June 2009 Tweetup

May’s tweetup was — as predicted — incredible.  The warm weather plus having the deck at our disposal meant a lot of new faces showed up.  I believe we wound up leaving around 11 … Am I right?  Thanks to everyone who made it out, and I hope you all return!

The next Harrisburg Tweetup is going down on Wednesday, June 17th.  7pm on the deck (weather permitting) at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.  If we get rained out, we’ll be inside the Abbey Bar (second floor).  If you have a blog, post on Fark, or have a Twitter account, you’re officially invited!  Added bonus:  Bottles are $2 off, so if the seasonal ABC brews on tap aren’t to your liking, that bottle of Framboise will only set you back $8.

Our Tweetups are 99.75% social gatherings.  Basically, they’re a chance for us to all get together, put a face to the screen name, and share a few brews.  Conversation has often run full-bore up to closing time and a good time is always had by all.  The summer Tweetups are especially great, if for no reason other than there’s something awesome about hanging out on a deck in the industrial part of town, overlooking the capitol and downtown while the sun sets, all while the temperature refuses to dip below 73.  After this month we’re halfway through the Summer Sessions, so make sure to be there.

If you’ve never been to ABC before, it’s located at 50 N Cameron St in Harrisburg.  Plenty of free parking is available in the large, fenced-in lot behind the building, or you can try your luck at one of the six parking spaces next to the huge hopper.  Or vat.  Whatever that thing is.  Although we usually stay until around 9-ish, the summer tweetups tend to go longer and bring more people (a typical crowd in the summer is around 20-30 people).  Draft beers (their own brews) are $4.50, as I recall.  The food prices are a little on the high side, but aside from the Grizzly Bear Chili (which DOES NOT contain actual grizzly bear, an omission that disappoints me greatly), I’ve never had a bad meal there.

As an added bonus, I’m inviting local users from Fark.com to this gathering.  There’s already quite a bit of crossover between Fark and the Twitter / blogger community, so why not open the doors all the way?

Finally, the best comment out of last month’s tweetup:  “This isn’t the Star Trek convention I was expecting it to be”.  Awesome.

13 thoughts on “June 2009 Tweetup”

  1. If you’re going to shout out to the fark.com folks, you might want to post something in the fark parties tab.

    just a thought.

  2. Might not be a bad idea. I’m a regular around Fark, I just post very little. If there’s no band practice, I’ll see if Ms. Cozmo is up for stopping out.

  3. @weaver95 Indeed. Doing so now. Are you going to make it?

    @guitarcozmo And yet ANOTHER Central PA Farker – awesome. By all means stop by!

  4. I will try to make it to this one, but I’ve got relatives coming into town either Wednesday or Thursday that week, not sure when they’re passing though.

  5. Wednesdays are actually TWO dollars off the Belgian selection.

    AND- and added bonus to the June Tweetup is ABC has a KILLER band called J Roddy and The Business playing a month long residency on Wednesday nights- The 17th is J Roddy with guests The Sketties (from Lancaster)

    The show starts at 9-


  6. The only good thing about the “Metro Bank Epic Fail of the Century” was discovering your blog.

    I’ll have to come and check things out on Wednesday.

  7. Can’t make this month’s Tweetup, but I’ve freed up my schedule for the rest of the year if they stay on the third Wednesday =)

  8. Thanks, Wendy – see you there. Bostella, yep, we do these on the third Wednesday of every month. After the fiasco with Metro Bank / Commerce Bank this past weekend, I’m going to need some serious beer-drinking. Bonus: J Roddy!

  9. Band practice til 8:00 in Plainfield, so don’t know if we’ll be able to stop out tonight. If not, maybe next time.

  10. Tonight’s Tweetup is still on, but due to the weather we’ll most likely be inside. Look for a few tables pushed together and a handful of laptops.

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