March’s Tweetup

This past week’s tweetup was HUGE!  Just check the hash and you’ll see the tip of the iceberg.  There were lots of new faces, most of the regulars, and enough discussion of Linda Thompson’s taco tweetup (I don’t remember how that got started) to last at least a month.  Normally the winter tweetups are much smaller than the summer ones, so once the weather breaks we may actually consume the entire deck!

As you know, we get together on the third Wednesday of every month.  However, in March, the third Wednesday happens to also be St. Patty’s Day.  The consensus seemed to be that there’s no point having a tweetup on the biggest drinking day of the year, since we’ll all probably run into each other anyway.

So March’s Harrisburg Tweetup will be on Wednesday, 3/24 at 7pm.  The Abbey Bar is located on the second floor of Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.  They’ve been great about accommodating us over the years (yes, it’s been years) and have free wifi with a smoke-free environment.  There’s also some beer there, I think.

If you’re going to tweet about the event, use the #hbgtweetup tag so we can get a feel for who’s coming.  See you there!