Metro Bank Harrisburg: An Example in Failure

UPDATE 3: If you’re having trouble with Metro Bank, I’ve added another post detailing how to file a formal complaint and how to make sure your complaint is effective.

UPDATE 4: The Consumerist has linked to my story.  Thanks, guys!  Since Metro Bank isn’t paying attention to individual consumers, maybe some nationwide bad publicity will help out.

UPDATE 5: The Patriot-News ran a story on Metro Bank.  CEO Gary Nalbandian says things “went well overall”.

So I’ve been a Commerce Bank customer for a few years now.  I’ve always enjoyed their focus on convenience and customer service.  This past weekend, they shed their old moniker and became known as Metro Bank. They replaced the website, re-recorded all the greetings, and I believe all their signage has now been replaced.

As an added bonus, there’s a puppy wandering around their homepage.

Commerce Bank Harrisburg was always well-known for treating their customers well.  And yet it’s as if Metro Bank — with the same people in charge, mind you — has thrown out everything they knew about good customer service.  From major faults such as cutting off ATM cards with no warning, to tiny details (such as having their customer service reps recite an uncomfortably-long 20-second greeting when they answer the phone), Metro Bank has really fouled this one up.

Right now I’m on hold with their customer service call center.  The 20-minute mark has long since come and gone.  And since this is my third time calling in the past 24 hours, so has my patience.

This all started Saturday morning.  I tried to log on to the Commerce Bank Harrisburg website, and was redirected to a “coming soon” Metro Bank page.  I needed my account balance before I headed out for the weekend, so I called their direct-to-operator customer service line.  I was told that because the systems were “updating” (that’s call-center speak for “down”), nobody could answer any of my questions.  Awesome.

I generally stay on top of my accounts, and I had a rough idea of what was in there.  So I went out and spent about 20% of that amount on groceries.  But when I got to the checkout line, my card was declined. Turns out that Metro Bank had shut off a number of Commerce ATM cards.  No forewarning, no explanation.  Just gone.  Sweet.

Upon returning home from the supermarket, I called Metro Bank to find out what happened.  I was told that my account was overdrawn (heart attack!).  I was told that no, wait, maybe it isn’t.  Or maybe it could be, but nobody was really sure because they wouldn’t be able to see all of Friday’s transactions until sometime Sunday.  Or maybe Tuesday.

I had to hang up.  I let a few hours pass in order to cool off.  There’s nothing to instill confidence in your bank like hearing a customer service representative use words like “maybe” and “I’m not sure” and “I don’t know what this is”.

Now I’m back on the phone.  We’re blazing past the 40-minute mark on hold with no end in sight.  While I’m wondering where a $200 discrepancy between my available balance and actual balance went, Metro Bank’s hold music is reassuring me that they love dogs.

No, I’m not kidding.

Now, at the 1:14 mark (that’s one hour and fourteen minutes of hold music), a voice appears on the other end of the line.  While struggling to remain calm in the face of utter indifference and lack of urgency on Metro Bank’s part, I’m trying to form rational, courteous responses to the representative’s wildly inaccurate statements.  It seems that my direct deposit paycheck from Friday has vanished.  They aren’t sure if it ever posted.  The supervisor asks if I made that deposit in person.

I remind her that it was direct deposit.  She helpfully offers to call the branch where I made it.

If shuffling my feet and clearing my throat would have been a visible gesture over the phone, I would have done it.  I point out that, being direct deposit, it wasn’t made at any branch.  Perhaps there’s an internal “ghost location code” to which direct deposits are posted, but as they’re done through EFT, nobody physically walked my paycheck into a store.

“Well, no … sir, I don’t think you understand.  The branch.  The store where you made this deposit.”

It wasn’t made at a branch.  It was a direct deposit.  A direct deposit of my paycheck.

“Well …  I think I’d better call the store just to be safe.”

Fine, go ahead.

So now my account is overdrawn (or not) by a random amount.  My bills may or may not have been paid.  I may have unknowingly walked into a branch (or store) and deposited (or not) my own direct deposit personally (maybe).  Plus, they promise (sort of) to have an answer for me (maybe) tomorrow (or within a few days) about what may (or may not) have happened (or not) to my money (which may or may not even exist).

Thanks for the effort, guys.  Great work.

Going online for help is impossible, because Metro Bank’s website is badly broken.  When I was able to log on during a 15-minute window last night around 9:30, my account balances were all wildly inaccurate.  There are no pending transactions, so I can’t get a current balance.  Maybe this was acceptable in the earliest days of online banking, but even my circa-2000 NetBank account had a vastly superior web interface.

I understand that, from time to time, companies change names or billing systems or call center management.  Sometimes, all three happen at once.  But they don’t just happen.  There’s always time for forethought and planning.  Metro Bank failed on multiple levels:

  • No capacity planning for their website.  Website loads in a static environment (such as a bank) are unbelievably easy to forecast.  Why didn’t Metro Bank provide adequate servers and/or bandwidth?  Will they do so in the future?
  • No capacity planning for their call center.  “Day One” always involves a number of users calling in for support, especially when you’ve just completely replaced your website.  In 2009, a 75-minute hold time for the most basic of questions — “What is my account balance?” — is completely inexcusable.
  • ATM outage.  Why were the ATM cards shut down?  For how long?  When did they come back up?  What operational circumstances did Metro Bank not foresee?  Or did Metro Bank anticipate the outage, but neglect to inform their customers?
  • Terrible web design.  I realize design quality is subjective, but Metro Bank stripped out at least one very important function — the “pending transactions” area.  You can’t see what charges are pending on your card, so if you suddenly find a $200 hole in your account — as I did — well, then, you’ll just have to wait 5-7 business days until all the charges post.  Just hope it’s not a mistake on Metro Bank’s part (as it was in my case).
  • Untrained employees.  The second supervisor to handle my call was unable to tell me the total sum of my pending transactions because “there isn’t a calculator on this screen”.  Because apparently banks have no need for calculators.  Of course, this doesn’t even begin to address why my account was hosed up in the first place — an issue nobody has been able to fully explain.

And easily the most critical of all failures:

  • Blatant indifference to the customers’ needs.  When you tell me that my account may be overdrawn and that there’s a $200 discrepancy between what should be there and what really is there, you need to follow up with an explanation.  Pronto.  Telling me that you’ll have a supervisor get back to me on the following business day is not only inexcusable, but it reeks of arrogance in assuming that I plan on keeping my account open.

Anyone else have any experiences — good or bad — with Metro Bank?  Post in the comments and let me know.  In the meantime, I’m heading over to PSECU to open an account.

EPILOGUE:  It turns out that the problem was that one bill payment was double-dipped.  I spent well over two hours on the phone trying to get an answer to a very, very simple question.

UPDATE 1: I arrived home today to check my account balance online (“” is not yet unblocked from work), only to find out it had grown to an overdraft of $196.  A supervisor had offered to credit back $100 from the double-ding, but had incorrectly inserted it as a debit.  Presumably, they caught the mistake, becuase it was followed by a credit.  Effectively, they cancelled out their own credit.  And to add insult to injury, the thing double-dipped again.  So now I have a total of three $100 bill payments and one $100 credit.

I called Metro Bank — again — for assistance.  I was actually able to drive to my local branch before anyone picked up, so I went inside for help.  The woman working behind the counter was the very definition of indifference.  As I explained the situation, she was either texting or playing with her nails below the counter (I couldn’t really see).  When I stopped talking, she continued staring down in silence.  The woman working next to her commented that they’ve had a lot of problems.  Then she went back to counting money, while my cashier just started straight down in silence.

Finally a guy came over and offered to help.  While I was trying to explain how inconvenienced and frustrated I was at Metro Bank, he kept alternating between offering excuses (“we lost our license to use that website”) and insulting Metro (“nobody at the call center knows what’s going on” and “I hate Metro right now”).  Not exactly the kind of thing to say to a customer.  Especially when that customer is asking where his missing $300 went.

I have to go do something else now.  Anything.  It’s infuriating that they lost my money, it’s infuriating that they obviously weren’ prepared for this switch, and most of all, it’s infuriating that nobody at Metro Bank knows or cares about what’s going on.

I think I found the perfect slogan for their new venture.

Metro Bank:  We Don’t Know.

UPDATE 2:  After reading the comments from “Shannon”, who appears to be an employee, I think I found a much better slogan for Metro Bank Harrisburg.  What do you think?

Metro Bank:  Go F Yourself, Pennsylvania.

179 thoughts on “Metro Bank Harrisburg: An Example in Failure”

  1. Cards cut off with no warning (I’m out of state right now!!) Customer Service NO help. Had to harass the corporate office to get card back and running. Cash debited from my account even though never received the cash. Pending bills not paid. UGH. I’ve opened an account with Wachovia already. Waiting the required 24 hours and transferring all of my monies.


    I have been on the phone with Metro Bank off and on since 4:30 am trying to restore online access and verify that my ATM card is still operational.

    Like you, I’m heading to another bank this afternoon. Commerce had me for nearly 12 years and Metro Bank has lost me in less than 48 hours.

  3. Oh, and if I heard how much they love dogs ONE MORE TIME during my hours long hold sessions I was going to scream — and no people, we’re not kidding!

  4. I too am exasperated with Metro Bank. No answers, only problems. Anyone use Integrity bank?

  5. Well, my account is correct but I will find out tomorrow morning I guess if I can buy food for the week.

    As for the website, well, it sucks. I would usually use a bunch of explicit language but I will refrain. I think Windows 3.0 looked better than that. And the dog just freaks me right out. Is it a bank or is it PetSmart? Does my dog do my free coin counting now or do I?

  6. Yeah, I don’t understand the dog wandering around the screen. Is there a logo missing or something? How about they focus on keeping our accounts straight? Once they get that figured out, THEN they can play with puppies.

  7. Horrible customer service! Card was dead in the water all weekend. No explanation. I went to their location in Camp Hill Sunday, where I was waiting in the drive through for 25 minutes on an explanation. Oh did I mention that this, combined with another problem they created in my account earlier in the week netted my electricity getting shut off.

    Anyone have any new bank recommendations (Other than M&T, who I’ve already had nightmares with years ago)??

  8. I irritatedly left Commerce behind about a month or so ago, for PSECU. Sounds like it’s fortunate that I did. I have a little bit of money hanging out in an account at Commerce still, but nothing major and it appears to have been untouched by all this. Guess I better grab it while its still there…

  9. I tried calling the Commerce Trindle Road office and the phone attendant said that there was some clitch in their system and that it will be corrected by tomorrow i.e. June-16.
    She also said that they have been getting calls regarding this issue since morning and does not have any update on it yet.
    I was worried initially if the site was hacked but its not the case. Anyways all routes to withdraw the money seems to have frozen so just hope for the best.

