Free in the City

Summer is, for all intents and purposes, here.  Parks are opening and days are lengthening and temperatures are rising.  I have my season pass to HersheyPark.  I did my first deck-staining-and-cookout of the season on Tuesday.  Walking down Second Street on a Friday or Saturday night, you can just smell the Legionnaires’ Disease spilling out into the streets in cold bursts of processed air.  And today we fed some geese in the park (why do they hiss?  We’re giving them food, we’re their friends!).  So it’s here, June 21st or not.  And the season is already starting to take a big hit out of my checking account.

Some of the expenses are inescapable:  meat for the grill (Karns’ $2-a-pound Freezer Pack really helps with this), admission to BYB and other events, obligatory drinks at the blogHarrisburg meetups every third Thursday at ABC Harrisburg, that sort of thing.  But as we stood transfixed by the pool-ball-clock-sculpture-like thing in Strawberry Square (which is awesome, who made that?) in-between Civil Service tests last week, it occurred to both of us that we’re easily amused and thus fairly cheap to entertain.

So I ask you:  What’s your favorite free or dirt-dirt-cheap thing to do around here?  I’m sure we’ll be making lots of use of Knoebels, and biking around Riverfront Park and City Island, and probably more than one trip to the local state parks (Rickett’s Glen, though not local, is all kinds of awesome in and of itself).  What do you find yourself doing when the days are long and the budget is thin?