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@sarabozich gave us the local blogging & Twitter community a writeup in today’s Patriot News.  Specifically, it touched on the phenomenon that the blogHarrisburg Tweetups have become:

“Before I met the Harrisburg Tweeters, they weren’t much different from the people I followed [on Twitter] all around the country,” Danielson said. “But once I met some of them in person, an actual relationship formed and it changes the way you interact on Twitter. Now that people have met me, they know I’m the young one, and for me that’s a blast, because a lot of times I feel like everybody’s kid sister.”

The blogHarrisburg tweetups have really made an impact on our local blogging & Tweeting community.  Sure, we all know each other’s screen names and general online personality.  But actually getting together in a casual social setting — where you can put a face to the URL — creates an irreplaceable, special community among us.

After reading the article, it looks like everyone else feels pretty much the same.  When I launched blogHarrisburg back in 2006, this was exactly the kind of community I had hoped to help develop.  So to everyone who’s been coming out to the tweetups, and to anyone who’s planning on coming to a future tweetup, thanks!

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  1. That’s so awesome!!!!

    I follow both of your sites now, your doing fantastic. Keep up the awesome work. I found your sites from the post you made on the Flickr group about using the group for images. I have alot that are in that group. But anyways, nice to see the word being spread around.


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