So What CAN We Do?

A lot of people have asked, both online and in person, what we can do about the impasse.  As more and more people — excluding, apparently, most of our legislators — are beginning to realize that this doesn’t just affect state employees, the outrage is building.  I’ve mentioned a lot of suggestions before, but they bear repeating.

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Businesses & the PA Budget Impasse

Are you (or do you know of) a business that’s offering any special deals or programs to Pennsylvania employees because of the budget impasse?  Post a comment under this article, or use the contact link above, and I’ll add you to this list.  Whether you’re a bank offering zero-interest paycheck loans, a bar or restaurant offering drink or food specials, or a supermarket offering impasse specials, let us know!  Read on for the list…

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US Dept of Labor: Round One

Last weekend a number of you commented, emailed, and tweeted to let me know that the US Department of Labor did not want to hear your “short paycheck” claims.  Apparently, the DOL divides your gross pay by your hours worked, and if the resulting rate is above minimum wage, they won’t take the claim.  I disagree with that stance, but I’ll deal with that when the impasse is over.

Today is different.  No matter how you do the math, almost every state employee will fall below “effective minimum wage” on this paycheck.  I certainly will.  If you’re one of the many involuntary volunteers, contact your local office for the US Department of Labor and file a claim.  No lawyer or union can do this for you; you MUST file the claim yourself.  Only the federal government has the authority to intervene.

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Committee Monday

Well, this is wonderful.

After failing to make any meaningful progress, our legislature has decided to form a committee on Monday.  You read that correctly; while you and I are making plans to make our car and mortgage payments, put food on the table, and keep the lights on, our legislature is forming a committee.

Forming a committee.

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