Last Thursday’s Central PA Tweetup

GREAT times at this past week’s tweetup!  Thanks to everyone — whether you tweeted about it, blogged about it, offered words of support, or just plain showed up — who made it happen.  I noticed a LOT of new faces (yay) and a few missing regulars (boo), but it seems like everyone in attendance had a great time.  If you’ve never been to one, our Central PA tweetups (which, by definition, includes all of the contributors to blogHarrisburg) take place on the third Thursday of every month, from 7-9pm, in The Abbey Bar at ABC Harrisburg.

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Central PA Tweetup: September 2008

When:  Thursday, 09/18/08, 7pm until 9pm
Where:  The Abbey Bar (upstairs at ABC Harrisburg)
What:  A meetup of the blogHarrisburg contributors + Central PA Twitter users

The third Thursday of every month, us bloggers and Twitter users (Twitterers?  Tweeps?  Twits?) get together on the second floor of Appalachian Brewing Company on Cameron Street to get together and share in good company, food, and whatever seasonal beer (or chocolate milk, for the under-21 crowd) ABC happens to be cranking out.  We’re a very friendly bunch, and our group grows in size every month.  The tweetup is open to anyone from Central PA with a Twitter account as well as all of the contributing bloggers featured on blogHarrisburg.  Hope to see you there!

August’s blogHarrisburg Tweetup

CORRECTION: The date was previously listed incorrectly.  The correct date is 8/21.

When:  7-9pm Thursday 08/21/08
Where:  On the deck of The Abbey Bar (upstairs at Applachian Brewing Company Harrisburg)
Who’s Invited:  Anyone from Central PA with a blog* or Twitter account

First off, thanks to everyone who showed up at July’s meetup!  It was great hanging out with the regulars once again, and getting to meet a whole slew of new faces was inspiring to say the least.  It’s really quite impressive to see this big of a community forming in what is arguably a medium-sized city in a very rural state.  Judging by the steady growth of the past meetups, August’s promises to be even bigger.

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