Harrisburg Blogger Meetups

The third Thursday of every month, we’ll be having regular, casual get-togethers at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.  We’re usually upstairs in The Abbey from 7-9pm.  These are open to everyone in Central PA who has a blog (or podcast, or any other form of online self-publication), regardless of subject matter.  To be absolutely clear, even if you don’t write ABOUT Central PA, as long as you’re FROM Central PA, you’re invited!

These events are very casual and relaxed.  They’re an excellent chance to get together with your fellow local bloggers and chat about all things new-media-related.  As time goes on, we will have a few special meetings covering useful topics such as website monetization, promotion & branding, and platform comparison.  And there’s no shortage of friendly advice on getting started, making this an excellent chance for any potential would-be bloggers to come find out what it’s all about.  We’re a friendly bunch, and nobody will ever be cast aside for being too new.

There’s no need to ask for an invite; just drop in.  We’re usually stationed between the bar and the stage.  If you do have any questions, need directions, or have an idea for a topic / presentation, by all means drop me a line using the “Contact” link above.

I have to point out that ABC, through the efforts of Jersey Mike, has been awesome about letting us get together there, even on days when the upstairs wasn’t open to the public.  Although certainly not required, consider saying thanks by grabbing a drink or something to munch while you’re there.