Legislative Staffers Are Still Being Paid

It appears that our government may be guilty of more than one violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

I’ve already demonstrated that government employees in any capacity are covered by the FLSA.  And part of the FLSA states that employers must maintain an accurate record of hours worked and wages paid, and that these records must be open for inspection by the Secretary of the US Department of Labor.

But it seems that no such records are kept for Legislative staffers.  Channel 4 out of Pittsburgh has smelled blood in the water and is moving in for a fight:

Recently, Team 4 submitted a public records request to the state House of Representatives. Chief clerk Roger Nick sent a letter saying the House “does not possess time and attendance records that track an employee’s daily record of attendance.” Team 4 got the same answer from the clerk of the Senate.

All state employees must document their time worked.  For most of us in civil service, this is a mostly-automated process through SAP.  And employees in the legislative branch — those working under Governor Rendell (hooker jokes aside) — also document their time.  So why isn’t the legislature and its employees documenting their time?

To my friends who work in the legislature:  Sorry.  🙁

Thanks to WTAE for digging into this.  To WGAL, WHTM, WHP, and The Patriot-News, where the hell are you guys?  Tens of thousands of your readers, listeners, and viewers are counting on you, and you’re letting us down!

7 thoughts on “Legislative Staffers Are Still Being Paid”

  1. Thank you Team 4! Things must change! The legislators are playing a shell game with our tax money, this must stop! Rumors that legislators “Stashing money” aside during the year so their staff could be paid during the impasse, if true, is unacceptable. All incumbents must go! Impeach Fast Eddie!

  2. They are indeed being paid from the Legislative Slush fund. How the heck much money do they need in a slush fund??? Are they a bunch of boozehounds?? Come on!!!!

  3. Another thing, Staffers are not the only ones getting paid. LCB is paid, Treasury is paid, many ARE getting paid. That is just discrimination. When the ShXX hits the fan, it’s going to be a SHXXSTORM for the Gov and his goons.

  4. Well, LCB – like Lottery – are self-funded. Also, the Dept. of Treasury is not under the Guv’s jurisdiction, so they’re doing their own thing, so to speak.

  5. Judges are still getting paid as well, even though court employees are not, and have not been paid for the whole month of July. The last paycheck on 7/3/09 was 3 days short. When we finally do get paid, there is a stack of unpaid bills that have now accrued late fees. (and yes, I’ve contacted creditors and the landlord…while a few had empathy, they said unfortunately the late charges would still have to be added). So while I try to stay optimisic, the “stopgap” committee talks are too little too late. This budget impasse fiasco has caused real hardship for many of us and our families. Why is it that the highest paid are not affected w/ payless paydays?

  6. I have called and written different departments and agencies about our vendors as to are they being paid and out of what funds .Of course i recieved nothing back from anyone on the subject.I know the crew i am with we are paving and also oil and chip sealing there is a lot of materials being used and purchased just the fuel alone to operate these crews is very very expensive .

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