Last Night’s bH Meetup / Harrisburg Tweetup

Wow.  Last night’s meetup at The Abbey Bar was easily the best-attended yet!  I don’t have an official headcount, but there were easily two dozen people in attendance.  Off the top of my head, the night saw @EdGrohl, @Dani_Pa, @KathleenLD, @mattyfo, @shawnfarner, @rorowe, Daniel Victor, Jersey Mike, Josh Karns, Bill Bostic, Sara Bozich, Roxbury News, Scott Giambalvo, and even the editor of the Central PA Gazelle stopped by (I never would’ve guessed who is behind that!).  I know I missed some people here — rest assured your omissions are due to my poor memory and not some nefarious status quo — so please comment if you were in attendance!

We started these meetups unofficially about a year ago.  Our first meetup ever was at Roxbury News’ Third Street office.  Back then it was just the blogHarrisburg contributors and the discussion was a lot more focused on how we could help develop the local blogging / social communities.  Starting with our third meetup, we decided to open things up to anyone locally who had a blog, and our fourth meetup was also open to our Twitter brothers & sisters.  For the fifth meetup (am I counting right?), which was last night, it was clear that word was really getting out.

Thanks to everyone who came out and joined in the festivities! If you didn’t make it this time, remember that we’re in the same place (The Abbey Bar, upstairs at Appalachian Brewing Company) from 7-9pm on the third Thursday of every month.  Things are very relaxed, and everyone in Central PA with a blog (or podcast, or anything similar) or Twitter account is welcome.

@EdGrohl posted some pictures of the event.  Anyone else?

3 thoughts on “Last Night’s bH Meetup / Harrisburg Tweetup”

  1. Good to meet those I did not know before. Dave, good to see you – it’s been too long. Jersey, great SITTING and talking with you for now record length. 🙂

  2. >> and even the editor of the Central PA
    >> Gazelle stopped by (I never would’ve guessed
    >> who is behind that!).

    Uh oh — actually, I did not come out, so I’m afraid you met a cheap impostor! I’d be interested to know who said person was, though…heh heh.

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