July Tweetup: Thursday the 16th

CORRECTION: Thursday 7/16/09 at 7pm

This month we’re bumping things back one day.  Instead of meeting on the third Wednesday like we normally do, we’re going to be having our July Tweetup on Thursday, July 16th.  We’ll still be meeting at 7pm, and we’ll still be getting together on the deck, and I’ll still be raving over how incredibly awesome the Dom Blonde is.  ABC has a private function that will consume the entire deck on Wednesday, and Thursday is supposed to be sunnier, so I figured we’ll be best served by stepping back one day.  Come on out, soak up some sun & suds, and meet your fellow Tweeps & bloggers.

People always ask what happens at these things.  Put simply, we drink and BS.   They’re a chance to get together and hang out with the faces behind the domain names or Twitter accounts.  Hot topics are always local politics, regional tech advocacy, local entertainment and events, and why Sara stood us up this month (I kid, Sara!).  But more than anything, it’s a bulletproof excuse to soak up some fine craft beer.

Because our group swells to several dozen people during the summer months, we’re pretty easy to spot.  We do our best to keep an eye out for new faces, but if you show up and don’t know anyone, just say hi — we’re a very friendly, casual group.  Just follow the signs or ask a bartender where the Tweetup is.

See you there!

4 thoughts on “July Tweetup: Thursday the 16th”

  1. I would go, but ABC is just a tad bit expensive for some of us volunteers.

    Who knows though, if the gov and legislator decide to grace us with a budget, I still might show up ;-P

  2. Ah, come on out. It’s before your final paycheck if you’re on the July 10th pay schedule.

    Say, wouldn’t it be a great marketing trick if ABC offered an “Impasse Special” of 50% off their drafts? I’d be there every night!

  3. Nope, I’m on the other cycle, and I’m holding onto all my money because it sure doesn’t seem like they’re really working towards a solution at all. Honestly, it doesn’t even really seem like they’re working, but I guess that’s a topic for discussion some other day. 😉

  4. Holy crap crackers, Batman!?!! Does this mean I may actually be there finally? My doppelganger plays open mic @ the Abbey almost every week anyway … so now I just have to get there early! Ha! Victory is mine!

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