  10. Same experiences here. My son apparently was one who’s atm card was shut off…and like you…it was on payday after direct deposit. I was on hold for 30 mins at 5am, someone picked up and immediately I was disconnected and spend another 40 mins on hold. All to be told that the website would ‘soon’ be up.
    I too will be going to a credit untion. I always LOVED Commerce. Their customer service was the best bar none. Last week they really messed something up for me, and there’s no interest on their part to make right their error. Their attitude was one of total indifference.
    I couldn’t believe there was no warning. That there was no info on the website-like oops we are sorry but our website is broke! Instead of saying your account has been disabled, call us. No apology on their site for all the ATM woes. This morning at 8am the debit side of my card would not work at the gas station..but thankfully the VISA side did.
    Yea nad abotu that DOG!! And all you hear on their recording is how they have great treats for the dogs. And they love dogs. What does that have to do with taking care of MY money? And cherry lollipops. ohhhh now there’s a selling point. And the coin counting isn’t new. They tell you all about these ‘important’ changes over and over again while you are on hold.
    This is all BIZARRE to say the least. Credit Union here I come.

  11. Fulton Bank looks like the place where we are going to take our money. They seem to have a good reputation with my co-workers. Would love to bank with PSECU exclusively but it’s nice to have a local branch to go to.

  12. Update:
    12.5 hours later – I finally have online access!

    It remains to be seen if my ATM card will function.

    I’m still switching banks . . . though I might stop at Metro for my free dog biscuits since I had to listen to that nonsense for hours!

  13. My parents banked at Commerce in eastern PA. Those banks are now part of TD Bank. They did not have any of the problems that are being reported here. It sounds like it’s time for everybody to run to a new bank. Get your direct deposits switched over before your next pay period!

  14. ARGH! I still have no web access. Called…got that fast busy signal. Called the local branch. THEY say the website is not up and won’t be up until after 9am June 15th? But son says he got onto the website.
    Once I switch banks, I don’t have to go back for doggie treats, I don’t have a dog hahaha OH wait..they DO have those cherry lollipops…

  15. I just got back from the Jonestown Road branch (in front of Karns). The girl working behind the counter was ACTUALLY TEXTING SOMEONE (or playing with her nails; either way she was silently staring straight down and fiddling with her hands) while I was relaying my problem. Is there any faster way to say “eff you” to an upset customer? Unbelievable. Simply … mind-blowing.

  16. You need to know what you are talking about before you start making comments on something you have no idea about. Metro will be America’s next GREAT bank when all things are completed. There are a few bumps in the road to success to better serve everyone. I know it is hard now and everyone is frustrated, but things will get better in time. Banks change names, it happens, so before you pass judgment look into the relationship you have had with Commerce. They have always been nothing but great to their customers and we are doing everything that we can to make sure that we can provide everything that we can to them. If you feel that another bank would be better it won’t. They are not there for their customers and Metro has more possibilities coming. Hang in there we all are.

  17. Well everyone, I am another one of those Metro Bank employees.

    I will tell yuo right now.

    We have no clue what is going on with our own bank.

    The dog…get ready…is because our second major shareholder…VERNON HILL…you may know him…he started the first Commerce Bank in NJ….now is a “consultant” for us…AND HIS WIFE AND HIM LOVE DOGS…so now we must all love dogs I guess. Just GOOGLE him..Vernon hill commerce bank..go to images…you can see the fucking dog.

    I can’t even explain how much it hurts going into work. We all want to leave. I dont want to hear this from an employee..but seriously back office has no damn clue.

    Don’t worry…if you cant see your balance…neither can I.

    I have no idea how much money I have…as well as all the other employees of the bank.

    …neither does one of the Regional Presidents of the bank it turns out.

    the poor tellers..I cant even feel their pain. they are getting literally yelled at by everyone…and they make NOTHING!..literally, I hired many.

    soo all in all…

    go to another bank, and never look back…i am.

  18. Shannon-

    YOU “fuck off”!!!

    Floor9- Do you realize the GOLD you have in your comment section by Shannon telling people to “f off”!?!

    Banks are NOT in business to “serve” the people..

    Banks are in business to MAKE MONEY.

    And the MAIN way that they make money is by people- good, honest, hardworking people making simple mistakes.

    Overdraft charges.
    Late fees.

    “F” Metro Bank and “F YOU SHANNON!”

    Dude, if that person was really a MetroBank employee…then this just may be the greatest blog post ever.


    (Go to Belco, dude. They may not have a lot of locations, but I’ve never had a more pleasant banking experience. And that says a lot coming from me.)

    Shannon and Metro Bank- YOU SUCK!!!

  19. Thanks for your comment, Another. Always nice to see a rational response. I worked retail myself for almost a decade, and I know how brutal upset customers can be. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, Metro Bank is the problem here. They royally screwed up this transition. I would not expect things to get better any time soon, because as soon as our account balances are straightened out (which was supposed to happen this past Saturday), we’re all going to demand some answers.

    And, for the record, the only tellers & CSRs I’m getting upset at are the ones who are blowing me off. A “we know we dropped the ball, and I’d be happy to get a manager if you’d like to discuss it with him/her” goes a long way.

  20. Not a problem.

    It’s just amazing what has happened with this Bank.

    One weekend–made all my customers hate me.

    Turns out that our CEO came out today and made a public apology. He should be giving us all raises. and a chunk of his cash.

    for me its actually getting exciting to see how much this bank is failing so quickly….i know, its your money…but i got my money there to and my card doesnt work and my online banking doesnt work and hmmm…like i said…no idea what my balance is. anyone hiring?…i got cash handling experience and a supervisor background.

  21. @jersey – I know, man. I’m biting my tongue. I’m going to have a post up about Shannon’s comment tomorrow after work. In the meantime, I’m tweeting it like mad. Spread the love.

  22. Another story of an EPIC FAIL by Metro Bank…

    I used a non-Metro Bank ATM yesterday at my job because of the location and not once but twice I got a message saying “No Bank Response” and no funds either. I was able to get online and saw the two transactions PENDING as if I received the funds, which I had not. After waiting on hold for close to 45 minutes for a CSR on their telephone line I decided to take a drive to the closest branch which happened to be on Progress Ave. The Senior Customer Service Rep who I spoke to assured me that it was a glitch and the pending transactions would fall off and never actually post to my account, but to be safe she would send an inquiry and get back to me later yesterday.

    Jump to this morning… Much to my surprise, the two pending transactions are now actual transactions on my account and I’m out the money with no callback from the CSR. I’ve left a message for her to call me back but I’m not holding my breath.

    Member’s 1st, here I come…

  23. Wow! I thought I had problems when I couldn’t pay my bills on Sunday like I wanted to. I too was left on hold for more than half an hour then hung up. My access to the Web site was restored (somewhat) yesterday – at least I could see my balances and they looked right. I hope our direct deposit that was supposed to go in yesterday actually did after reading how some of your didn’t. Does anyone know a good lawyer? This seems like a good class action suet…

  24. I used my check card today for the first time since last week. I was going about the Giant loading up my cart while the whole time in the back of my mind I’m say, “It better freaking work, it better freaking work!”.

    Well, my Jedi mind trick worked and it fooled the cash at the self checker. I also went to Target and purchased a few things and used my Visa check card again. No hitch. So, I am thankful. So far, so good. Or as Ice Cube said, “Today was a good day.”

    @Jersey, I was a member of BELCO since I was 14, way back when mom still worked for BELL/AT&T and well, watch your back. You know my email if you want to know why I say this. Though it involves the IRS, my lawyer and blah blah blah.

    As for the so called “Shannon”, I truly hope that you are not an employee for I do not want the likes of your typos messing with my money.

  25. ps. the ceo is not mark zody. mark zody is probably one of the best people actually in the company. he is the CFO….
    the ceo is

    gary nalbandian

  26. Everyone is missing the point about the problems. It’s not the teller’s fault or the manager’s fault…If upper management doesn’t let their own employees know what’s going on then the employees don’t have any information to give us. I honestly feel bad for every person working in one of the branches. How would it make you feel being yelled at for 8 full hours for the last few days?? You’ve want to tune us out too… especially if you knew as much about what is going on as any customer coming in off the street. I have friends that work there and I’m telling you… they don’t have any information. They don’t have any say in how things are being handled, and they are doing the best they can. It’s always the little guy who takes the weight on their shoulders even if they had nothing to do with the cause. Metro has alot to answer for… but don’t you think they failed all their employees too? They will have to answer to them as well as us for all these problems. Those employees have the same problems we do, no idea what their balance is, checkcards not working, and are stressed beyond belief. Just try to be a little kinder… they wouldn’t wish this on anyone!

  27. I too fell victom to Metro Bank’s f-up, and am really pissed-off that they have become so incompetent in the last few days when just last week the same people where performing their jobs well. What the F@#K! Get on the ball and fix this mess. I think we all should be entitled to charge Metro a fee of $35 for each double, triple, and sometimes quadroople dipps into our accounts for the same transction! THey charge us for bounce checks even if it’s for 4 cents over!

  28. @ Shannon:

    If you really are an employee of this bank, you should be fired ASAP. You would be one of the many, many reasons in the past 48 hours that have caused me to RUN to the next bank.

  29. Thanks for all your comments and support, everyone! Please, please keep those updates coming. This post has already seen well over 500 reads in barely 24 hours. Since Metro Bank has thus far been completely silent, help me spread the word by linking to and Tweeting this story. You can use this shortened URL:

  30. I can’t even get onto the on line banking. They want a user name and use a new password and I tried all of that with no luck. Tried to call and the number is not working. I have no idea now how messed up my account may be. I have to go to the bank tomorrow to see. I will update you after that.

  31. I was a customer of Metro, but after all the problems that I experienced during this conversion, I immediately switched to Centric Bank on Linglestown Road.

    The people in the branch have been the easiest to work with, not mentioning knowledgeable.
    The new account person even helped me set-up my internet banking and bill pay. AND imagine this, all of their technology worked and was extremely easy to use. They will even email your bank statements to you. AND their services are FREE too. So, Commerce or Metro, you are not the only game in town!!

    I would highly recommend stopping in to Centric Bank.

  32. I ran accross this blog yesterday after discovering all sorts of mistakes incluing a $44 charge labled to be be from Houlihans in Hershey (the last time I was there was over two weeks ago and the charge was $50 and already posted for some time) pending in my account. I decided to wait and see what actually posted before picking up the phone. This morning everything was okay except for to $60 M&T ATM withdrawls at Rutters on Sunday. I didn’t go anywhere near a Rutters on Sunday and I asked my hubby if he took $60 out and he said he did not. I called this evening and waited on hold for an hour before a gentleman finally spoke with me long enough to get my name and account number and put me back on hold. When he finally came back I explained to him that we didn’t withrawl $60 on Sunday once much less twice. He put me back on hold and came back and asked if I was sure that there were no purchases made at a Rutter’s store on that day. I admitted that I didn’t specifcally ask my husband if he bought anything I just asked him about the ATM but that I did go through all of our reciepts and have nothing indicating a $60 transaction. He said that even if one of us tried to use the card it may have shown up even though we never actually recieved the cash and it looked like whatever happened double posted. They are returning $60 to my account immediately and I need to sign a form for them to investigate the remaining $60 and decide if I will get that back. The guy was very pleasant and after reading this and the comments here I consider myself somewhat lucky that it isn’t worse.

    On a side note, I told my mom to check her account today and she claims there is more money in there than she thought there should be. Warned her not to spend it quite yet.

