Make Blogging 33% Better

Not really, but this would easily be the single best invention ever to hit the Internet since ethernet:

YouTube Comment Snob

Basically, YCS blocks comments that are too stupid to live.  I’m not talking about comments that you may or may not disagree with; I’m talking about comments that should’ve been aborted long before they ever came to term.  You know the ones I’m talking about:

  • More than ## spelling mistakes (using Firefox’s built-in spellcheck)
  • no caps.  even when they’re necessary.
  • Excessive punctuation !!!!!!!
  • Profanity

I can’t tell you how often I get all excited over an email telling me of a new comment on one of my YouTube videos, only to discover it’s something along the lines of “ZOMG LOL U R SOOO TRU DAT LOLZLLLLOO!1!!111!!!!!!”.  With YCS, my life can once again have meaning and joy!


2 thoughts on “Make Blogging 33% Better”


    Sorry I had to. I agree with you about opinion. Now if they could come up with better spam/troll filters that didn’t include a human in the link.

  2. I think incoherent text comments are an evolving part of internet culture. I’m sure the first person to ever type “LOL” was misunderstood, but now they LOL on CNN and daytime talk shows. Whenever I get comments like that, I try to read it out loud and just picture some kid actually saying it to me.

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