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I’ve been getting a ton of traffic and support over Metro Bank’s ongoing customer service issues.  In this post I’m going to talk about how to file a complaint and get results.  But first, I’d like to help:

My site is currently getting thousands of hits every day from Metro Bank customers.  If you work for a bank or credit union and you’re offering any sort of special incentive for Metro Bank customers to jump ship, send me your contact information and details on your promotion.  I’ll post all the offers within a day or two.  I’m willing to do this for free, and in fact, I will not accept any compensation of any kind.

From the comments here and elsewhere, the most common problems users are reporting are:

  • Visa / ATM cards being declined for no reason
  • ATM cards not working at ATM machines
  • Unauthorized transactions debiting the account
  • ATM withdrawals that never happened still debiting the account
  • Website is inaccessible, slow, and/or non-functioning w
  • Website is poorly designed
  • Customer service unreachable by telephone, or has excessive hold times
  • Apathetic, defensive, and/or confrontational employees
  • Incorrect balances or inaccurate transaction history
  • Duplicate transactions
  • Incorrect overdrafts

For added bonus points, a Metro Bank employee named “Shannon” waltzed on over here and said that any unhappy customers can go “F off”.

If you’ve been affected by Metro Bank’s epic failure, here’s some helpful information to make sure your complaint is heard by the right people.  Read on for information on crafting an effective complaint letter.

First, try to resolve your complaint through their call center (888-937-0004).  Document the name of the person you speak to, the time & date you called, the time they answered, and the time you hung up.  It’s also not a bad idea to note any important points you discussed.  If that’s unsuccessful, visit your local branch.  Ask to speak with a manager if the employee can’t or won’t help you.  Again, document the time & date of your visit, who you spoke to, and what the outcome was.

If that’s unsuccessful, contact their corporate headquarters in writing.  Metro Bank’s corporate address is:

Metro Bank
3801 Paxton Street
Harrisburg PA  17111

Their upper management consists of:

  • Gary Nalbandian, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Ritter, Chief Operating Officer
  • D. Scott Huggins, Chief Risk Officer
  • Steve Solk, Central PA Market Manager
  • Victoria Chieppa, Senior Vice President of Operations

Metro Bank’s email structure appears to be firstname.lastname @

There are three main outside parties that can help with your complaint.  First is our good ol’ Pennsylvania Attorney General.  Typically they defer bank complaints to the Pennsylvania Department of Banking, but our AG is very aggressive and pro-consumer.  If they get a big enough volume of complaints, they may become involved.  The FDIC also has the authority to send in Bank Examiners to ensure that all applicable laws and regulations are being followed, and that sound practices are being used to protect the public interest.  The addresses are as follows:

Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:
(click on “Consumer Complaint Form”)

Pennsylvania Department of Banking:
(under “Have a Question? Need Help?”, click on “submitting a request online”)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC):
(simply fill out the form)

Remember that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Be polite, but persistent.  Calm, but unrelenting.

If you’re unhappy with Metro Bank (as I am), you should also consider leaving (as I am).  Central PA has an abundance of dependable, secure, financially-sound banks and credit unions who will bend over backwards to earn your business.  There are also a number of national banks, such as E-Trade and ING, who offer unique and competitive advantages.  If you have experiences to share with your bank (or if you ARE a bank looking to pick up some alienated Metro customers), please feel free to do so in the comments below.

Now then:  There’s a right way to complain and a wrong way to complain.  I am 100% sympathetic towards the customers who have had their finances locked out by this fiasco, but the fastest way to have your complaint dumped into a pile and never looked at again is to be rude.  Other turn-offs include threatening legal action (companies get these all the time), making unlikely or inappropriate demands, and wordiness.  Keep your complaints brief and to the point.  Remain calm.  Stick to the facts.  If you must talk about your feelings or thoughts, keep it light.  For example:

RIGHT: I spoke with Nadine at your call center on June 17th at approximately 4:28pm.  She was very dismissive of my claims, and even stopped to say “Well I didn’t double-post your bills”.  She was ultimately unable to resolve my concerns.

WRONG: I spoke with Nadine at your call center last week sometime after work.  Our conversation went on for a very long time.  I feel that she was not taking me seriously and had no interest whatsoever in helping me out.  As an example, when I told her that my bill payments had been double-posted in my online ledger, she sarcastically replied “Well I didn’t double-post your bills”.  I don’t appreciate being spoken to in this manner.

