Bruce Bond Indicted

I guess things didn’t pan out so well after his departure from Wink 104:

The 65-count indictment charges Bruce Bond with forgery, attempted grand larceny, identity theft and other charges that allege he worked the scheme over the past 15 months with accomplices in Nigeria and Europe.  The former afternoon drive-time talker for WNNK radio in Harrisburg was arrested at his apartment on Wall Street on May 20. Bond’s lawyer, Patrick Megaro, said his client “is absolutely not the ring leader. He is merely a cog in the wheel.”

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Napster Ditches DRM

Last week, Napster announced that they would be releasing their entire freaking catalog in 256k MP3 format for only $.99 per track.  That’s over 6 million songs without any DRM protection; you get to do whatever you want with the file.  Put it on your iPod, put it on your Sansa, put it on your phone, copy it to 20 computers … it’s yours. It’s like iTunes, only less expensive, and without the hardware lock-in or DRM copy protection.

Clocking in at $.30 per track less than iTunes’ DRM-free MP3s and about the same as Amazon’s offerings, this isn’t a bad deal.  Could it be that the music industry is finally starting to realize that when we buy it, it should be ours?

Frick You

So apparently, “people” are “complaining” about the “foul language” used in some of Sheetz’s billboards.  The ads in question say, simply, “Crispy Frickin’ Chicken”.  And apparently, it’s causing most of our world’s ills.  For example, a Hazleton resident called his local codes officer to complain that his small children shouldn’t be “exposed to that type of language”.

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Roxbury News

Seems that someone didn’t appreciate the footage captured by Roxbury News.  More than one local political-type figure has had more than one embarrassing and/or inappropriate outburst, antic, or instance of conduct preserved forever thanks to Roxbury.  And now it seems that maybe, just maybe, one of those political-types may have bitten off more than they can handle.

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