Bruce Bond Indicted

I guess things didn’t pan out so well after his departure from Wink 104:

The 65-count indictment charges Bruce Bond with forgery, attempted grand larceny, identity theft and other charges that allege he worked the scheme over the past 15 months with accomplices in Nigeria and Europe.  The former afternoon drive-time talker for WNNK radio in Harrisburg was arrested at his apartment on Wall Street on May 20. Bond’s lawyer, Patrick Megaro, said his client “is absolutely not the ring leader. He is merely a cog in the wheel.”

I never had a problem with Bruce.  I know opinions on him always polarized one way or the other, but for the 15 minutes in my entire life that I actually talked to him, he seemed all right (although he did steal my liner cards one night when I was filling in for Mike, but that’s forgivable because my improv was far better).

For the record, I think Wink had a good thing going when he was on the air — AC by day, the four-hour all-talk Late Afternoon Show to break the flow, and Hot AC by night.  An all-talk show on a Top 40 station, and he actually made it work.

Oh well.  Times change, I guess.

12 thoughts on “Bruce Bond Indicted”

  1. Hey bond, thanks for proving me right that you are scum. What, no market for your 9/11 jokes?

  2. The Bruce Bond Late Afternoon Show was the best thing on radio. I miss him so much. I have not listened to WINK 104 since the day he left.
    They lost a regular listener.

  3. The LAS was a very welcome change from the “HEY HEY HEY OMG WACKY COFFEE JOKES” that typifies modern radio. The show certainly wasn’t perfect, but it was easily the best show on the air at the time.

    Except for my pre-Open-House-Party Saturday 4-7 shift, but that goes without saying.

  4. I knew Bruce when he was on the radio in Pottsville. He was a hoot. I moved away to Tampa so wasn’t able to listen to him on Wink. He would push the envelope but that is what made him so interesting to listen to. If anyone gets in touch with him, please tell him that the blonde he used to play Linda Ronstadt’s Long Long Time said Hello and I wish him the best in this current problem of his.

  5. I worked with Bruce at WINK 104 from 1987-1989 as the mid-day jock and asst Program Director. Bruce was the PD. He’s a great guy who really never did radio the way some say it’s “supposed to be”. That’s what made him so good. Only problem with Bruce’ schtick was it was not National. Only local people in Harrisburg got it. Too inside out. Too Pennsylvania Dutch, but good PA Dutch.

  6. I Glad he been arrest and in jail he no good I should of sue him 15 year ago when i had a change he in the right place but he need to stay there for 50 year in my book Finally Justice was Done to Him

  7. Bruce was the best and the only reason to listen to Wink. I haven’t listened since he left. Best of luck and hope to hear you when your back on the air. Jim

  8. Bond is scum, and this couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Karma’s a b*tch, ain’t she, Bruce?

  9. Bruce did what he did. And he was punished for it. It’s a shame that he has fallen so far from where he used to be. I used to feel sorry for the guy; hoping he would find his on air bearings again. But, he chose a different path. Part of me is surprised. Part isn’t.

    I did a short intern and correspondent stint with the LAS in the mid 90s. When Linda left, it started to go south. But that’s my opinion.

    People hated him. Some still do (seriously, he was the most tramatic experience in your life? Really?). But, those who say “justice was served” are really only talking about what they see as justice in regards to their petty small egos. He broke the law. He was jailed. Justice was served for that offence. He offended you fifteen years ago on the radio… it’s time to get over it.

  10. I’m surprised that people can’t differentiate between Bruce the “shock jock” and Bruce the person. I met Bruce when I was the winner one week for one of the trips to an Eagles game, and he was really very nice. Bruce made a mistake, and he is paying for it. But for those who profess their hatred for Bruce because of his on air persona….I feel sorry for you. Nothing he ever did or said on the air was in an effort to incite. Same can’t be said for Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, et. al. Do you hate them too? Guess you believe Bruce was fired by WNNK because he wouldn’t quit busting on the “legendary” Tim Burns on the air (as opposed to it being the start of a pattern of cost cutting moves by those tight wads at Cumulus…which is what it was about really) too. Seems to me, that so many radio stations are controlled by so few companies, that Bruce was likely black balled by the industry. Like him or not….Bruce was the best thing at WINK, and it has sucked ever since. Though financially, I’m sure Bruce’s departure was not that big a loss for Cumulus’ bottom line….and that was all they cared about anyway.

    Am I the only one who sees the irony that Bruce was living on Wall Street, only blocks from the NYSE, an institution laden with CROOKS, none (or very few anyway) of which will see the inside of a prison cell (they would likely run out of prisons if the locked everyone of them up that DESERVE it), and will walk away with millions to boot?

    Finally, why don’t they ever bring the one’s who fall for those check scams up on charges too? I mean really! Someone you don’t know from Adam sends you a check that you are to cash, keep a 10% commission, then wire the remaining 90% overseas! Come on! Wouldn’t anyone with an IQ above 10 think that they were engaging in money laundering at the very least? I mean it is 2009….what possible legitimate purpose would you be serving? See the crooks in Europe and especially Africa (both of which had players in the scam that Bruce was a part of) know that Americans are basically IDIOTS when GREED and MAKING A QUICK BUCK are involved. Just ask all those “GENIUSES” that believed Bernie Madoff really was constantly producing 20%+ return on their investments. Anyone that stupid and greedy deserve to be ripped off in my book….and in the case of Bruce’s scam….charged with a crime as well! Then maybe next time they will use their brains (assuming they have any) instead of their typical American greed.

    Those who hate Bruce….keep that hatred, it serves you well as you stay blinded when you re-elect that worthless bum Steve Reed, who is so self-serving (and seems to live in fantasy land) and never does anything to help those who have to live in his putrid city. Certainly Bruce has done more to hurt the black man than his honor (or in the same genre…Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, etc.) ever could have hoped to do. I mean to ask a white student why he/she was interested in black history…..shocking. Then the check scam….By all means string Bruce up! Never know this was a Christian nation…..oops my bad….I keep forgetting that it is a “pick and choose” Christian nation…..and only then when it is convenient!

  11. Bruce had a crippling need for attention. When he couldn’t get it in any positive way he found that notoriety was easier than fame earned honorably. As it turned out, he strained more boundaries than just those of good taste. Bruce made a career out of hurting people. That is unforgivable. I’d like to believe he will come out of prison a better person, but I suspect he will have just that many more phantoms chasing him and the experience will give him more reasons to take his problems out on other people.

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