  33. Best of luck working out your problem! It sounds like a nightmare, and I can’t imagine how they could screw up so many things! My little bank is being gobbled up by Capital One pretty soon, so I’m very interested to read about your experiences.

  34. I think the most amazing part of this transition is how much thinking went into the visual transition. All the freakin signs, and logos were perfectly switched but somewhere they forgot to make sure that anything of importance was taken care of. This really could be the text book case of how not to do a transition. It will take them years to undo this screw up if they even can.

  35. Same here – it’s funny you mention that. When I was in their branch I couldn’t help but notice the custom red “M” logo on the backs of their monitors. They had enough time, money, and forethought to get custom LCD monitors, but they can’t tell me my balance. FAIL!

  36. I wonder if they’re going to replace all their doorknobs, getting rid of the big red “C”s and slapping on some “M”s?

    In any case, I just hope they keep the free Penny Arcade, as I’m not a Commerce/Metro customer. I was thinking of switching to Commerce from Wachovia, because they’ve always been pretty awesome to me even as a non-customer. Lebanon Federal CU hates me, and ever ever so unfortunately I’m not eligible to be a member of Member’s 1st.

  37. Yep my wife and I have HAD IT as well! This is horribly planned. There are obviously not enough servers to handle the load and the customer notification is terrible.

    Perhaps they could be curtious enough to put a notice up on the website saying “We screwed this up sorry. We will fix it. You can’t login for a while.” SOMETHING!

    There is no acknowledgement of the issue even when you call and wait forever on hold. Yes you hear about the doggy loving happiness of it all but nothing apologizing for the screwup.

    We are changing banks. I’m interested to see a raise of hands as to who all are leaving after this fiasco.

  38. UPDATE, 2 days later…

    Money is still not returned to me, it now seems they like holding my money hostage. I spoke to the branch Yesterday and someone there said it will be corrected in last night’s batch. Guess what folks, nothing has been corrected and with my now daily phone call its revealed to me that they’ll have to send an electronic form to another department for them to investigate. This really is starting to sound like a crock of bull crap.

    Mark… I’m raising my hand up high on switching banks.

  39. This sounds like a total nightmare and I can only hope everyone gets their money back. No worries though. Metro will be out of business shortly, when they have NO customers left.

  40. My on-line experience Sunday was as bad as anything I’ve seen, with continual “System Unavailable” messages. After 40 minutes wait time Sunday afternoon, I told the CSR that it was clear the conversion was going badly. “Oh no, in fact it’s going quite well”. Couldn’t address the continual “System Unavailable” messages though.

    But is everyone aware that there’s a bug on the web site. Click on the “Contact Us” menu item. On the left hand side, type in your username. Then type in your password. See anything unusual? Do you really want your username/password both out there in plain text? That page doesn’t hide your password as you type it (in fairness, the main page does it correclty).

  41. It started Friday of last week, I think that was the day they were changing the bank signs to Metro. I wondered if it was still our bank. Saturday I did not have time to check my account online. Sunday I was unable to access my online banking. I tried all the numbers, one was busy, the other I waited for 30 minute stretches and gave up. I went to the branch at Cedar Cliff and was told how to login and how to use part of my social and my birthday as password. It did not work. I tried calling back to the branch and they could not help. Monday, I tried to reach someone all day, no luck. Tuesday I finally got phone assistance after a 30 minute wait on hold. After another 20 minutes I was able to log on to check my account, and by this time I was so frustrated that I really did not do a good job, just checked the balance. I told the person on the other end that I was not happy about the whole change and that the bank did not even send me a letter of warning they were changing the name. I told her I would like the name of the CEO and an address to send him a letter. She told me his name but did not know how to spell it and she did not have an address. She did apologize, I understand it was not her own fault, and she assured me that someone would check back with me later to see if the problems continued. This morning, there was a message on my answering machine from metro bank that was left at 10:08PM last night, sorry I was not up for that call. This morning my husband and I went to the local PNC bank, opened a free checking account, free online banking, free debit card and since we are moving his direct deposit we will get 75.00 free. I just hope the paycheck for this Friday will be deposited into the Metro account as it was too late to change that. I just tried to sign on the Metro bank site and it denied me, telling me they could not validate the information! The 800 number is busy and the 888 number has me on hold. At least the dog is off the home page but the voice recording is really annoying. And I am not happy that I can’t see my account.

  42. I used the Department of Banking’s contact customer service online form a few hours ago to voice my complaint. I just received a response from Walter at the Dept. of Banking. I was shocked that anyone bothered to respond but he indicated that they are VERY aware of the problems with Metro’s conversion and asked that if my problems were not resolved by next week, to contact him again.

    Luckily, my issues have not been as bad as some people’s experiences that I have been reading about. He did indicate that anyone with an account at Metro Bank should not be using their debit/MAC cards, doing electronic transfers, etc. until all of their issues are resolved. If you must make a payment, do it with a check so you have proof of the transaction. Hope this helps!

  43. After a week of trying and at least 15 hours of listening to dog news on two different phone numbers, I still can’t get this site to integrate with Quicken. It thinks the bank is in Alabama!

  44. I am a Commerce Bank/Harrisburg fan. I have had no issues, luckily, with my accounts. But even if I had, I think I would give them a chance to fix them. I personally have had bad banking relationships with many banks (M&T and PNC) but have never been given service like I have from Commerce. As far as I can tell at the Union Deposit Branch everyone that was employed at Commerce is still working for Metro. They have always handled my accounts extremely well. Always have been professional and very helpful. They might be overwhelmed right now but I believe they will get it right. Their whole business model is based on Customer Satisfaction and I don’t believe that has changed.

  45. To all people that are upset with Metro Bank or any Bank because of their high fees.
    Please consider a Credit Union; credit unions are not for profit financial institutions. Once you open an account at a credit union you are a member/owner. We are cooperatives formed to serve their membership. Our rates are relatively lower on loans and higher for savings accounts because all net income we earn is paid back to the member in rates and lower fees. The credit union you join may belong to the shared branching network which gives you more then 3500 branches nationwide, plus we as a cooperative share an ATM network, so you are not surcharged if you use another credit unions ATM. Check a credit union out before you just jump to a bank; because credit unions do banking better!!

  46. Hi to everyone out there. I am a metro bank employee and I know that has been issues with the system and we can’t even blame our customers because i would be worried too if i was not able to access my account. People will never stop banking at METRO because no one offers such good hours and services they are open most of the time. Everybody runs into some issues sometimes but that does not mean that the bank is bad.

  47. I have been trying to get a bank statement from metro since Monday…couldn’t even get one at the branch. This is a colossal screw up in every way. Was there ANY consideration given to the CUSTOMER – in terms of even the stupid hold music…I love my dogs, but they should rule at Petco…NOT my bank! All I want is a statement, which is like…expecting my phone to allow me to talk to someone on the other line.

  48. To the Credit Union CEO. If you are truly not for profit, can you please disclose your salary? Credit Unions are becoming illegal operations in Central PA. Just ask Members First why they weren’t allowed to open there Branch in Middletown.

  49. Thanks for your comments, Phillies Fan. I know that banks and Credit Unions clash on a semi-regular basis, but I’d really prefer to keep the comment threads focused on Metro Bank specifically.

  50. let’s not forget about the root of all of everyone’s issues here. commerce bank was made up of two banks which inacted as one, commerce bank of cherry hill, and commerce bank harrisburg. commerce bank cherry hill was established first and then lent the rights to the company to the newer and upcomming bank (commerce harrisburg). then when commerce cherry hill sold out to a canadian bank (TD) along with it went the rights to the name and everything commerce. the sale of the cherry hill commerce struck a blow to commerce harrisburg and with the little time they had to act upon the sale of the sister bank, you have to be able to bare with them, considering TD Bank gave them a limited window to not only shed everything with the commerce name on it, but also there operating systems which the tellers use as well as everything on the customer service side. i have a relative who works for the newly formed metro bank and he said its incredible the steps that they have took in the matter of 6 months. the customer service side has a whole new system on their computers as well as the tellers. so all of these issues everyone is having is very typical especially for a bank who sprout up in the matter of six months, not to mention that commerce bank harrisburg bought out another bank in those six months and has to convert 15 more stores on top of their 30 some they have now. so bare with it, you guys are lucky that there arent more issues that your dealing with because in 6 months i think they have done a hell of a job. not to mention the employees are just as frustrated with the change as you are. as for the atm cards and phone lines are concerned, the atm cards are an issue between the bank and VISA not just the bank. Visa is having issues with their networking and the conversion of the bank. and the phone lines are off the hook because of everyone calling, and as of 6/13 i was able to do all of my online banking with no issues. so let’s give credit where it’s due and its due to the employees who have stuck around through the whole mess, because they are the ones who are working hard to keep everyone happy.

  51. and as for Metro Bank being a failure, has yet to be seen, and like i said before they bought out another bank! i dont know about you but i highly doubt a bank with the financial stability of this one will be a failure.

  52. I agree with metroman on some of his points. I work for the bank and the ATM cards are not being canceled or closed out by the bank. The cards are becomming inactive because of the networking issues we are experiencing between the conversion and Visa, and for the customers security Visa is making them inactive. As far as online banking goes, I was able to sign in the first day the website was up and working. A lot of the issues involving the online banking are steming from people locking themselves out becuase they are not inputing the right password when they reset which is also another security issue as to why they have to reset. The reason you are being asked to reset is like another person posted about the site being hacked all sites are prone to this within the first 48 hrs and is the exact reason as to why you need to reset your password. All of the systems have changed and with the increase in customer issues and activities these systems are running slower than usual. I will also defend my fellow employees when I say that everyone was only trained on the new systems throughout the last month. So like metroman said the employees are just as frustrated as the customers are and I thank metroman for applauding the employees because the are in fact doing and incredible job with what they have been given.

  53. metro bank is terrible, it’s been a week and i still can’t use a atm machine. also went into my bank to get online for banking , even the man in the bank couldnt do it. changing banks as soon as my direct deposit changes

  54. Shannon- Shutup. A bank cannot leave their customers in the dark when people rely on online banking to pay thier bills and cant get access. crawl down off your cross and face reality that this bank f’d themselves up.

  55. shannon, how can you say they dont need us as well. if it want for us to be customers and put up with thier shit (poor tellers i feel bad for them) then they wouldnt be in business. So YOU need to get your facts straight!!!

  56. I have not had 1 problem with Metro Bank. But then again I understand that a big change means changes. I am not saying that what happened to you isn’t something to get up set about but they have been Metro Bank for 5 days now. Let them get used to their changes. As for the customer service… well the employees are prob just as fed up as you are. They are getting treated poorly by customers and they can’t answer the questions because rules policy and everything has changed. Rem they are getting paid $10/hr. to get yelled at. Try to be as nice as possible on the phone and someone will go out of their way to help you.

  57. Thanks for the info, Mondo. @Sara, glad to hear you’re not having any problems. But I disagree with you — “Let them get used to their changes” would be appropriate for something like new forms or a new telephone greeting. Inaccurate bookkeeping, dead ATM cards, unresponsive customer service, and inaccessible accounts goes way, way beyond “a minor glitch” (as their CEO put it).

