Your Electric Bill is Going Up

37% if you’re on PPL, 50% if you’re on Penelec / FirstEnergy, and 54% if you’re on MetEd / FirstEnergy.  Courtesy of the companies who were caught with their pants down during last winter’s ice storm, my $55-a-month electric bill will soon be $84.70.  The utility companies would have you believe that they’re on the verge of bankruptcy due to the soon-expiring rate caps, but a cursory review of their annual SEC filings suggests quite the opposite.

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Cameron Street A-Plus Smackdown

So I’m driving down Cameron Street this afternoon on my way into downtown to tie off a few odds and ends.  As I got off 81, my “low fuel” light came on, meaning I only had another 30 – 50 miles until my Fit sputtered to a stop.  I pulled into the Sunoco A-Plus at 1101 Cameron Street for fuel.  I was feeling a little under the weather, so I also figured I’d pick up a V8 Splash (kiwi-strawberry, because it matters) while I was there.

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