August’s blogHarrisburg Tweetup

CORRECTION: The date was previously listed incorrectly.  The correct date is 8/21.

When:  7-9pm Thursday 08/21/08
Where:  On the deck of The Abbey Bar (upstairs at Applachian Brewing Company Harrisburg)
Who’s Invited:  Anyone from Central PA with a blog* or Twitter account

First off, thanks to everyone who showed up at July’s meetup!  It was great hanging out with the regulars once again, and getting to meet a whole slew of new faces was inspiring to say the least.  It’s really quite impressive to see this big of a community forming in what is arguably a medium-sized city in a very rural state.  Judging by the steady growth of the past meetups, August’s promises to be even bigger.

This meetup’s business end will focus on advertising; specifically, how you can make money from your site.  This will be an open, roundtable discussion and not a formal presentation.  Anyone with experience in the area is welcome and encouraged to drop by and share.

As everyone knows, we do this on the third Thursday of every month.  The meetup is open to everyone from Central PA — not just Harrisburg — who has a blog, podcast, or any other form of self-published content, as well as anyone from the area with a Twitter account.  Whether you’re pulling 10k unique visitors per day or just contemplating launching your first blog, whether you’ve amassed a six-digit follower count on Twitter or just signed up for your account today, you’re cordially invited to attend.

Our meetups are about 60% social event and 40% business.  Typically, most of the shop talk happens towards the beginning of the event.  Typical business topics include promotion, advertising, site design, hosting, and industry trends.  Don’t expect full-fledged Keynote presentations or lengthy lectures — we’re a very casual group that has very casual meetups.  Group participation and roundtable discussions are the norm! 

Socially, the meetups are a great way to get to know your fellow local bloggers & Twitterers.  A profile picture is one thing, but spending a warm summer evening out on the deck discussing everything from regional politics to the local music scene over some of ABC’s specialty brews (or craft sodas, if that’s more your speed) is loads more fun!

* – Incidentally, by “blog” I mean “pretty much any site with original content that is self-published online”.  So if you’ve got an independent news service, photo community, podcast, or anything else in that ballgame, you’re included.  Come join us.

9 thoughts on “August’s blogHarrisburg Tweetup”

  1. You got that right. I was looking at 8/15 as the third Thursday, which is actually the third Friday. Then I realized “Oh, it’s supposed to be Thursday” so I just bumped it back a day. Whoops.

    The correct date is 8/21/08.

  2. Looking forward to seeing who else is crazy enough to blog. I’ll be the awkward looking one who is skiddishly looking around trying to figure out if he’s in the right place.

  3. I am missing your current meet-up as it’s happening right now, which is a bummer because I was interested in having my blog syndicated on blogHarrisburg and having some trouble. When I click on the contact link it says to fill out the form below – but I see nothing there. Am I crazy and missing something?

  4. I hope everybody who wanted to come managed to make it over. Great times were had by all! @swtp596, I’m having trouble with the contact form on bH. Drop me a line here on the contact link above!

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