  58. Please understand that Metro bank employees are undergoing a huge amount of stress currently. This past weekend Metro employees were scheduled until midnight on Friday night and 6 am on Saturday morning. Because the systems were updating, the only balances available for us to view were the official current balances from friday night. Any transactions you made on Saturday or Sunday were not posted to the system and we were therefore unable to give anyone a correct account balance. I, myself, am incredibly disappointed that Metro chose not to inform it’s customers about these various changes, as it made my job as a teller increasingly frustrating. Everything, including the website, may seem worse to you, but just imagine all of the changes that are taking place behind the counter that are making employees jobs much harder than they should be. The most we can do it try to deal with each customers complaints and outrage with a smile on our faces and sincerely try to offer the same customer service we have been trained to offer.
    PS- Commerce Bank Harrisburg had a sister company in NY, NJ, and Philadelphia. It was a unique relationship, the only one of it’s kind. This sister company was bought by TD Bank, but Commerce Bank Harrisburg was not. When this happened TD Bank bought the rights to virtually everything, including our Penny Arcade and our name. This is the reason for the changes.

  59. Not sure if anyone posted this yet or not, so forgive me if I am repeating:

    “Chairman’s Message on System Upgrade
    This past weekend, our bank performed a complex system upgrade which coincided with the change of our company’s brand to Metro Bank. For its scale, the project went well. However, there were some glitches that caused service interruptions. At no time was any customer information at risk. We are very sorry for any inconvenience experienced. We are working as fast as possible to resolve any residual issues and restore our level of service to what our customers deserve and expect.”

    Gary L. Nalbandian
    Chairman, President and CEO


    Taken from:

  60. This gets better. After repeated calls, emails & visits to “Metro” we got the branch manager to credit our accounts with the money that was taken out of our accounts even though we never received it. And guess what? Today those credits are missing again. Time to move on after 21 years with this bank I have zero confidence.

  61. It’s too bad that employees at Metro bank don’t like being yelled at. I tried getting to my accounts on line on Sunday. After waiting for just short of an hour on the phone, I was told that the system was being set up and it was not available. That information was not posted on their web site. On Tuesday, I again tried and after waiting on the phone for over 45 minutes, I finally got a chance to yell at someone about the incompentent service. The bank bigwigs knew for weeks, if not months, that there was going to be a change and they should have made plans well in advance for s smooth transition. I will be looking for somewhere else to place my money.

  62. I was with commerce bank for years and was frustrated beyond means and very disappointed in the change in almost everything that commerce stood for. customer service is absolutely the worst I have ever recieved. I switched over the the PNC Bank is Enola and they are AWESOME. They take care of my needs and provide excellent customer service. The employees are warm and welcoming and can always give me an answer or find it quickly without being tossed around (not like at Metro). I would recommend all of you to go with PNC as I am much much happier 🙂

  63. After holding for 35 minutes this morning, I got a live (and pleasant) woman at Metro’s call center who was able to assist me with my three issues. I also just got a call from a 2nd person at the Department of Banking who was following up on my online inquiry from yesterday. She gave me her direct line in case I have any future issues.

    It appears the Dept. of Banking is truly responding to submissions that they get through their online submission form so if you have issues that have not been resolved, I suggest using their link (listed in previous posting).

  64. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what computer system Metro converted off of and what system they are now running?

  65. I just have one question and comment:

    Who is the marketing genius who thought that Power of Red would be a good tag line?

    For any business in the financial sector….DUH red is bad…

    My 8 year old nephew could come up with a better tag line than that.

  66. Call the bank and yell at the teller or CSR who takes your call. All the yelling and cussing in the world isn’t going to get your problem resolved any faster. Go ahead and threaten to move your account elsewhere. The teller listening on the other end doesn’t care if you close your account. They’re not paid enough to truly care.
    This isn’t just Metro Bank, it’s every bank. The minute you walk out or hang up the phone they’re going to tell the teller or CSR next to them about the moron they just dealt with.

  67. Just tried–again!–to access my account online. This time, I got a message that said “your account has been disabled.” I’m still holding to talk to someone..

    On the bright side, my ATM card did work when I used it today (to withdraw as much as possible for my new bank account somewhere else).

  68. metroman and empl, this is not true.. i also bank with wachovia too and my debit card is visa and never had any troubles with ti. so im not sure where this information is coming from. commerce/metro cards astopped working cause they screwed up. one day i checked my account it was $500, then went down to $200 then next day to $400. WEIRD… This is definately bank problem and im tired of people taking up for them. sure i feel back for those at the branch cause they have to deal with corporates problems. but this bank really f’d up and with any transiition, this should never happen. peoples accounts cannot be blocked nor their debit cards. and people are losing money and gaining money on thier accounts. so its a complete failure turnover. so no more sticking up for this failure.

    i think people have been patient enough and when they cant get answers and STILL no accees to anything then theres a major problem. I really hope the attorney general, FDIC and whomever slams this bank for their unacceptable operations

    again, you tellers at branches, i feel sorry for you. having to deal with the burden of corporate screwup!

  69. AMEN JERSEY for your comment to tell shannon (prob an employee) to F Off.. she must be the one in part of the operations at metro that are screwng everyone cause they dont care. shannon i will repeat what jersey said.. U F OFF and go get a real hard working job. people like us who work ahrd for our money and the bank is f’n with it and have no explanations. I hope this bank goes and that FDIC and Attorney general sue thier pants off! Wachovia, Im coming back! I only left wachovia cause commerce offered longer hours. ONLY reason. go to wachovia folks or another bank. no body needs this.

  70. I have to say. Metro bank is not even coming close to how Commerce measured up. Unfortunatley I am not talking about customer service or online access or debit card functionality. Thats right. I am talking about my JOB. Picture this. Friday night we close our doors. We spend 15 hours at the store doing a mandatory renovation, packing, updating and every thing else back office tells us to do. Saturday morning we come in to find our system is OFFLINE. no postings, no statements, no pending, NOTHING. sunday- we have to manually enter every transaction from saturday ontop of sundays business flow. Monday- all hell breaks loose. Phones are ringing off the hook because the customer service line is no help. online is down and cards are ‘sporadically declining’ throught out the week nothing is better. I have been called every name in the book for corporates poor planning. I understand new systems are accomanied by some glitches.. but this is just 100% srewed up. No one at Metro bank is happy with anything thats happened. it makes our jobs 500% harder because we CAN’T help you. We had poor training and its not our faults.. but the publics decided to make us their punching bags because we are the only ones answering phones. you need to realize that just because you come in and want a refund. We understand how frusrated everyone is and believe it or not, i love my job and i’d hate to see everyone move their accounts because of one bad week. Think of the hard work we put in every day and for the tellers that are texting or whatever- that is not METRO bank. get a supervisor and they will be written up. Customers come first. Please Please Please next time you all go into a Metro Bank. take a deep breath, realize that we didnt ask for any of this and we are trying desperatley to help you. I hope this gets better. and to the senior executive team- You should be kissing hte ground we walk on for dealing with this mess. You guys sit in your offices on your little conference calls and send out your remote e-mails- GET INTO A STORE AND START DOING DAMAGE CONTROL. answer some phone calls and take some customers for a day. Maybe that will open your eyes.

  71. I have not had any trouble with the change. I admit some things might have been screwed up, but that comes with change and they are corrected or being corrected. It amazes me how much people complain, like they have nothing else in their lives to do and the education level from reading these post lead me to think that most of you are bottom feeders. Stop writing on blogs during the day and do your job, if you have one! Most of you are so dependent on other people that you have lost touch of reality and made our economy what it is today. We have been spoiled by the service provided and I doubt you will find a more convenient bank. Great post though, keep up the great work. I will go to bed happy knowing someone spent this much time writing a blog and contributing nothing to society!

  72. Hey,

    Metro Bank’s call center is no longer ran by the same people as Commerce Bank/Harrisburg. Actually, those reps who were answering your calls up until June 14, 2009 were working with both TD Bank (old Commerce Bank New Jersey) and they would also take Commerce Harrisburg. So unfortunately those people do not take Metro’s calls now. They hired an agency to take their calls and a bunch of temps to do so. I feel so bad. So please, don’t think these are the same people who were answering your calls a month ago!!

    The brances feel terrible, even the people at the coporate center! Any merger obviously there will be some struggles, however I absoulutely do not agree with the way they handled things and there is no reason why it should take them a half hour to answer the phone!! So tell them they need to get the old call center folks back…those that know how to work with your accounts 🙂

  73. Tim & Kathy, thanks for your insight. Believe me, I do understand what it’s like to work front-line customer service, and I can only imagine how it must be working for an employer who has dropped the ball this badly. And my problem isn’t with every single Metro Bank employee, it’s with Metro Bank in general — you can certainly understand how this fiasco has painted a terrible picture of the organization. It’s also with the employees I have encountered who are apathetic, dismissive, and just don’t care.

    My advice to any Metro Bank employee, especially any in their early 20s and/or who are still on their first corporate job: Leave. I’ve been through this. Yes, the company will talk about this using euphemisms “challenges” and “opportunity” and “growth”, but the reality is that you’re working for a management team who thought they could get by with the bare minimum effort. They got caught with their pants down. Being that this is the time when they should have been the MOST focused on their customers, I’d hate to see how things are run when they’re “comfortable”.

  74. @Reality Here: “The minute you walk out or hang up the phone they’re going to tell the teller or CSR next to them about the moron they just dealt with.”

    Sure. And that’s why we’re not threatening to leave Metro Bank. We ARE leaving Metro Bank. You see, the difference here is that Metro Bank *did* screw up our accounts. Metro Bank *is* at fault here; not the customer. Don’t like it? Too bad. As soon as my direct deposit switches over, it will no longer be my problem.

  75. @mktng_quest – Haha! That’s brilliant! I never even thought of that! “The power of (being in the) red” – EPIC WIN!

  76. Dave… I have to say this has been one of the most entertaining blog posts/comments I’ve ever read. You’re spot on with the insane amount of frustration I felt during the last week. Even NOW I cannot log into my bank account.

    During the switch, I was in Pittsburgh…with no access to any of my funds via my bank card. Luckily I had taken out just enough cash to get me through the weekend. The whole situation is ludicrous. The worst part, though, is the lack of response and poor customer service. Whatever chance they may have had to win over those who were upset is gone.

    I will, promptly, be moving my coins to another bank. I’m glad you were able to spearhead a tar and feathering so richly deserved.

  77. I’m on hold… at 10pm on a Saturday night. Waiting waiting and waiting. I did a transfer online and I’m still waiting for it to show up (a day later). This is really pissing me off. Metro sucks @$$

  78. It’s definitely been interesting to read the post and comments and watch the story unfold. It’s a shame you all are experiencing such an issue with this bank’s transition, but hopefully things will clear up soon. I’m sure this has been a learning experience for people watching this story unfold (as well as those involved) to see how matters should and should not be handled. Here’s hoping things clear up soon!

