July blogHarrisburg / Twitter Meetup

This Thursday, July 17, is our monthly blogHarrisburg meetup / Harrisburg Twitter meetup.  As always, we’ll be at The Abbey Bar (upstairs at ABC Brewery) in Harrisburg.  Weather permitting we’ll even be outside on the deck! EDIT:  We will be outside on the deck.  The meetup is open to everyone in Central PA who has a blog or a Twitter account, regardless of what you blog or tweet about.  Things get started around 7, and wrap up around 9.  Feel free to hang for the full two hours, show up for 15 minutes, or anywhere in-between!

We have these meetups on the third Thursday of every month.  If you’ve never been to one before, by all means, stop by and say hi!  Part social gathering, part social networking, and part excuse to partake in ABC’s excellent food & drink menus, the meetups are always very laid back and informal.  We’re just as likely to sit around discussing the finer aspects of local politics as we are the latest WordPress patch.  From time to time we’ll even delve into serious topics like advertising and SEO.  Above all else, it’s a great chance to come out and meet the faces behind the domains (and Twitter accounts) you all know and love.

The Abbey Bar has plenty of free WiFi to go around, so bring your laptop, iToy, or other gizmo.  Also, ABC’s food menu is awesome, and their house drafts must not be missed (be aware; a bit stronger than you’re used to).  ABC has been really cool about letting us gather there at absolutely no cost, so feel free to tell them “thanks” by buying a draft or dinner.

There’s no need to register or let anyone know you’re coming.  Depending on the weather and group size, we’ll either be between the bar and the stage, or outside on the deck.  Just walk up and introduce yourself!  Since we don’t know a whole lot of real names, it might be a good idea to let us know your Twitter name or your domain name.  And feel free to bring some friends!

2 thoughts on “July blogHarrisburg / Twitter Meetup”

  1. ACK!!!!!

    I had to work tonight!!!!

    Is there an email list I can get on to remind me of these things? I know that there is Twitter, but I haven’t gotten then hang of it yet.

    Please advise!

    P.S. .Hope y’all had a great time!

  2. Sorry you couldn’t make it! Just remember — third Thursday. There *is* a mailing list, but it’s only used by blogHarrisburg contributors. Then again, the meetups used to only be open to blogHarrisburg contributors as well …

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