blogHarrisburg Fix

After I get home from the gym tonight, I’m going to reinstall WP and reload a pre-2.5 database backup of blogHarrisburg.  The author of FWP doesn’t appear to have a fix or an update anytime soon.  Bear with me for a few more hours; everything will be bright and sunny tomorrow.

EDIT – Got tied up with a few things last night and didn’t get to restore the database.  That’ll happen tonight.  Also, the sites will be unavailable for a few minutes beginning around 3am every Monday morning for the weekly drive imaging.

blogHarrisburg Posts Gone Wild

A handful of posts on blogHarrisburg have decided to go wiggly lately. I thought I had the problem nailed on Sunday, but apparently it wasn’t so. I’ve made a few final adjustments to the site today and hopefully everything will be back to normal. I’ve also temporarily returned to the previous theme; the new theme was automatically trimming long posts, and while it shouldn’t have made a difference, it’s worth a shot. If everything doesn’t return to normal, or if the plugin author doesn’t update the code within a week, I’ll roll bH back to the previous version of WordPress.

Harrisburg Blogs & Twitter

Yeah, I know it’s been around a while. But thanks to Jersey Mike, I now have Twitter accounts for myself ( and blogHarrisburg ( Great – another toy to suck time away from my already stretched-thin day!

I’ve been pondering how to make Twitter useful within the context of blogHarrisburg. The simple and obvious (and easy) idea is to syndicate blogHarrisburg’s headlines into Twitter. But this doesn’t really seem like a good idea. Anyone who wants up-to-the-second blogHarrisburg updates can already subscribe to the feed; simply regurgitating said feed into Twitter seems redundant. I think a better idea is Continue reading Harrisburg Blogs & Twitter