  79. OMG!

    I thought I could give Metro some time to clear things up and they would come around…WRONG!! Today, via online they messages me stating that in order to get a replacement card with the exact same card number there is a $20 fee for doing so! I responded by saying just because you changed your name, you can charge customers new fees! When it was commerce, there was absolutely no charge!! So watch out everyone, it seems Metro is going to have “stupid” fees after all and probably not tell you.

    I informed them that the call center told me I could go to any branch and get the EXACT card number right on the spot with no charge! Now, I knew that was not true, but I still think its odd that they would then charge a customer after there “awesome” call center told me the wrong information.

    Furthermore, I did a transfer via online over four days ago, and the darn things still says its pending. I can’t spend it cause it hasn’t come out of my checking, I don’t want to OT. But it’s also not appearing in my savings balance. It’s even dated for June 19th. So I have to access to that money! Once again, a transfer online thru Commerce was done immediately so you could have it for ATM/or check card purchases!

    I don’t understand why they could not have used the same knowledgable people from Commerce Bank’s call center also, instead they hired these people off the street to handle my account?? No thank you! That makes me feel real safe!

    I really think the state is going to shut this bank down soon, I would not be surprised!


  80. I was a Commerence customer for 10 years,loved their service and great credit card rates and no over limit fee.Now TD bank has just UPED my rate from 7.2 to 14 percentand on my entire balance.I pay 500 more a month than the bill requires and never have been late and have a great credit score.TD bank is like Bank of America,i cant wait for Vernon Hill to open Metro in NJ.Once it gets going ,watch TD lose customers.GO Vernon and I also love dogs.

  81. I would like to thank every single customer for their business, patience, and attitude. You all have expressed extreme disappointment which we as not only employees but also customers understand. I don’t make a lot of money, not a spokes person, but I have a 100% retention of all my customers as well as several new accounts. This is a locally owned company trying to grow its business, whom is also extremely active in the community (city islands much needed upgrade). This is a great company to work for and a great place to hold my money. Thanks to all the customers who have helped ease my frustration levels. I look forward to doing business with all of you in the future, where everyone will continue to provide the best customer service in the mid-state region!

    Have a great day.

  82. Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. Even though you did omit the part where you call this website “absurd” for “trying to knock down” Metro Bank, as you said in your email to me, it’s always good to hear Metro Bank’s point of view.

    I’m glad you’re happy with your employer, but as for myself — and apparently quite a few others — I’m no longer comfortable using Metro Bank. A financial institution that doesn’t consider things like “being able to access my funds” and “accurate bookkeeping” to be important just doesn’t sit well with me.

  83. Floor9- I am in complete agreement with you

    Anonymous-Thanks for your comments. We do understand this company is trying to grow, but they honestly shot themselves in the foot. No communication given to customers with the problems. I would have put a press release out, even on my website stating we are working through the problems. But that wasnt even addressed until MANY MANY days later.You are now a week later and still not much is done. Customers are still complainig there is no access or system unavailable. So in return to your comment, your bank has shot themselves in the foot and Id be concerned as an employee for working there. I personally congrats you on your retition rate. However, i am with floor9 and other customers here. Metro bank cant fees up for their mistakes and fix them IMMEDIATELY, then I don’t feel comfortable in banking with you guys. Simple as that!

    That really says alot about this bank. No one cares about lollypops and dog treats. We care about our money being safe.

    I hope this bank gets whats coming to them from the state! These are major violations!

  84. I as well as my branch and my bank stand by everything. I appreciate your concerns as well and I will remind you we are all Metro customers. I do challenge you to come to my branch in person and not only will I make sure you can access said funds, but I will gaurantee you leave with a smile and come back to see me again. Customer service is not to be taken lightly and I invite any customer to come to my branch and visit because you will be given the same treatment. E-mail me for my branch for employment and security reasons.

  85. It is also important to note that you should extend professional courtesy and not publish comments made to you on a public board. Negative remarks solve no problems but do create more grief. If you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem. I strongly encourage any and all customers to come to your closest branch and sit with a CSR 1 on 1 to resolve your problem. All account balances are accurate, all overdrafts have been paid, and all payment decisions were approved. Again this is a sturdy company locally owned with dedicated employees working around the clock to fix our problems. I thank you for your time. No further response necessary. I politely request you come to my branch and then share the experience on your blog.

    Have a wonderful day!

  86. No thanks, Anonymous. While I have no doubt that Metro Bank’s internal CMS / email is throwing around disposable corporate phrases such as “opportunity for development” and “re-engage our customers”, it’s the lighthearted arrogance of Metro Bank that continues to astound me. After all the grief you put your customers through, do you really believe that our problems can be explained away by simply sitting down with a representative and chatting? Really? Because that demonstrates a gross misunderstanding of exactly how severe Metro Bank’s failures really were.

    We were unable to access our money for days. Some of us for over a week. And when we asked questions, we got rudeness and “I dunno” (and Shannon).

    You really dropped the ball. The FDIC and Department of Banking will determine if the word “negligence” applies. It’s bad enough that Metro Bank chose to give the shaft to its customers. Offering us a chat and a lollipop is just insulting.

  87. Anonymous, you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP! DOES METRO BANK HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH IT INFURIATED ITS CUSTOMERS? If this is your response then I’d say the answer is “NO”. I already opened an account at Integrity and will CLOSE MY METRO BANK ACCOUNT AS SOON AS MY DIRECT DEPOSIT SWITCHES OVER. You fools have no idea what you did to your customers!!!!

  88. EXACTLY- how can anonmyus say what he can say. You dont understand the situation here. We have every freaken right to voice any opinons about the bank. We’;ve been to the branches many times, called the lines and NO metro employee has helped us. So whatever you say is not valid. Customers have EVERY freaken right to say whatever they want becuase their money, THEIR money has been blocked for days and now its over a week people STILL cant get access. Metro wants to blame the customer and tell the customer to be quite? Absolutely not. Your going down! FDIC and Attorney General will be taking these matters Im sure. You dont understand the ramifications you have cause every customer.

    Metro bank hasnt even apologized for screw up either! Not one person stood up and said.. ok we had a major problem and we screwed up. We have fixed the problem immediately. No, they come out and say.. things went well and we had a glitches that we are working on. WORKING ON? NO it needed to be fixed right then and there. I dont care if it takes you 24 hrs to fix. It surely shouldnt have taken this long. Half your website dont work anyway.

    No bank changeover should have gone like this. Ive never in my life heard something so drastic in all the years ive banked with other banks that merged or changed names. You all need to fire everyone involved. You scrrewed up and now screw out of town you dopes!


    I wouldnt trust this bank anymore! they cant stand up for thier wrong doing and fix problems immediately!

    i dont want to hear another employee get on here and say come into my branch. ive done that, you didnt solve it, i still had problems and im done. i am waiting for the transactions to clear and im moving ot wachovia or someother bank. I am pulling every single account i have including my business account with metro out

    METRO BANK- You messed this up for yourself.

  89. by the way floor9… thanks for setting this up. its nice to blog our frustrations and get it out. i thin if metro would fessed up to the mess, we’d all be fine and happy if they got it all straight in a day or so. but that didnt happen. so now they shot themselves in the foot!

  90. You’re welcome, Shaundra. And you’re right – had Metro Bank announced on Saturday that they had encountered problems but were rushing to fix them, a lot of our frustrations and anger would have been defused. Instead, they attempted to give us the silent treatment, and it backfired miserably.

  91. I do not take lightly the frustrations people have voiced here. Working in the Metro Bank stores I get a very different feeling from our customers. Sure some are upset about the issues they’ve had with their check cards and online banking but when they realize that their information is secure and we are working to resolve their issues they are happy. We probably have less than 10% of customers who are seriously upset with the issues and 60% haven’t even noticed a significant impact in their servicing. I’ve only worked at Commerce/Metro for 3 years but I have a solid belief in the integrity and commitment to the customers. This “crisis” has built my belief more then ever. Seeing our regional managers and operations officers working hard in the trenches to resolve customer issues quickly has caused me to believe with out a shadow of a doubt that Metro Bank is here to stay and won’t be going anywhere soon.

    I’d like to address a few misconceptions expressed earlier.
    1)Commerce and Metro Banks are the same company. only the name has changed. All the staff and leadership has stayed the same.
    2)The new Metro Bank call center is not hired out to another agency and run by temps. It is staffed by the same great staff trained by the same great trainers from Commerce Bank. The call center is lead by two great people that have been at Commerce for over 5 years. Both have excellent experience in banking and project management and one has many years of experience in building and training banking call center teams. You will find that the Metro Bank call center is better than the Commerce Bank Call center ever was. They are working quickly to expand their ability to accept calls due to the high volume of callers.
    3)It is true that the website was experiencing some issues Sunday and Monday but from their on it was mostly user error of not entering the correct temporary password or in some instances not remembering the password that they changed it to. If you are still experiencing website issues you should go directly to a branch as they are now better equipped to take care of any issues immediately.

    Metro Bank’s startup has been somewhat rocky due to technology glitches but when they are resolved and the dust settles will you really be satisfied by having left because of a few days of inconvenience? Metro will always have the longest hours, the least amount of fees and gimmicks, and the best customer service in town.
    I’m impressed. Most of these comments are about 1 or 2 issues that lasted at the most 4 or 5 days. Seriously, do you have anything else in your life?

  92. Nate, to answer your question, “will you really be satisfied by having left because of a few days of inconvenience”, I’d have to say yes.

    Largely because Metro Bank employees apparently consider this “a few days of inconvenience”.

    And, not surprisingly, this coming from the Metro Bank employee who told upset customers to “get a life”. If Metro Bank is attempting to run some guerrilla PR as damage control by commenting on blogs, someone should tell them that it’s backfiring miserably. Insulting customers — especially those who have discovered that their bank can’t handle basic accounting — is only making it worse.

    Between these comments and the rather amusing emails I’ve been receiving from people claiming to be Metro Bank employees, I almost wonder if the other local banks have infiltrated Metro’s ranks with plants.

  93. How can you say the call center is still at the same spot at trained by better people when you ask them and they say they are located in Johnstown, PA..not Harrisburg? And the fact where the old call center used to be is still empty. So I do not agree that the staff is better. I asked for my balance and I was told “I think your balance is…” Def not prof staff.

  94. LOL!!

    So I just got off the phone with the call center, figured I would post this since there seems to be some debate. They answered my call right away, which def was a nice change.

    They are located in Johnstown, PA and they are NOT in that old Commerce Center building. So Idk what that Nate dude is talking about. Although I did ask where they were, and at first the girl was like idk…I found that odd.

    Anyway, yes everyone, sadly Metro has lost a lot of customers! And you can tell how stressed the tellers and CSRs are. The bank will either get better or the state will close them bc of all the filed complaints. It’s ashame all the problems folks had, I feel bad for you. I had a lot of issues too!!

    Im just amazed that when Commerce/Jersey switched to TD Bank, they didn’t have this much of problems and they’re located up and down the east coast. You would think Commerce/Harrisburg with their few branches, the transition would have went smoother.

