blogHarrisburg Tweaking

As you read this, I’m going through every single post on blogHarrisburg (all 1900 of them) and fine-tuning the hell out of them.  There aren’t any WordPress plugins that can do what I need done; categories are being reset, tags are being added, and inline images are (hopefully, fingers crossed) being correctly placed.  There’s just too much fuzzy data there to be automated, so this is turning into a very, very, very long labor of love. With a little luck and a boatload of time, the site — including its shiny new template — will be polished up in time for this Thursday’s meetup.

Sasha and Digweed

Webster Hall Sasha Digweed marquee

I’m not a big fan of Sasha and Digweed.  But I’m also not one to turn down a trip to NYC, especially when it’s my first visit to the legendary Webster Hall.  So after confirming that the Fit can comfortably seat three adults plus cargo, we jumped on 81 and took 78 straight into the city.  A two-and-a-half-hour jaunt later, which included but was not limited to actually managing to get lost in the Holland Tunnel (which is technically impossible), we arrived.  $12 to park for the night — a steal in Manhattan — in a garage that was only three blocks from the club.  Excellent!

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