Harrisburg Tweetup: 2009 Edition

First off, thanks to everyone who came out for the last Harrisburg Tweetup of 2008!  Last night brought about 25 bloggers & tweeters to Appalachian Brewing Company, making it one of the bigger Tweetups thus far.  A few people had brought up a few points for discussion beforehand, and here’s what we came up with for resolutions:

Time & Date: Beginning January 21st, the Central PA Tweetups will be held on the third Wednesday of every month.  Not as catchy as “Third Thursday”, I know, but the general consensus was that Wednesday nights worked better for everyone’s schedules.  Plus, there won’t be any bands on stage to drown out the discussion (nothing against the bands or open mic night, but it’s hard to hold a conversation over a Wurlitzer).

Location: We had a lot of opinion (relatively, anyway) on this one, and a few great suggestions.  Roxbury News generously offered to let us use their space on State Street in downtown Harrisburg.  @Mandalatv (I think) floated the idea of rotating through multiple venues month-by-month.  And @KathleenLD proposed Chuck E. Cheese.  Ultimately we decided to remain at ABC.  I can’t speak for everyone, but there were a few reasons why I leaned towards ABC.

First and foremost, the logistics of it are perfect.  We have to consider (and/or hope for) the possibility that 100 people show up at the next Tweetup.  ABC can handle that without even trying.  Second, the food service falls somewhere between “pretty good” and “great”.  Being a pub, the range of their menu is topped only by G-Man or Duke’s.  Finally, the third factor is a mashup of factors like free unfiltered WiFi, microbrews on tap, plenty of free parking nearby, a deck, and consistency.  I also think that keeping the Tweetups in a public place — where plenty of people are milling around — helps make it easier for anyone who might be new or shy to “scope us out” or “lurk in the shadows” before coming over and saying hi.

The Wiki: Everyone seemed to think that this was a good idea, but we’re not (at least, I’m not) quite sure how to develop it.  It was suggested that we establish a directory of Central PA tweeters, presumably based on geographic region.  The idea here is that you can currently search Twitter for Harrisburg tweeps, but that won’t pull up surrounding areas like Camp Hill or “Central PA” or even “downtown Harrisburg” or “Hbg”.  What I personally would really like to see would be something map-based where users can add themselves, with moderation to cut spam.  I’m happy to host just about anything on my server, and I even have the domain midstatewiki.com sitting idle.  I’m also entirely happy doing something on a shared service like pbwiki, or even via Google Maps and Yahoo Pipes.

Any thoughts on any of the above?  I know there were some of you who wanted to come out but couldn’t make it — now’s your chance to be heard!

2 thoughts on “Harrisburg Tweetup: 2009 Edition”

  1. Wednesday may not be catchy, unless you call it the “Twitter Tweetup Twednesday”

    I agree that ABC is a good venue – especially for the ability to handle the size.

    Good luck with the meetings. I wish it was something I would be able to attend (distance/family).


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