Committee Monday

Well, this is wonderful.

After failing to make any meaningful progress, our legislature has decided to form a committee on Monday.  You read that correctly; while you and I are making plans to make our car and mortgage payments, put food on the table, and keep the lights on, our legislature is forming a committee.

Forming a committee.

I guess they’re taking the rest of the week off.  Surely they’ve already put in a few hours this week.

I have no doubt whatsoever that the recent Republican grandstanding of urging the governor to pay employees during the impasse is simple political maneuvering.  If they were truly concerned, they would’ve spoken out months ago.  Yet at the same time, I have to ask — where is everyone else?  Those who haven’t spoken up, what are you doing?

Terms like “compromise” and “ideals” have become disposable commodities over these past few months.  They’re thrown around without regard for meaning.  Who has compromised?  Whose ideals are so superior that they simply can’t be adjusted?

Make no mistake about it; every legislator, along with our governor, shares equal responsibility for not getting this budget passed.  Any one of the warring factions can compromise.  And while politicians take to the floor to further their causes, none are furthering our cause — that of Pennsylvania taxpayers.  They all have plenty of fingers to point, but apparently not enough to make a hand with which to sign the budget.

Call them and ask what the hell is going on.  Use sites like Vote Smart to track down your senator, your representative, and our governor.  Call them.  Email them.  Let them know you’re watching.

Because in the end, the only thing more powerful than a lobbyist is a voter.

9 thoughts on “Committee Monday”

  1. Chuck Ardo was on the news last night saying the governor doesn’t like to be called names. Maybe he should get thicker glasses so he can see what is really going on. Compromise is way out the door now. What could a committee possibly resolve? “Let’s group up and point the finger at those guys in the other group.” High school students could pull off a better council at this point.

  2. I’m glad they are so concerned about the welfare of 77,000 employee’s and their families! Don’t forget any of this on election day!

  3. I think what most of these idiotic politicians fail to realize is they are not only hurting 77 thousand state employees but they are also hurting their families. No one in my family will be voting for any politician involved in this disgraceful budget. You figure for every state employee an additional 8-10 people are affected. Its time for a clean house all across the board.

  4. It’s about to get worse–we were just briefed today that people who receive unemployment compensation will likewise not receive their payments. This is no longer just about state employees. The ripple effect this could have on the state’s economy could be staggering; I know we’re expecting to be hit like we’ve never been hit in August.

    This is the absolute height of sheer irresponsibility and arrogance on the part of both Rendell and the state legislature.

    No incumbent must be allowed to survive the next series of elections….

  5. Governor rendell should be ashamed of himself telling the state employees to go to the local food pantry’s durning the difficult time. His waist line isn’t getting any smaller. This is the punishment you get for being a hard working American and not a lazy welfare receiptant. Those who choose to live off the government (welfare) are living better then we are and they are guaranted a paycheck for doing nothing all day.

  6. Whats up? I a fellow state employee and part of AFSCME and I was wondering if we as the people can by pass all these fools of PA and take it to a federal hearing?

  7. This is so embarrassing. The great state of Pennsylvania, said sarcastically. Is really asking me and all other fellow state employees to go to food banks, apply for food stamps and get loans to provide for my family.

    I have never applied for any kind of hand out or assistance from anyone. Now I am told to do this from the Governor as an acceptable option. No wonder the state is going broke. The pre screening on compass qualifies me for $565 dollars a month of food stamps. That is almost more then what my family spends on food now a month.

    I have given 13 plus years to the Department of Corrections, and this is the thanks I get. Turned down for a loan and forced to deplete other resources.

    I am in a better position then most of my co-workers. I have planed well for my retirement, but now I have to draw from that and pay capital gains, instead of being compensated for hours worked.

    Fast eddy says that we should have been prepared for this. The unions should use these words against him in their next contract. Two and a half pays is about nine and a half percent.

    Just one more thing, how was the Department of Corrections clothing allowance for H-1 members funded? It gets paid on July 1st. It must come from a special fund that still gets paid after the 1st.

  8. well they were prepared today they already go straight to voicemail saying its under investigation so you cant get through to anyone.

  9. Just an update

    I pre screened for $565 a month in assistance, but with my accounts from selling assets trying to prepare for this fiascoe, I was denied any assistance.

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