Emptying The Ol’ Closet

I’m finally getting around to cleaning out my house.  It’s only two garbage cans at a time, as York Waste Disposal doesn’t want to do bulk pickups — even though they’re supposed to — but it’s progress.  One of the things I’m going to be doing is clearing out a LOT of old computer parts in various states of working order.  I don’t expect to get more than a few bucks for this stuff, but $1 > $0.  I just have so much crap that never got unboxed from my move out of Executive House.  Now that remodeling has moved out of my master bathroom and into my master bedroom, I’m living out of bedroom #3 at the moment, and this stuff is EVERY-FRIGGING-WHERE.

Today wound up being more “shred and/or throw out” than “list on eBay”.  But I did manage to get two items on the block.  The first is actually a new addition to my family:  The Everex gBook.  This is an ultra-low-power widescreen (1440×900) laptop designed for extreme power conservation and lightweight use.  It does just fine for web browsing, email, SSH, FTP, Twitter, and the like.  It also does just fine playing DVDs, organizing your media, and just about anything else short of hardcore gaming.  Wal-Mart is selling these for $400 right now with only 512mb of RAM, but I’m selling this for the same price (no sales tax!) with 1gb of RAM.  Been used about three weeks, and I’m only getting rid of it because I’m drooling over the MSI Wind.  See the auction and complete specs here.

The second is my old aviation headset from my flying days, the DRE 6000 ENR.  It’s a pretty sweet headset that could double as an extreme-extreme-extreme-high-end gaming headset with hardcore noise reduction and uber-comfortable gelpad ear seals.  It even looks pretty retro.  They could be used as a set of home theater headphones, if you don’t mind the boom.  Heck, use the included 1/4″-to-1/8″ adapter, hook them up to your iPod, and wear them to the gym for added weight and instant hipsterness.  See the auction here.

If you’re interested in either, and can produce $400 for the gBook or $250 for the headset, drop me a line.