Steve & Buried

That’s the best I can do at coming up with a headline.  My favorite store of all time, Steve & Barry’s, is going under for good.  Last week they announced that they had $100-$500 million in debt against $50,000 in assets.  That’s right; fifty thousand dollars against as much as half a billion dollars in debt.  Yikes.  Somehow their business strategy of selling everything in the store for $8 or less and carrying twice the inventory of your average Old Navy just didn’t work out. If you’ve not yet been to Steve & Barry’s, I have two pieces of advice:

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Tonight’s Tweetup

Let’s see if I can recall this all from memory:  @andreacecil, @VickyKH, @KathleenLD, @bydanielvictor, @sarabozich, @jak440, @aaronwinborn, and Roxbury News.  A lot of the regular attendees (including @jerseymike, @yoshua, @Bone_, @billbostic, and @EdGrohl, among others) weren’t able to make it out for one reason or another.  Looking at the Twitter timelines, it looks like it was a combination of everyone being busy and having prior engagements.

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Save Your Zappy Volts

So our annual budget includes $650 million towards “energy programs” geared at helping Pennsylvania reduce its dependence on foreign oil.  The exact nature of the programs hasn’t yet been made clear, but any chance to bring energy conservation to the forefront can’t be all bad.

Right now we’re in a sweet spot for home-efficiency improvements.  Utility costs are rising, and both PPL and Met Ed have announced their intention to spike the hell out of your prices by 2011.  But the cost of many inexpensive improvements either has not risen, or better yet, continues to fall.  Compact flourescent lights, for example:  They can now be bought in bulk for about $1 each, and they use about 65% less electricity than an incandescent or halogen bulb.  Now is the probably the best time in history to look around your home and save some cash.  Here’s what I’ve done so far:

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Why Can’t We Have Nice Things?

Infected Mushroom is performing at Webster Hall July 5th, and I just got my tickets. I was considering going to see Tiesto, but the crowd would be insane (and all of the good tickets are sold out, anyway). In fact, their entire summer performance lineup thus far looks pretty impressive. Why can’t we have electronic acts of this caliber around here?

I know, I know. This post was really more of an excuse to show off that I’m going to see Infected Mushroom and to link to a video using that PQM track.

EDIT – fixed the Infected Mushroom link to point at the actual video