Downtown Harrisburg: Something’s Very, Very Wrong With Nancy Eshelman

Today’s title comes courtesy of comment left by PennLive user BoredInMBG.

You see, Nancy Eshelman — a long-time opinion writer at the Patriot News — published a story over the weekend complaining about downtown Harrisburg.  I’ve read and re-read her article several times, and I’ll be damned if I can figure out what, exactly, she is complaining about.  Read the article for yourself and if you can come up with anything, please let the rest of us know.  The only conclusions I’m able to reach from that particular article are:

  • Nancy Eshelman eats dinner downtown at 2am (incidentally, where?)
  • Nancy Eshelman is confused about the location of Beaver Stadium
  • Loud noises

I think she might have attempted to bring up guns, too.

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Privado Harrisburg: Unbelievable

It’s no secret that Privado is one of my favorite places downtown.  Somewhere between the vocal trance / house in the basement, the house / old-school / hip-hop soundtrack on the ground floor, the unique atmosphere, the fast service, and the high-but-still-reasonable prices, the place has fully recovered from its questionable “OMG BEACH CLUB” past.  They obviously have a genuine interest in providing quality over quantity.

So I can’t understand why they’re still operating in blatant violation of federal law.

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A Letter to Privado

First, I love Privado.  It’s about the only unique place left on Second Street these days.  Sure, I enjoy Molly’s and Pep Grill and Ceoltas.  I’ve even occasionally been dragged into Spice.  But Privado, despite the best efforts of some of its former management, has largely remained my favorite spot.  So I’m understandably frustrated that they’ve failed to address this issue, despite the law being in effect since the earliest days of Noma.

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