Be Kind Rewind

You know, that movie about that guy who has a video store that still rents videos and they all get erased because Jack Black’s character, in a delusional fit of paranoia, attacks his local electrical substation to stop its mind-control rays from invading his trailer every night when he goes to sleep?  It’s out as of yesterday.  If you like 90-second Levi’s commercials, some of The Chemical Brothers’ finer videos, and/or those Gap commercials from about eight years ago, you will most certainly get a kick out of Be Kind Rewind.  Just convince yourself to let go of the occasional continuity or logical flaw and it’s probably one of the more enjoyable (if not fantastic) movies that’s come out in the last 12 months.

Despite Sara’s advice to the contrary, I went to see it at Regal.  As is par for the course there, only one concession stand was open.  I don’t recall having seen the other stand (the one on the left) open in years.  I can only guess that perhaps the twenty minutes of ads they roll before the previews just doesn’t bring in the $189 necessary to add three extra employees for a day.  It doesn’t help that while our line of 15-ish people was struggling to hand over $8 for a medium popcorn, four extra Regal employees were hanging out around the ticket counter doing … nothing.  Generally I avoid Regal entirely, preferring Cinema Center in either Camp Hill or Palmyra.  But since Be Kind Rewind is only playing locally at Regal, there wasn’t much I could do.

Concession and general theater disarray aside, the movie itself is fun.  Almost mindless.  It was not unlike watching a feature-length version of Lucas With The Lid Off.

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