Hollywood on a Snowy Winter Night

I made my first trip out to casino tonight.  Surprisingly, despite the road conditions, there were a fair number of people in there (enough to fill the virtual card tables, anyway).  Far more than I would expect at 1am on a Wednesday morning, anyway.  I’ll post an actual review after going there when there are people around.  For right now, suffice to say that the casino is aptly somewhere between Vegas and AC.

And — coffee, soda, and water are free.  Alcoholic beverages are a bit pricey.

3 thoughts on “Hollywood on a Snowy Winter Night”

  1. It was definitely worth the visit. I’m just bracing for the onslaught of people who will undoubtedly lament that “pffft, that place like totally sucks compared to Vegas, what a ripoff!”.

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