Camp Hill Suicide Cloverleaf

It’s gone, baby!  According to a story in today’s Patriot News, at least part of the colossal screwup of an interchange at Routes 15 and 581 is being shut down for good.  All I can say is that this is long, long, long overdue.  In fact, having at least a passing familiarity with Pennsylvania’s traffic levels due to my research on the abandoned Turnpike segment, I can’t imagine at what point in our post-1940s history that giving motorists approximately three feet of ramp in which to accelerate and merge (the end of which is helpfully marked by a concrete bridge support) was a good idea.  In fact, if I recall correctly, cloverleafs in general were despised by the late 1950s, and most new highway interchanges were being built as flyovers starting in the early 1980s.

Good riddance!

Frick You

So apparently, “people” are “complaining” about the “foul language” used in some of Sheetz’s billboards.  The ads in question say, simply, “Crispy Frickin’ Chicken”.  And apparently, it’s causing most of our world’s ills.  For example, a Hazleton resident called his local codes officer to complain that his small children shouldn’t be “exposed to that type of language”.

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No Free Drinks at Hollywood Casino

Once again, the local blogging community scoops the Patriot — check out the review over at HarrisburgNightlife.

Effective 10am tomorrow (Tuesday, 2/12/08) morning, Hollywood Casino at Penn National Racetrack is open for business.  That is, of course, provided the slot machines pass today’s audit with flying colors. (According to the Patriot-News, they have passed and are on-schedule to open tomorrow.)  Route 743 was completely gridlocked Friday night, but had apparently cleared up for Saturday and Sunday’s crowds.  Comments I’ve heard from people who were there for the VIP event:

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