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Yeah, I know it’s been around a while. But thanks to Jersey Mike, I now have Twitter accounts for myself (twitter.com/floor9) and blogHarrisburg (twitter.com/harrisburg). Great – another toy to suck time away from my already stretched-thin day!

I’ve been pondering how to make Twitter useful within the context of blogHarrisburg. The simple and obvious (and easy) idea is to syndicate blogHarrisburg’s headlines into Twitter. But this doesn’t really seem like a good idea. Anyone who wants up-to-the-second blogHarrisburg updates can already subscribe to the feed; simply regurgitating said feed into Twitter seems redundant. I think a better idea is to use the account as a Harrisburg Twitter aggregator. If you’re in, from, or about the area and you use Twitter, follow Harrisburg and I’ll follow you back. Your tweets will pop on the blogHarrisburg front page, and we’ll all have ourselves a Harrisburg Twitter group.

Speaking of blogHarrisburg, I’m going to start playing around with the themes over the coming week(s). If you see anything you especially like or dislike, reply to this post. Better yet, head over to the blogHarrisburg Forums and have you say in the thread. If you do comment in either place, please be sure to mention the day on which you saw the theme. I plan on rotating daily until I run through my favorites.

Finally, there’s been some discussion at the past few (ok, both) blogHarrisburg meetups on how to incorporate the local bloggers who don’t necessarily write about Central PA. It creates a bit of a minor conflict, because blogHarrisburg is meant to simultaneously provide coverage of Central PA and help organize the local social media community. Unfortunately, the two goals are somewhat exclusive. There are plenty of quality local bloggers who don’t necessarily write about Central PA, but who deserve some recognition. The dilemma arises when the question “how?” is asked.

Adding their headlines to the main feed might dilute the “about” nature of the blog. On the other hand, a simple list of blogs down the sidebar is … well, too easy. So what I’m thinking about doing is splitting the site into “from” and “about” feeds. They’d definitely be split in the RSS feeds, but they may (or may not) share space on the front page. This would involve a little big of tag rewriting once the post arrives at bH, but everything else — the direct linkback, the summarizing, the page exposure — would remain the same.


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  1. Good ideas on both matters. I tried to aggregate the Twitter users using RSS feeds fed to that @midstatepa account, but it ended up being looking pretty clumsy.

    I removed the feeds from it so we won’t keep getting updates on it, but kept the account alive just in case someone wants to try something better sometime. I’d be happy to pass that account off to anyone else if they’re interested.

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