Unless you’re attaching supporting documentation, your letter should be no more than one page.  If it goes longer, you’ve probably written too much.  Set it aside, go do something calming for an hour or two, then come back and see what you can trim off.  Your letter should clearly state what happened, why it was wrong (if it isn’t already painfully obvious), and what you want them to do about it.  The last part is important — if you say “I hope you all go out of business!”, you’re not going to get what you want.  Reasonable resolutions should be concrete.  Examples include:

  • “I would like a written apology for the conduct demonstrated by this employee.”
  • “I expect my account balance to be corrected as described above no later than June 20th, 2009.”
  • “I would like my account closed effective June 21st, 2009.”

If you want proof that your letter was received (not a bad idea, considering Metro Bank’s track record for inaccurate record-keeping), send it certified mail with signature requested.  This costs about $5 for a standard letter.  Reputable businesses do not refuse certified mail; if Metro returns your mail refused or unclaimed, then cut your losses and seek another bank immediately.

36 thoughts on “Metro Bank Harrisburg – Complaints”

  1. The Technical Support phone number (800-204-0541) provided at the bottom of each Metro Bank webpage forwards to a voicemail system. I was unable to reach a representative or a Technical Support Agent.

  2. Not sure why it was necessary to, “Throw the baby out with the bathwater”, so to speak. Would it not have been easier to simply change the appearance (bank name) on the website pages and not require customers to jump through hoops to re-register for online banking? Also, the previous online banking system (Commerce Bank) was more intuitive, in my opinion, than the new system. Where is the pending transactions area? Why am I required to agree to a separate Terms of Service agreement in order to view and print statements?

  3. Can you do me a favor and sticky this somewhere as a general rule of thumb for ANY time someone feels the urge to lodge a complaint? 🙂

    Seriously, though … thanks for some excellent, concise contact info. I’m a letter-writer when I need to be, and unfortunately, as one of the myriad victims of this whole fiasco – this is one of those “need-to-be” times!

  4. Guys,

    I’m sure it must suck and all having your bank accounts this screwed up, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d please stop trying to drive customers to other banks by spreading all this Commerce/Metro hate. Shouldn’t they at least get a second chance?

    Besides, if too many customers leave all at once, it runs the risk of shutting this bank down permanently. I kind of depend on the free coin counters, so seeing the bank get shut down would clearly put me at a loss. I’d have to adapt pretty quickly, and while I tend to be rather capable of that in times of dire need, I’d much rather just maintain the existing coin counters. It’s convenient.

    That and 95% of their employees seem like good people. It’s not the branch employees’ fault the back end systems engineers and executive managers are incompetent.

    1. There are coin counters almost everywhere you go now. Even the grocery stores have them. Walmart has them as well. Point blank poor customer service is poor customer service. If the bank gets shut down because of there lack of communication and not wanting to deal with true people that ensure that they have a business to begin with. Then they themselves shouldn’t have any complaints when they’re out of business. Any successful business knows they are successful mainly because of there customers.

  5. And for bonus laughs, here’s a picture of what I believe is Vernon Hill’s sprawling mansion in Jersey:

    Thanks go to Google Maps for the up-close zoom level for this region, and to the New York Times for including so many useful identifiers in a story about somebody’s house!

  6. The reason for the “upgrades” (downgrades) is because TD bought Commerce NJ, and not Commerce Harrisburg. Everything Commerce Harrisburg used with the logos and names was under license from Commerce NJ including the software that was used on the Teller side, CSR side and online. When Commerce NJ was sold, so were the rights to use all of the likeness of “Commerce” which is why the name changed and why you can actually tell a TD from a Metro now even though they were completely different banks from the beginning.

    Don’t be too hard on “Shannon.” Do you have any idea what it’s like to drive to work and know that you are going to be yelled at constantly and not have any definite answers for customers? This is a back office issue. Go easy on the tellers and CSRs.

  7. Thanks for your reply, Teller. In fact I do understand what it’s like, as I worked in retail & retail management for almost a decade. And I can say with absolute certainty that if my employer turned its back on me like that, I’d have my resume out there immediately. I can also say that I never — ever — told my disgruntled customers to “F off” and “go ahead and leave”.

    Shannon’s comment was way out of line. There are no circumstances under which her actions would be appropriate. If Metro Bank feels that it’s appropriate for their employees to speak to their customers that way, then, well, I guess you can understand why we’re all leaving in droves.

  8. I agree it was out of line. But can’t you agree that it was a comment made that obviously does not represent what the entire bank thinks and just move on?

  9. Teller, do you really think that this whole fiasco started because of what Shannon said? If you think that Shannon is the reason for our frustration — if you don’t understand how Metro Bank’s actions have been wholly inappropriate and anti-customer — then perhaps that’s indicative of a bigger problem within the organization.