    So its your choice everyone. Close your account and move on. Or give the bank a chance. You still have the same great people @ the branches. As for corporate and the call center, who know’s who those people are anymore…and don’t tell me the call center is the same, seriously, it’s not. LOL

  95. I just have one small thing to say. All these comments and all others I’ve heard say “Commerce Bank has given me great service for 10, 20 years.” I’m not an employee but a customer who wonders why, if that’s true, do you think it’s a reason to leave? I’m not trying to talk anyone out of it but lines like “It’s been ten good years, but I guess it’s time to move on,” sound almost silly. Some comments here sound as if they think Metro is something different than the Commerce they trust or that something was done regardless of how it affects customers, while just the opposite is true. Commerce is doing the absolute the best they can under tough circumstances and things WILL turn around. There are a lot of simply untrue comments as well, as far as the reasons for the changes in branding and such. I just want to stand by Metro because I know who they’ve been in the past and that’s who they still are now. I appreciate good customer service and am not a loser enough to walk off angry when a company I know is having transition problems. Long wait times? That happens EVERYWHERE, even to the best of them, depending on what’s going on, and I’d say the present circumstances are an excuse.

    floor9 what are you talking about? He didn’t say get a life; I just read it. Maybe you meant someone else.

  96. Wow! Nate from Metro really lives in a bubble of Metro and doesnt understand that customers have had problems more than just sunday/monday it was over a week. They dont understand that no access to YOUR money is a big problem. What if we closed down thier bank for a few days and they couldnt go to work or open their doors? What woudl they do?

  97. Brisqa, if all you’ve taken away from this is “long wait times”, then you really need to go back and re-read the posts, the articles in the Patriot-News and York Daily Record, the entry from The Consumerist, and the stories from WGAL and ABC27. “Inaccurate bookkeeping” and “questionable accounting” is nowhere near “long wait times”.

  98. Commerce and TD are still operating independently in many ways, so when they completed integrate who knows what troubles they’ll have.
    As far as Vernon Hill, and his wife. Say what you will. As big of a pain in the ass as she was, under their direction Commerce prospered for many years. I don’t care what he did or how many companys his family owned that did transactions with the bank. Look back and see while the feds were breaking his balls, the other banks were losing $$$ hand over fist and sub-prime crisis was in the making, the auto makers and AIG were running things into the ground, and the ponzi schemers were at their thing.
    Say what you will, at least at Commerce we had a fun atmosphere, job security and the bank was prospering and expanding.Every year, growth, new jobs, investment in the community, etc etc. Today it seems if you run a good business and grow it from nothing, they investigate till they pin something on you and you are forced to resign. if you run your business into the ground you get a bailout and a big fat bonus.

    Now the bulk of what was Commerce will be outsourced and/or moved to Canada. There goes our jobs.

    Thanks alot to all of you who brought down Vernon and cost alot of innocent folks alot.

  99. Thanks for your comment, Harry. I agree that Commerce Bank was a good bank. I, and many other satisfied Commerce customers, can’t begin to describe how priceless Commerce’s “hassle free” operations were. You went in, managed your money, and went out. Done. Awesome. Every bank should work that way.

    But I disagree that anyone here is responsible for bringing Vernon Hill down. Metro Bank did that all on its own. Sloppy accounting, unresponsive customer service, poor employee training & communication, all topped off with a CEO who says things went “well”.

    No, Harry. We’re not responsible for Metro Bank’s troubles. Metro Bank needs to show some corporate responsibility and acknowledge that they dug their own grave.

    With each passing employee comment telling customers to “F off” or to get a life, they’re just digging deeper and deeper.

  100. Brisqa

    this is NOT a normal bank transisition. sorry! whether its a merger or name change, access being denied and everything that went on would not happen during a normal transition. Especially if the system was tested. I worked for a bank before that went through major transition and it happened smoothly. There may have been minor glitches, but nothing major as metro. your completely wrong there!

  101. floor9 says it all well. I will want to add metro employees.. your just trying to save your job, thats all it comes down to. cause they know their employer is in hot water now. Metro bank tellers, its not your fault for these situations and we feel bad you have to take the heat for your boss’s at corporate mess ups!

    there has been merger after merger and name change after name change and issues that metro bank has faced has not been with these other banks! ive been through them before and this is by far the worst ever and will be logged as it.

    metro employees- we have ever right to speak what we feel and get the word out about how customers are being treated at Metro bank “america’s most inconvient bank”

  102. I think the point Brisqa misses is that this, according to sources, is not Commerce Bank going through bad times but a merger that is causing far too many problems to expect people to stay. If my grocery store started selling expired products, I certainly would look elsewhere, regardless of how long I dealt with that grocery store.

    When an institution causes you to lose confidence in their ability to protect your assets, it’s time to move. There are too many other choices ‘out there’ that offer services as good or better than Metro/Commerce.

    Sunday I called Metro to tell them that a
    $ 100 transaction from one account to another still didn’t appear as processed after 15 hours. They did something to my account making the $ 100 available again so I initiated the transfer again.

    This morning I checked my account (after 3 failed efforts to log on to their web site) and found that now they have processed the transfer twice, leaving one account overdrawn and the other with too much money in it.

    I don’t see any reason to deal with a business that’s failing this often, regardless of how long I’ve been with them. There certainly is something for a long term relationship. In my opinion, it’s foolish to continue a relationship that clearly has issues.
    Sorry … my loyalty ends when the other side doesn’t keep up their end of the bargain.

  103. I have to tell you that i used to work for commerce before the whole thing with metro came about. I left two weeks before our call center was going to become td bank. when i used to work there we had answers for everything pending transactions, direct deposit everything. But now since it became metro bank they have new employees in the call center that dont know anything, is ridiculous. It seems like they hired all these people that have no kind of knowledge how a bank works. They should have kept there contract with us the other employees who knew everything about the systems and how everything worked. I feel your pain they really needed to plan all this stuff in advance before it became metro bank.

  104. Floor9

    Just for the record I never said you or anyone else should “get a life”.

    Also I never said that the New Metro call center was at the same location as before. What I said was that it is the same great people and managing and working in the call center as have been leading other areas of the Commerce culture for years.

    Harry said,

    “Commerce and TD are still operating independently in many ways, so when they completed integrate who knows what troubles they’ll have.”

    This is absolutely true. The only thing that changed when Commerce was acquired by TD is the name and the fact that the people in charge didn’t share the same fanatical customer service values. When they do complete their system integrations it’s anybody’s guess what issues they’ll face.

    Floor9 said,

    “I agree that Commerce Bank was a good bank. I, and many other satisfied Commerce customers, can’t begin to describe how priceless Commerce’s “hassle free” operations were. You went in, managed your money, and went out. Done. Awesome. Every bank should work that way.”

    I’m surprised to hear you say this after all the comments you’ve made about how horrible your experience with Metro has been. You realize that the only thing that has changed is their have been a few glitches with transitioning to a new front end branch interface. The people who you rave about, the products, services, and hours have all stayed the same. To be completely accurate the hours have actually been extended by a full hour Monday through Wednesday.

    Shaundra said,

    “Metro bank hasnt even apologized for screw up either! Not one person stood up and said.. ok we had a major problem and we screwed up.”

    Here is the apology issued by Metro Bank’s CEO

    A few people mentioned that the issues are resulting from a merger. The issues don’t involve a merger at all. The purchase of the Republic First bank and transition to a unified system won’t even begin happening until the 3rd quarter of this year.

    Shaundra said:

    “I will want to add metro employees.. your just trying to save your job, thats all it comes down to. cause they know their employer is in hot water now.”

    This could not be further from the truth. All the cynics out there have a hard time believing that a corporation might actually have values and truly care about their employees or customers. The only reason I even take the time to comment here is because I wholeheartedly believe in Metro Bank and the people that work there. They go to work every day because they have a belief that hard work and customer service is worth it. I and they take pride in our work and the satisfaction of a job well done.

  105. Nate, the fact that your defenses of Metro Bank have been smashed and you’re now attempting to squeak out technicalities really speaks volumes about how terribly Metro Bank has handled this entire mess.

    You did tell us to get a life. Right here, when you asked us — the upset customers — if we have “anything else in (our) life”. If you honestly believe that that’s a suitable response to an upset customer, then you’ve spoken volumes more about Metro Bank’s customer service than I could ever dream to.

    You seem obsessed with the notion that we’re upset by being unable to access the website. Have you even read the articles here and here and here and here? Have you seen the news stories on ABC27 and WGAL? Have you read the comments here and elsewhere? Have you listened to Off the Record? Have you read any of my other posts here or here or here? I ask because doing any of the above paints a very clear picture of what Metro Bank did wrong.

    Long hold times and inaccessible accounts are only a part of the story. Accounting discrepancies, unexplained double- and triple-posting of ACH debits, corrections issued as debits instead of credits, deleted ledger entries, rude and confused employees, and ATM cards being shut down without warning are some of the more major issues being reported, and you call the whole thing “a glitch”?

    You also make light of the number of complaints that have been made. After accusing customers of being to blame for most of the problems (after all, you insisted that we’re only complaining about “one or two issues”), you attempt to downplay them as a few glitches. The discrepancy between your perception of what happened and that of the customers is nothing short of astounding.

    As other commenters have pointed out, banks merge and change all the time. The sheer volume of screwups that Metro Bank has committed does not happen.

    Metro Bank is a bank; their primary purpose to their customers is to keep track of money. Being that they not only failed to do that, but also chose not to fix their accounting problems for several business days, and also chose not to issue any sort of apology until their bad publicity was growing rapidly, I — and apparently many other Metro Bank customers — say they’ve failed.

    The fact that all of this seems to be lost on you — and that as an employee of Metro Bank, you directly reflect Metro Bank’s attitude and stance — explains more about why we’re all leaving than all of the posts, media coverage, and comments combined.

  106. Thanks, Sharon. That would definitely explain why I had to explain to the Metro Bank call center reps that direct deposits were not, in fact, made in person at a local branch.

  107. Floor9—excellent rebuttal to Nate. I totally agree. His comments made me furious. Further insult to injury.

  108. We used to use Bankway, which was created specially for Commerce (which is why we lost the rights to it, as well as the “Commerce” name) and we switched to Citrix. I understand everyone is upset.. but imagine being on our end. Our accounts are as screwed up as everyone else’s plus we get to deal with every single customer and their mother screaming at us for ten hours a day… at nine dollars an hour.. in a tacky blue vest.

  109. Hi,

    I would like to say I did not really have much problem with the switch however, I will be switching banks just by what I am hearing. Thank you for the insite Floor9 this is a great blog and if anyone lives in York, Pa I would like to know which bank you switch to. I am looking for a bank where I can see my pending transactions online like the old commerce website.

    Now for the best part
    This is to “i love obama”- Who are you to say such negative comments. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so disrespectful and insluting others inteligence. You must be some corporate screw off who’s biggest decision each day is “What color tie should I wear today?” As for telling people they should stop posting comments during the day and do their jobs, maybe YOU should take your own advice and shut your mouth. You, as well, are not contributing anything either. Think before you speak next time and get of your high horse. Oh and p.s I posted this on my spare time.

