July blogHarrisburg / Twitter Meetup

This Thursday, July 17, is our monthly blogHarrisburg meetup / Harrisburg Twitter meetup.  As always, we’ll be at The Abbey Bar (upstairs at ABC Brewery) in Harrisburg.  Weather permitting we’ll even be outside on the deck! EDIT:  We will be outside on the deck.  The meetup is open to everyone in Central PA who has a blog or a Twitter account, regardless of what you blog or tweet about.  Things get started around 7, and wrap up around 9.  Feel free to hang for the full two hours, show up for 15 minutes, or anywhere in-between!

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Harrisburg Blogger Meetups

The third Thursday of every month, we’ll be having regular, casual get-togethers at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.  We’re usually upstairs in The Abbey from 7-9pm.  These are open to everyone in Central PA who has a blog (or podcast, or any other form of online self-publication), regardless of subject matter.  To be absolutely clear, even if you don’t write ABOUT Central PA, as long as you’re FROM Central PA, you’re invited!

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blogHarrisburg / Twitter Meetup

This Thursday, 05/22/08, a handful of us local bloggers & Twitterers (is that the right word for Twitter users?) are getting together at Appalachian Brewing Company on Cameron Street for food, suds, and general camaraderie.  We’ll be upstairs at the Abbey Bar, which means plenty of free WiFi and smoke-free air.  The meetup is open to anyone from Central PA who partakes in any form of new media — blogs, podcasts, and what have you — along with all of our new-found local friends on Twitter.  Things will get started at 6pm, and we’ll probably wrap up around 9.

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blogHarrisburg / floor9 Outage

Beginning around 7:30 this morning, both floor9.com and blogHarrisburg.com were offline due to a major power issue at the Pacific Rack datacenter in Los Angeles, where my VPS is located. This knocked out several hundred servers, including multiple web hosting companies, until around 2pm. Everything is — obviously — fully restored, and you may now safely resume your regularly-scheduled blogging.

blogHarrisburg Fixed – Really

After finding out that my MySQL backups from bH were corrupt (as well as all of my backups from all of my domains for the last few months), and after taking steps to ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again, I was finally able to fix blogHarrisburg today.  Due to the loss of the database backups, I won’t be able to “fix” the existing mangled posts.  New posts, however, should work just fine.  If you want the technical explanation, read on — if not, rest assured that your local new media source will resume normal functionality right about …NOW!

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