Abandoned Turnpike Tour: 2010

Ever since I discovered the abandoned turnpike three years ago (has it been that long?  Really?), I’ve received a steady stream of inquiries about going there.  If enough people are interested, I’d like to organize a group trip within the next few weeks.  This will be a fairly simple day hike on what is more … Continue reading Abandoned Turnpike Tour: 2010

Abandoned Turnpike 2009

This past weekend I grabbed some friends and ventured west to re-visit the abandoned turnpike.  As you may recall from my previous posts, the abandoned turnpike is hands-down my favorite nugget of bizarre Pennsylvania history.  And ever since I learned that scenes for the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road had been filmed along … Continue reading Abandoned Turnpike 2009

Abandoned Turnpike

As mentioned in some of my previous posts, Pennsylvania has a very unique bit of history about 90 minutes west of here.  Nestled between Breezewood and the Sideling Hill travel plaza, a 16-mile-long segment of the Pennsylvania Turnpike has been abandoned since 1966.  The roadway, complete with two large tunnels, cuts through the mountains like … Continue reading Abandoned Turnpike

Abandoned Turnpike, Part 2

The Pennsylvania Turnpike opened in 1940 with seven tunnels. Today, only five remain open. Three have been bypassed (Laurel Hill, Rays Hill, and Sideling Hill) and one more (Lehigh) has been built on the northeast extension. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is currently planning to bypass the Allegheny Tunnel, which would result in the first abandoned … Continue reading Abandoned Turnpike, Part 2