Last Night’s bH Meetup / Harrisburg Tweetup

Wow.  Last night’s meetup at The Abbey Bar was easily the best-attended yet!  I don’t have an official headcount, but there were easily two dozen people in attendance.  Off the top of my head, the night saw @EdGrohl, @Dani_Pa, @KathleenLD, @mattyfo, @shawnfarner, @rorowe, Daniel Victor, Jersey Mike, Josh Karns, Bill Bostic, Sara Bozich, Roxbury News, Scott Giambalvo, and even the editor of the Central PA Gazelle stopped by (I never would’ve guessed who is behind that!).  I know I missed some people here — rest assured your omissions are due to my poor memory and not some nefarious status quo — so please comment if you were in attendance!

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Want To Fit In? Complain!

You can’t really live in this area without noticing that a large number of people who live here complain about living here.  You’ve heard it all before:  Central PA sucks, there’s no culture here, people are inbred, our educational institutions suck, the job market sucks, the housing sucks, the transportation options suck … you name it.  I always amuse myself by responding with “So then why DO you live here?”, the answer to which is always some fail-tastic statement like “Uh, well, I guess, uh, um … My husband works for Comcast.   So yeah.”

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Obvious News of the Day

Fuel economy boosters are worthless.  I wouldn’t think this would really be news-worthy, but apparently they keep selling like hotcakes.  I imagine a lot of peoples’ reasoning goes something like this:  “Hey, this MPG-O-Matik costs $30.  That’s the cost for one tank of gas!  What the heck, even if it only gives me an extra 1 mpg, that’s worth it, right?”  Naturally, they don’t.  If you don’t believe the news, and you don’t believe the Attorney General, and you’re positive that email forwarded to you where your coworker’s friend’s neighbor’s sister’s roommate’s cousin TOTALLY SWEARS that they really do work, well then, more power to you.  Here’s what I do to crank my 2008 Fit — which has an EPA rating of 34mpg on the highway — up to 40mpg on a regular basis:

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Buying a Security System – Part 2

A few days ago I wrote a post as a very rough primer on home security systems.  Crime is steadily creeping up locally, and a decent security system provides peace of mind (not to mention a degree of protection) for not much money.  I’m a big advocate of security systems partly because they’re fun to design and program, but also because they’re such an effective crime deterrent.

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Bruce Bond Indicted

I guess things didn’t pan out so well after his departure from Wink 104:

The 65-count indictment charges Bruce Bond with forgery, attempted grand larceny, identity theft and other charges that allege he worked the scheme over the past 15 months with accomplices in Nigeria and Europe.  The former afternoon drive-time talker for WNNK radio in Harrisburg was arrested at his apartment on Wall Street on May 20. Bond’s lawyer, Patrick Megaro, said his client “is absolutely not the ring leader. He is merely a cog in the wheel.”

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