Frick You

So apparently, “people” are “complaining” about the “foul language” used in some of Sheetz’s billboards.  The ads in question say, simply, “Crispy Frickin’ Chicken”.  And apparently, it’s causing most of our world’s ills.  For example, a Hazleton resident called his local codes officer to complain that his small children shouldn’t be “exposed to that type of language”.

There’s really nothing more I can say to highlight how ridiculous this is.  However, in a rare moment of insight and humor, a PennLive commenter put it best: 

“Wow! Good thing they didn’t advertise a crispy duckling, huh?”

5 thoughts on “Frick You”

  1. Where I grew up (Mass.) the word “frickin” or “freakin” were used the same way. Never do I remember any real sexual connotations. We used the real word when necessary. More disturbing is that these religious nuts are given front page, the courts have to hear the case and as usual the small minority get the big print where they don’t even deserve mention. Now, that is a sad thing, indeed. Separation of church of state, altho now rare in politics, now has to be applied to frickin’ chicken. We really should not give a frickin’ care about it. Don’t we have more important things to frickin’ care about??

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