Metro Bank Gets Sued

According to The Patriot News, Metro Bank is being sued for trademark infringement.  Members 1st FCU, whose logo is similar to Metro Bank’s, has accused Metro Bank of attempting to infringe on Members 1st’s “goodwill”.  All I can say is that if Metro Bank had used my logo instead, none of this would have happened:

9 thoughts on “Metro Bank Gets Sued”

  1. Look, it seems to me that if Commerce had bothered to look at it’s local competitors’ logo for 10 seconds, this wouldn’t have happened.

    “The biggest credit union in the area uses a big red “M” as their main logo feature. Let’s use the same thing!

  2. It’s not the letter, it’s the stylization. Metro’s design is practically a mirror-image of Members 1st’s design.

  3. “what’s stylization is that the letter m?”

    the stylization is the way that they took the “M”, and broke it apart into 2 shapes. the Members 1st has the small piece on the right, and the Metro one has the small piece on the left.

    I’m not sure if Members 1st will really have much of a leg to stand on though, as their M is a serif letter, and Metro uses a san-serif. Also, Members 1st shaped their small piece intentionally as a number 1, and Metro seems that they didn’t intend for the small piece to be any sort of shape.

    One part that I really find hilarious about the lawsuit though, is that Members 1st claims that Metro customers come into their branches thinking it is a Metro branch, and Members 1st customers go into Metro branches thinking it’s a Members 1st. Now don’t get me wrong, I realize there are a lot of stupid people in this crazy mixed up world of ours, but I really find it hard to believe that there are enough people that dumb, or unobservant, to have this actually happen.

  4. Ok. It’s similar enough we were driving down the street on Saturday and my 4-year-old pointed at a Member’s first sign and said “Mommy that M is broken like on OUR bank!” …

    But even SHE realized they aren’t the same bank.

    Fascinating, nonetheless. Interested to see what happens.

  5. watch out people, i just got a call from a collection agency saying i owe them money for metro bank when i closed my account with them when they switched and all transactions were cleared. i am fighting this and this better not ruin my credit because this is untrue. i am filing suit against this bank if it does.

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