Last Thursday’s Central PA Tweetup

GREAT times at this past week’s tweetup!  Thanks to everyone — whether you tweeted about it, blogged about it, offered words of support, or just plain showed up — who made it happen.  I noticed a LOT of new faces (yay) and a few missing regulars (boo), but it seems like everyone in attendance had a great time.  If you’ve never been to one, our Central PA tweetups (which, by definition, includes all of the contributors to blogHarrisburg) take place on the third Thursday of every month, from 7-9pm, in The Abbey Bar at ABC Harrisburg.

One of the issues raised at past meetups is getting to know everyone, and how we identify each other.  September’s tweetup will feature nametags so people can share their URL, real name (if they choose), and Twitter name.  A little geeky?  Perhaps, but aren’t we all?  It will help break the ice for the less-outgoing among us, and it will help anyone new to the group to locate us.

I’ll also have a signup sheet so that we can track participation.  @SaraBozich conducted a sign-in roster at this past meetup; if you didn’t sign in, Tweet her a “hello” and let her know who you are.  I don’t plan on doing anything more dastardly with your information than publishing your Twitter username and/or your URL; your privacy is otherwise assured.

So thanks again to everyone who made it out, wanted to make it out, or even thought about making it out!  If you weren’t there, do consider dropping by in September.  We’ll likely be inside this time (although if the deck is still open and the weather is “fall crisp” and not “winter OMG FREEZING”, I’m all for going outdoors).  Hope to see you then!