    Shannon- you are what gives Metro a bad name. You are insulting your customers and telling them you do not need them. Without us, you would not have the job you have. You should be fired from your job for your uter disrespect.

    Finally, to everyone who is saying this is no big deal to have $200-$400 missing from your account, why not take a step in someone else’s shoes and not have your bills not paid without warning. If your bill was late or not paid, that company would not care why it was late and Metro is not going to pay your late fee. When no one is able to give you any answers; see how you feel then.

    In my book Metro has failed their customers as well as their employees that have had to take the beating by the public.

    Once again floor9 thanks for this blog

    my email is

  110. Jake Holiday- Go to wachovia. They offer the BEST online banking around. Even better than what commerce had and now what metro has.

    They offer, pending check card transactions (debit card or credit), pending deposits, pending withdraws. They offer the ability to transfer funds from an outside non-wachovia bank via your online banking. They offer 7 YEARS of statements. this is where i switched to and i can honestly say this is the best online banking system ive ever seen!

  111. I can honestly say employees like Nate, need to just get a life and udnerstand how things were on our side. He doesnt get it. You dont offer superb service. If you did, we wouldnt be discussing these problems now. This MAJOR issue would have happened. You make it sound like it was a tiny glitch when it was a MAJOR glitch. heard stories of people even out of town, that couldnt get any money and were screwed becasue the bank failed to notify anyone of the switch over. You failed as a bank Nate. You really did. And the notification you said they posted on the metro website doesnt tell the customer anything! We had a glitch, ok whatever..we know that. Why did you fail to inform your customers till the last minute? Why did it take so long to resolve customer issues. Im sure you’ve lost a TON of good banking relationship customers. So you can stop selling the “fantastic customer service” cause that went out the door when Commerce went out.

    ive never in my life seen such a bad change over for just a name change and not a merger. Prob if it was an actual merger it would have been done much better

    Every executive that was a part of this should be fired including the web designer. Your website SUCKS and STILL sucks!

    get up with the competition!! your behind metro!

  112. Hey Everyone,

    I just opened an account at Member’s 1st! They were awesome there! They said they have opened so many accounts because of Metro.

    If you are in the area, I would also suggest Integrity Bank, if you like the seven-day banking! Their hours are very similar to COMMERCE Bank!

    I had three bills paid late because of Metro taking money out of the WRONG acct and they said they would only be able to refund one OD fee until the manager approves. Still no phone call! After last DD, I am closing them completely!!

    And to the employees complaining, I used to work as a teller as well there, I understand that customers yelling in your face with the crappy pay we got is terrible! But you are the face of the company and you knew that was going to be part of the job. I had people threaten my life when I worked as a teller because I wouldn’t cash their check. But unfortunately, Metro Bank has failed and people in Central PA are not going to deal with it.

    I just wonder what is going to happen to the customers of Replublic First when they finally merge with them. Maybe we should go down to Philly/Jersey and give them a warning before they lose their money too!!

  113. Jake- Right on to this comment you posted…

    ” Finally, to everyone who is saying this is no big deal to have $200-$400 missing from your account, why not take a step in someone else’s shoes and not have your bills not paid without warning. If your bill was late or not paid, that company would not care why it was late and Metro is not going to pay your late fee. When no one is able to give you any answers; see how you feel then.”

    Thats my whole point and i think most peoples. Metro empoyees make it like its not a big deal and people got their money back. They dont understand the ramifications here. How would they like it if they didnt have a job tomorrow ? Im sure if it was the flip side, it would be them commenting about how Metro has failed as a bank!!

    Shannon needs to be located and fired. How can you say a bank doesnt need you? We are what keeps them in business. We are who is paying her paycheck by giving the bank business. She needs to f off and get a life! Funny she hasnt been back to this post lately.. Shannon where are u? Did you get fired yet?

  114. Michael, I too am looking at Integrity. I’m currently with PSECU due to their 0% impasse loan for state employees, but I’m not sure I want to remain with them past that. Centric Bank is also worth a look, and has cheaper safe deposit boxes. Either way you’re supporting a regional bank based in Central PA.

  115. Shaundra, I agree regarding Shannon. I’m not going to “out” her (as I have her full name and have confirmed that she does work at Metro Bank), but I have given Metro Bank the opportunity to contact me about the matter. Not surprisingly, they have not.

  116. Hey it’s me again. I would like to correct the misinformation being passed along. Metro bank has temporarily outsourced due to extreme volume. We are using additional support from a highly regarded company specializing in call center located in Johnstown, PA. The average wait time is roughly 8 minutes. The technological problems are results of fiserv, our software. I assure you there are extra reps from their company on hand and working til the problems are ironed out.

    I hope that you are able to remember that we are not just employees, but also customers. And as a customer when I lose all hope with 800 numbers I want a live person. I never offered you a lolly or meant to downplay your concerns. I can assure you that we as a company are extremely disappointed and extremely sorry for the problems and concerns.

    As customers you can not forget a reputation of success and accredited customer service achievement that took over 2 decades to build in one week of horror. It’s been a nightmare yes. But do make an attempt to not be so condescending and disrespectful. If you had these so called problems continuing I would like to believe you would go into your branch and solve them. The truth is that we messed up, BIG TIME. And your blog has taken personal responsibility to demean and put down an entire company because of software malfuntion. Problems are being fixed and we will be back to our previous reputation.

    I would like to thank all of you who continue to be understanding and patient with us for your time and business. For those that are leaving, I wish you the best of luck and hope that you come back to us shortly.

    Thank you for your time. Have a great Day.

  117. I’m not sure the comments of anonymous are accurate.

    He claims Metro’s problems are a result of a “software malfunction” with the Fiserv banking system Metro converted to recently. According to Fiserv’s website, one in three US banks operates on that software. Those other banks aren’t having problems, so the Metro nightmare must be due to something else. I’m guessing it’s due to the way Metro mismanaged the various projects related to switching systems.

    Also, he says the call center outsourcing to Johnstown is due to extreme volume. The Metro call center area at 3801 Paxton Street has been empty for months, so it doesn’t appear Metro is taking any of its own calls here in Central PA. If the Johnstown arrangement is temporary, there are no signs Metro is gearing up to establish a local call center like it once had.

  118. Anonymous-Yet again, you do not understand the point of the matter. WE ALL WENT TO BRANCHES, CALLED, ETC. We’ve done everything we can do to get something fixed and answers explained about out accounts, money missing, debit cards not working and no access to anything. Branches were very very very busy and not much they could do until corp decided to fix the mess. So we simply cant wait days for money to show back up and be corrected when bills are to be paid, food to be bought for our familes, etc.

    We have the right to express anything we want on Metro bank. If that means it gives it a bad name at the begining of the race, thats not our problem but yours as you messed up big time. Simple as that.

    This blog is for angry/upset customers and will remain as that im sure.

    No further explaination from another employee on how thier customer service is fantastic is needed!

  119. oh and one more thing to i love obama- yes we have become dependant on the service provider but when you promise something you cant deliver you should be held accoutable

    oh and my girlfriend has just informed me that when she looked up her account it told her that she didnt even have an accout with them and when she called the call center they said they to have no record of her account but to our surpise when she went in to the branch her account magicly appeared weird right? i believe theres something fishy going on here like some enron stuff (if you dont know what mean by this check out the movie “the smartest man in the room”)this all might be part of something bigger

    Shaundra- thanks alot i will check them out

  120. Jake- wow that seems really fishy what happened to your girlfriend! Tell her to pull out now! get your money and RUN!

    Sure thing! We have wachovia now and love it. Its by far the best ive found for online banking! There is a demo you can check out on their website i think.

  121. maybe anonymous is Gary Nalbandian attempting to “appologize”. If it is, doesn’t sound like he knows anything about his own company. Shocker!

  122. the narrowmindedness and simple nature of shaundra is obtuse. Absolutely uninformed and inaccurate. My cousin works in the call center, which until 2 saturdays ago was at 3801 paxton st. And still is in HBG. I guess they fired all of their CSA reps and hired ones that live in johnstown. outsourcing for extra help was one of the few things they did was right.

    PS get the blog ready for those genious’ at wachovia that have that company -350 billion. I’m sorry i didn’t mean wachovia. I meant bankrupt bank soon to be wells fargo bank……stop suggesting a bank that spends your money on bad mortgages. at least let people do research and make an educated choice.

    ps2…you’ve set the record on posts on an ultranegative blog. i know you’ve never made a mistake right shauny?

  123. The call center that was at 3801 Paxton Street were employees of TD Bank and were technically outsourced for the now Metro Bank.

  124. Hi. I’d like to point out that the above comment from “shaundra” came from the same IP as another individual who’s been posting comments as a Metro Bank employee. Not too bright.

  125. Floor9- Funny theres another Shaundra who posted here.. LOL. Thats hilarious.

    To the other Shaundra- I’ll have to know, that Wachovia has kept their customers completely up to date on their change over to wells fargo. Even have a blog setup where customers can ask questions or concerns and get answers from people at corporate who are wokring on the implentation.

    Just about EVERY bank has been involved with bad mortgages we hear about across the news. Theres no way of getting around it. Majority of the US banks also took bailout money.

    However thats not what this blog is for. Its about Metro. Sounds as if your a metro employee anyway.

  126. Secondly (Metro Shaundra) i dont understand how my comments were inaccurate when you look at ALL the comments posted on here of angry/upset customers. We ALL voice the same concerns. So are you telling us that we are all wrong and that your right?

    Yet again, metro employee tells us we are wrong! LOL hiLARIOUS

  127. This looks like another bank that will fail in short order. At this point they deserve to fail. We would be fired and sued if we didn’t plan well for a conversion of this nature. This being stated, I own a small IT company and never had an issue like this even when we converted an old system from a client in Japan. This just doesn’t make any sense in this day and age, how could this even happen? I’m very disappointed, shame on you Metro bank. Now they are stating they don’t even know how long until they have direct bill pay services back in place. No confidence on the other end, they are trying, but I feel they may be a day late and a dollar short. That’s another issue, I will have to get to the bottom of yet. Very frustrating and wastes allot of my time, that I could be using to manage our valued clients and further business prospects. We are looking very closely at Bank of American, we would only lose the local banking capability. However with check scanners and many other electronic services, not sure we would really need a local bank again. Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I wish everyone the best of luck.

  128. Concerned Customer- From other reviews ive heard horror stories with bank of america. and their in the news yet again. You could try many banks around here. PNC, Wachovia, Susquehana (local owned), Fulton, etc.

  129. @Concerned, if you’re looking at going national, I’ve had my brokerage portfolio and savings account with E-Trade for about a year now with no problems whatsoever. I’ve also heard good things about ING.

  130. Metro Bank is AWFUL! There is no way in hell I’d ever put my money in such a terrible bank. The people in charge are a bunch of idiots. On the other hand, ING is amazing!!

