Buying A Security System – Part 1

Newsflash: home burglaries are on the rise.  This happens every summer and is pretty much usually best attributed to bored kids + warm weather.  It is not easily dismissed as a “midtown problem” or a “hilltop problem”; it happens everywhere.  Everyone knows the general tips on protecting your home — lock your windows & doors, install security lighting, keep valuables out of sight — so I’m not going to rehash those here.  Sara published a pretty good list a few weeks ago if you need a refresher.  One footnote: if you get security lighting, get the kind with flourescent or LED lights.  Especially with dusk-to-dawn lights and the forthcoming massive utility rate hikes, the energy savings will pay for the added cost in a matter of months.

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Harrisburg Retail: When Are We Going Cheap?

There are three indoor malls located within a ten-minute radius of downtown Harrisburg (four if you generously count Strawberry Square).  There are several dozen strip malls (“Outdoor Lifestyle Enrichment Centers” if you want to use the corporate-speak term).  We have countless standalone stores and probably, by my admittedly-rough estimates, about 85% capacity of saleable retail space.  Yet Central PA still has yet to see any real “cheap retail” come fluttering in.

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PA’s Laws on Self Defense

The local bloggers have done an excellent job in bringing coverage to the recent attacks (four attacks in four days) happening in the city.  A handful of people, both in print and in forums and comments, have mentioned getting a gun in response to these attacks.  I’ll be first in line to defend your right to own a gun.  I believe that if everyone was armed, we would see a dramatic decrease in violent crime — just ask Switzerland.  The problem is, there’s so much misinformation — most of it politically charged and bordering on insane (from both sides) — available online that gun ownership typically gets presented as something it’s not. 

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