December Central PA Tweetup

Mark your iCal — 12/18 is the date for December’s Harrisburg Tweetup.  We meet on the third Thursday of every month at the Abbey Bar, upstairs at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.  The official time is 7pm – 9pm, but we sometimes come early and almost always have a few stragglers stay late.  The Tweetups are open to anyone from Central PA (not just Harrisburg) who has a Twitter account or a blog.  Read on for the scoop.

It’s hard to explain exactly what the Tweetups are all about.  Sara gave us an excellent writeup over the summer, so you might want to start there.  Reduced to the simplest possible definition, a Tweetup is a chance for the local online community to come together and meet face to face.  We always have fun, we always meet at least one or two new people, and sometimes — if we’re lucky — we even have working WiFi!

Since we don’t exactly have nametags or t-shirts, we’re not always easy to find.  But odds are good that we’ll be the biggest group of people there, and we’ll probably have the highest laptop-to-person ratio within a ten-block radius.  Our size varies every month from “a handful” to “several dozen”.  I believe our August Tweetup was the largest yet, while October’s was the smallest.

Regardless of size, we’re always a very friendly and unstructured group.  If you don’t know anybody, just walk up, say hi, and introduce yourself.  We usually go by our Twitter handles, for no reason other than simplicity.  If we don’t, there’s a lot of “Hi, I’m Dave” “Dave …  Dave who?” “Dave Sheppard” “I’m sorry, I … I don’t know who you are” “I’m floor9” “Oh THAT Dave!  Oh ok, your website is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life etc etc” and so on and so forth.

Conversational topics runs the gamut from local politics to sports to web technologies to making fun of my drink order for not being manly enough.  Don’t think that because you just found out what a “blog” is you’re unqualified to hang out; all skill and experience levels are welcomed!  And although there’s no real age requirement (the bar is open to all ages until around 10 or 11), some of our topics may be inappropriate and/or excruciatingly boring for children.

Hope to see you there!