  131. I had a knock on the door about 8 P.M. last evening (26th) from a York City Policeman. I was told that a rep from this ‘Bank’ said that I said something about a “shooting”. I told the officer, that on my Mother’s grave, and a stack of Bibles, I had in no terms said that, I don’t even own a gun!
    I could then see that I was not BSing him at all, just the truth.
    I had it out with someone in the call center, a Manager I do believe, and was reading all kinds of things into it.
    I won’t even go into the s*&^ that myself and a friend of mine had to go through with this so-called bank.
    I even told a CSR in person on Monday that a bunch of knuckleheads designed this site (where are the pending transactions?), why are things getting posted 4-5 days later. On that subject I was told it depends on the merchant. What a crock of crap. I NEVER was that way with Commerce, I could walk out of W-Mart, and go to my lap-top in the car, and there was the transaction.
    In this day and age, Mr. Metro, do you think merchants are going to wait a week before sending you the transaction??
    In this economy, people want there money NOW!!
    Get it???
    Anyway, the CSR said if he were involved in this mess would ‘he’ be a knucklehead? I said yes immediately, and I meant it.
    I am going to another bank as soon as my DD clears to the new bank.
    Screw you, Mr.M.

  132. The tellers at this bank are very nice and helpful(I went in today to get my coins counted.. very reluctant though)…. so when the change over happened I did not want to bother them because I knew it had nothing to do with them . Plus, if our accts are screwed up I am sure theirs are as well.I feel so sorry for tellers and what they had to go through doing the transition. I did remove my money from the bank bec I feel at this moment that this is the right thing to do. I may give M bank a second chance I dont know…if I do its because of the how pleasant the tellers were. I still feel very uncomfortable about this bank though…………I did receive a call back when wrote a nasty letter to corp..the man on the other end sounded so sad…….

  133. robert-thats some crazy stuff!

    i would go to another bank NOW. get all your accounts setup at the new bank. so youll have your new account number to give your employer for the next direct deposit. then as soon as the direct deposit hits your metro account, pull it out and close and deposit into your new account where that will be. this way you have things setup in time you know?

  134. Here is something else to beware of, because Commerce quietly began doing it a few months before this ugly transition (and by the way, the new website and online banking system SUCKS)

    Used to be banks processed account CREDITS before they processed DEBITS for the day, which means that if you made a deposit on a given day you were covered for your withdrawals. Now Commerce/Metro processes debits as they arrive in real time, but if you go in to make a deposit, even if it is first thing in the morning, it is not processed until the end of the banking day.

    If you are not aware of that, you will face outrageously high overdraft charges.

    Been a Commerce customer for 3 years. Absolutely loved them up until about 6 months ago, when service started slipping, staff didn’t give a rat’s ass about customers, things that I took for granted as a customer were taken away, and finally this ill handled transition.

    And yes, the pending transactions tab is very much missed on the website that a second grader could have designed better.

    I’m bank shopping.

  135. Here is my horror story with the Commerce to Metro Bank change over. I’m probably going to change because this is complete bullshi+ and is costing me time and money.

    I do my bills about once a week. Have entered about 10 Bill Pay entries over the last two weeks on the new Metro Bank site. (Used Commerce’s and TD sites for years with 0 issues)

    At the point of entering these entries the site had appeared to have taken my order after clicking the Make Payment button as it showed a list of what I just submitted.

    So I go into my account today and notice my balance is way higher then I expected. I to look at my bill pay entries and none of them are there. It’s like I never submitted them in the first place…

    I call customer service and explain my situation to the rep, he has no record of me entering those payments and can’t even exclusively look at my bill pay items as all my bank card purchases are intermingled on his end. He was even blinder then I was.
    I asked if others are calling with this issue and he said “yes” we have gotten a few calls.
    Plus their queue was through the roof, there were 15 people when I entered the queue.

    He did tell me to not issue double payments because they may just not have gotten check back or something…
    So, I call my credit card company and see if the payment I sent them was received, guess what – it wasn’t and neither was any of my other payments.

    I write software management applications for a living and know how use a simplistic online banking app, I know that I submitted those payments properly and am dumbfounded that a screw up like can occur. If I would not have caught this issue my credit card finance charges would have defaulted to the highest percent.

    I’m try another bill pay, if this happens ever again this bank will not be keeping my business.

  136. Wow… I finally got to the bottom of the comments.

    Now time for my horror story:

    2 Weeks ago I deposited my paycheck at the Downtown Harrisburg branch (corner of 2nd and Walnut). The check was made available immediately, and so I took my family out to dinner, did a little shopping, and paid some bills online when I got home. Then Saturday comes, and my account appears several hundred dollars in the negative.

    So I go to the branch near my house (Queen St. York branch) and the manager there was extremely helpful. He had to call several different places, and could not find any record of my deposit, even though I had the transaction receipt in-hand, and the online system showed that I was able to spend that money. He ended up finding out, or being told, or something, that the Downtown Harrisburg branch filed their Friday paperwork late, and so all deposits don’t appear anywhere in any computer system. Now luckily, since I had my slip with me, he was able to credit my account for the deposit amount. Then several days later, he actually took the time to call me, and make sure that everything was ok with my account.

    Now him calling me back about that, that was the stellar customer service I was used to with Commerce Bank.

    Before going to that branch, and even after we left the branch, I had decided to leave Metro for good. Then when he called to follow up, that helped restore some faith in the bank, so we held off on leaving, in the hopes things would be better.

    Well, yesterday was payday again, and I deposited my check at the same Downtown Harrisburg branch, and guess what happened today? Yep, my paycheck has vanished again. So now I will have to go back to the Queen St. branch again tomorrow and get this resolved.

    This is the final straw for me. I’ve been a loyal, and extremely happy customer of Commerce Bank, but banks are run on trust. You have to trust that their records are correct, and they have your money accessible. So despite my better judgment, I gave them a second chance, and they disappointed me again.

    We’ve already filed complaints with the Attorney General and the PA Department of Banking, and come Monday, we are moving to a new bank, and never looking back.

    I am truly sorry for the crap that the employees of Metro have to put up with now. It’s got to really suck to have to listen to all the problems we customers are having, especially since most of these problems are completely out of your control. I truly hope that Metro gets their act together, and makes it, but if they do, it won’t be with me as a customer.

  137. Wow Joe, thats terrible. It was good that the rep took the time to help you, but seems their system over is a failure.

    That just adds to the list people have experienced!

  138. UPDATE:
    It appears it was the same problem as 2 weeks ago, where the Downtown Harrisburg branch filed their paperwork with the proofing department late again, and so the deposit was cancelled, and would need to be processed again. Luckily, the customer service person at Queen Street called the Downtown branch, and the manager she spoke with there forced my transaction through, or whatever it was he did, and now the funds are available.

    Once again, at the Queen Street, York branch, I had excellent customer service from the employees there, but I just cannot continue banking with a bank that I can’t put my trust in.

  139. Try Mid Penn Bank! They are a Community Bank still headquartered here in Central PA. Metro says they are but they are not. PNC is not. M&T is not. Citizens is not. Sovereign is not. Wachovia is not. Central PA Community Banks understand their customer needs better and there are local people that have the ability to fix problems fast if and when they arise.

  140. Superior customer service has surpassed inadequate software. The ship is righted. Deep apologies to all those whom suffered. I hope to see you all back in the stores SOON! I hope everyone had a great July 4th. Let’s bury this negative blog.

  141. customer service cant outweigh a software problem that arises daily. sorry. your wrong!

  142. Just for the record, everyone, MJ is the same guy who posted these comments. He says he’s a Metro Bank employee, but the tone and demeanor of his comments has been getting worse. He’s gone from defending the company to launching attacks on other posters; things must be getting pretty bad over there.

  143. I had a bad experience when I could not log on to their new site. Kept telling me my user name or password wasn’t right. I called customer service and got a very rude woman who put me on hold several times before she could even find my account in the system. I knew I would be chnaging banks. I can’t trust that my money will be there.

    It’s really sort of amazing. Banks have been changing hands for years. This should be banking 101. But Metro managed to step in and screw it up.

  144. What has ever happened with a little patience. I personally did not have one problem with the change from Commerce to Metro.

    I actually like the new bill pay, its an upgrade from Commerce.

    Yes corporations do make mistakes, but come on give it a break!

  145. Now I am not sure what all the fuss has been about…but I have not experienced any issues. Typically issues are caused by the person themselves. Just think when you are waiting in a long line somewhere, it is not usually the company’s fault for that line but the people who are in line with you that are holding it up.
    I would appreciate it if people would just let bygones be bygones and give Metro Bank another chance. You will see that they really are a great bank and do care for their customers. Let’s all say it together…we love Metro Bank!

  146. watch out people, i just got a call from a collection agency saying i owe them money for metro bank when i closed my account with them when they switched and all transactions were cleared. i am fighting this and this better not ruin my credit because this is untrue. i am filing suit against this bank if it does.

  147. I may be an unusual customer. I put every transaction for all my finances into Quicken and have done so for many, many years.

    I left a local bank to go to Commerce because they integrated well with Quicken. I was very pleased with Commerce.

    Metro Bank integrates very poorly with Quicken, at least for me. The loss of Direct Connect was a huge loss for me. Now I am getting duplicate transactions downloaded from Metro into Quicken. I have to double check every transaction to make sure its not a duplicate.

    Metro people are very nice. They have shown concern, but their technology is sub par compared to the other institutions I use.

    I understand that they have to make a business decision. So do I. I expect to be switching banks very soon.

  148. Interesting thing I forgot to pass along – I went into my local Metro recently with the intent of closing an old checking account I still had opened. Just hadn’t gotten around to withdrawing the small amount of funds and closing it yet, as I had switched to PSECU before Commerce became Metro. so I go in, sit down and tell the guy I want to close my account. He asked for my account number and (I believe) my name, which I gave him. Looked at a few things onscreen, excused himself, came back with a withdrawal slip, filled it in, then had me write out the dollar amount and sign it. Asked what kinda of bills I wanted, went back behind the counter, returned with my money in an envelope and a withdrawal receipt. I thanked him and went on my way.

    Not one time was I asked for any identification, any verification of my SSN, or anything whatsoever to verify that I was the person who this account belonged to. I could’ve been any person off the street with an account number and walked out with a pocketful of cash. Real nice.

  149. I’ve had a few situations with them, where they’ve held retirement distributions for 14 days. The last time it went in and they took it out again. Luckily I was able to back out the bills I was paying in time that time. It was from a cash account at Charles Schwab drawn on Bank of America, so there was no need to hold it. I wrote to them but they were within all the business days regulations of the banking commission. Just a big float game. But this latest: My husband and I have our own accounts linked to a ‘joint’ account used to pay joint bills. He gets huge credit card bills each month because he travels. I payed the last one with Metro’s on-line bill pay (so inferior to what Commerce’s was). They only have a drop down menu at the top of the page to select the account. In Commerce’s, that drop down menu was on each payee and stayed unless you specifically changed it. Well, I forgot to look at which account it was coming out of. It came out of the joint account and was overdrawn by over $4,000. BUT there was double that in each of the ‘linked’ accounts! Not even a phone call from them. They’ve charged our account $74.00 for the overdraw, and we’re getting the runaround when we ask for it back, including when we show up in person. It’ll take a while to move banks, but we’re in the market for a new one. Any suggestions? It would be nice to find one who really cared about their customers and treated you at least civilly.

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