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For your weekend viewing pleasure, check out this 1970s-era AFSCME commercial.  Note that the audio is not work- or child-safe, but it’s well worth the watch.  The narration is obviously fake, but you know what?  If AFSCME really did speak with even half this conviction, we’d all be in better places right now.


PS – if anyone has a link to the original commercial, which I believe was part of their “If I Could” campaign, I’d love to see it.

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  1. I love that commercial! I wish our union had half the brass the voice over did. I have personally emailed Mr Fillman asking where the union is in this whole mess. I got a what i believe was a personal response from him. He seemed rather upset and took it very personal that I was questioning the union. Of course I was rather upset with the union for doing nothing to help us.

  2. Matt, I, too, thought they were not doing enough. I was shocked at the fact that the interpretation of the lawsuit seemed kind of uhhh…wrong. But I remind myself that the guys reading out to you all in the membership are just regular folks…not lawyers. Maybe they just were trying to communicate the legalese from the lawyers. I know I posted a contact to them back in late June saying don’t tell your Union members about coupons…tell them to contact DOL under FLSA and file complaints. Your interpretation is incorrect! THAT would be giving them something to do. They did finally do just that…and in time for the date when it could be done by their members and probably after the lawyers told them the options. Think how angry you’d have been if they told you to do it, you counted on it…and the lawyers came back and said nope…won’t work.

    Next I posted a contact form to them asking them why they weren’t calling a walkout (even though I KNOW that is a unfair labor practice and not legal) or filing grievances since thier master agreement signed by the State contains language for biweekly pays in the amount of classification rates and clearly the State had violated the contract. And, if they were grieving, would they be prepared to take them as far as the nlrb if necessary. I got a call back. The Business Agent for the local told me they filed the grievances that day (Friday) for the folks who were not paid in full. She explained (and intellectually I knew this but emotionally I wanted them to STOP THE STATE ahead of time!) that until the State actually breached the contract they could not file.

    Now I gather you might be in judicial based on your pay dates? If so, I can’t speak to if they filed grievances that day or not…and if not, why not. But they are filed now…and I was told they would continue to be filed weekly as paychecks are late/short. I have some more details on my blog..but this is the basics.

  3. Keep in mind people the Union can only do so much leagly. The Union can’t file a class action with the federal courts on behalf of it’s members. That is why people are encouraged to file complaints with the US DOL only they can take the state to court.

  4. Once you reach a certain paygrade though, you lose union representation & are considered management. I’ve been told there’s a management union, but no one has yet to give me proof of this. Any of you ever hear this?

  5. I guess it depends on your pay grade? First level supervisors seem to be included and represented. The Afscme Council 13 site has a letter from Dave Fillman on it under the Budget Hostage updates. In it there are links…one to the grievance forms. One is for Rank and File (R&F) and one is for 1st Levels. Presumably that is 1st level supervisors since they don’t really have the ability to hire or fire.

    Are you a Union Member? Do you pay Union Dues? If so, I’d contact the Union that the dues are going to and ask for a membership card and you are sure to find out that way. I can’t speak to the State and AFSCME, but where I worked, generally what applied to the R&F in a situation of this kind aslo applied to management when it was resolved.

  6. I went from AFSCME to SEIU. Then when I took my current job, next pay grade up, no more union or dues.

  7. I’m just thinking that the pay of the 31st and beyond, AFSCME (and the other unions) gets no money. No paycheck for us, no dues deductions for them. While I would like to believe they are actually trying to accomplish something for us based on principle, I can’t help but think that they are becoming increasingly more interested in action because it looks like they are going to go without. It serves their purposes to do everything possible to get us paid. Money for us, money for them. Our money keeps the unions running; they have wages and bills to pay too. Even at half the state workforce in the union, 35,000, @ least $50 a month,……well, you do the math on how much WON’T be coming in. But then, I’m a suspicious person.

  8. Actually anyone can sue the state. I sued the state of FL and won. The union should have had lawyers on this as soon as they heard about it.

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