the state is just now seeing $3.95 & $3.99/gallon?!?!?!? Wow, it must be nice! We have been over $4/gal in many spots for about a month now here in Philly. In fact, the station up the street from me is $4.20/gal for regular and $4.50/gal for Premium (which my g/f’s Acura requires). Needless to say, we don’t fill up at that gas station LOL

    I’m happy to see these high prices actually and hope it continues, but that is a discussion for some other time…

  2. The high prices *will* help drive fuel-efficiency innovation through market forces. But the unfortunate victims are the people who can’t afford the gas to get to work. Around here, it’s easy enough to say “then get another job”. But take a look at, say, Columbia County, where finding a job over $10 / hour is a real struggle and where a good many people live 30 minutes or more from their job. Not by choice, but simply by availability.

    I consider myself fortunate that the worst these prices will do to me is a minor inconvenience. But I see it this way: The price of a loaf of bread has gone up over 50% in the last four years. Where’s it going to be when gas hits $6 / gallon?

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