East Hanover Development

About six months ago I posted about the ongoing development in East Hanover Township.  Specifically, how the casino has kick-started a few initiatives (if you give the rumor mills credit) in an otherwise deserted area.  These rumors got a little more weight with the potential development of a 68-acre shopping site at the intersection of Routes 22 and 39.  Looks like the specific area in question is directly across Route 22 from Ciocca Honda.

This helps anchor the Hershey creep out Route 39.  Surely you’ve noticed the townhouses, the apartments, the Giant, the hotels, and the plazas that have sprung up on one of the main routes from 81 to Hershey.  That stretch of 39 used to be mostly desolate, but the past two years of steady development have made it into a desirable area.

Being a mere six miles from the casino, this particular chunk of land could be a serious contributor to the northeastern spread of Harrisburg and Hershey.  It would also help make the area’s real estate a more attractive option.  It’s a decent area to live if you need to be within 20 minutes of downtown but don’t want to live in the city.  Unfortunately the relative isolation makes it a … well, let’s be honest — boring … place to live.

Two weeks until the vote.  My fingers are crossed.

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