Change Ups to the Tweetups

At last week’s Tweetup, where we finally found the idea table arrangement, someone suggested making the get-togethers a little more regular.  We already have “the” Harrisburg tweetup on the third Wednesday of every month.  But there’s also #hbgugh (a lunch gathering) every Monday.  Jersey Mike suggested a weekly breakfast tweetup around 7am at rotating restaurants, and someone else suggested a bar crawl (love it).

Any thoughts?  Ideas?  I can’t make #hbgugh due to my work schedule, but I could make a breakfast gathering or two.  And the idea of a bar crawl is just great with no further explanation required.

4 thoughts on “Change Ups to the Tweetups”

  1. I’d definitely do a breakfast. I almost suggested a field trip–something like the Senators opener or something, but am not sure if that’d appeal to everyone.

  2. Breakfast would be a once-in-a-while thing for me, but I’d love to pull it off at one of the midtown or lesser-known places. And I like the Sunday afternoon coffee tweetup – let’s do that this weekend! I should be fully recovered from unpacking by then. 2pm good?

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