  10. I’d just like to point out that most of the tellers I see working at Metro are very, very young. Also, I’m sure that this (probably young) person is not speaking to customers that way. Shannon read people’s comments, took it too personally, and obviously lost it. Post a comment in haste, repent at your leisure…

  11. Thank you so much for this! I’m fed up trying to get the $63.00 I’m short in my “now Metro” bank account! I’ve talked to Customer Service, Branch, and online inquiries. They say they will credit my account, but it has been 4 days with no resolution. How hard can it be? I said that if it wasn’t fixed by today, I’m switching banks. And I’m keeping my word….don’t think it’s easy to switch when you have all your bills automatically being paid and direct deposit. I have a lot of work ahead of me in switching everything over! Thanks again…

  12. …which is why I’m asking you to go easy on her(him?). There is a whole section of this page that just seems to be ripping on her. This is one person at one store who made one comment. It wasn’t the smartest thing to say but odds are you don’t bank at the store where she works and if you do, if she’s a teller, you barely come in contact with her. Is it a success for you to get someone fired? That will show Metro you’re upset. Believe me, they already know.

  13. One our biggest issues with this whole transfer is that they will no longer offer direct connection(s) to external software’s of any kind. This must now be done manually. This put us in a situation of lost functionally all together and must move in order to replace these services we once used daily. Now we search for other banks that can offer us complete banking personal and business services and not break something that is already working well. Very disappointed in how they handled this merger.

  14. This has nothing to do with the merger. Things are definitely getting better. I worked yesterday and was not too happy about going in because the days have been extremely long recently but yesterday went relatively well. Customer’s statements were able to be looked at, I could see available balances, etc. From what I could tell, the CSR side is up and running. I was in the drive-thru so I didn’t really see anything but they were actually sitting with customers and why would they do that if they couldn’t help them? My balance was still a few hundred dollars too high but that has been fixed since I went online this morning. Good stuff.

  15. Even though he is arrogant, rude and demeaning, has a wife that runs everything and everyone with that rat dog and his stuttering is beyond belief, as least he built a mmm-mmm-ma—ann-nnnn-sss-ionnnn bbbb-uuut–tttt rrrr-uuuu-iii-nneedddd-d mmm-eee-ttt-rrrooooo. Go fuck yourself AND the helicopter you fly in.

  16. I transfered all my money out of the bank the minute I could not log into acct and not able to talk to customer service ..this bank does not deserve a second chance it screwed up big time !!!!!

  17. Dude, A second Chance! I have been in Ghetto bank 8 times since 6/19/09. How many chances should they have. I have been extremely patient and have several types of accounts. They should be shut down. I have had ACH payments returned, ATM card removed from my account resulting in POS declines. I have POS purchases not coming out of my account. Now to top it all off they have made it to my credit report by returning ACH payments to my credit card companies and showing balances on my credit report. SCREW THEIR SECOND CHANCE! Everyone should move to another bank. If you work there you’re part of the problem.

  18. TJ: Your credit report is not effected by a returned ACH unless that certain ACH was already past due and this return just happened to be the ‘last chance’ payment before you were turned over to collections. If its this case, you shouldnt blame metro for your poor credit because apparently your finances arent so stellar now are they?

    – In the other case if this was a bank Error, please stop in and have a customer service representative help you contest the credit report. it’s not ‘written in stone’ as many think and can be fixed with no impact on your credit score…. You just have to ask.

    as for everyone else: Thank you for putting up with this fiasco. There are still problems but it has gotten MUCH better. Like A Teller said, we can now make cards, view statements, reset online access, and print you past statements or check images if you need it. In a week this will all be history and although people are getting screwed over here, we have been bending over backwards to help you. Case and point: I had a customer in whos card was declined while grocery shopping… she came in, upset that her account was overdrawn. In no less than 2 seconds her account was credited with whatever funds she needed to get thru shopping. There are a ton of things we will do for you if you come in and treat us with respect. If you come in screaming and yelling and calling us names and slamming your fists on the table… We arent bending at all. THAT I can promise. So all in all. Keep your cool and we will make it right. Any of you people that say “I have gone in time and time and time again” HAVE YOU? Because I know for the last 10 days I have helped every single person that has needed it if they let me. I had words with a certain executive that came into the store and he was more than empathetic with our crisis at ‘ground zero’
    Just keep in mind we have been punching bags all week and most of us are at the same point you are with Metro… the snapping point.

    vernonhillfan- Vernons stutter went away in parochial school with speech lessons. Maybe meet the man before you make fun of him. Yes hes a millionaire but actually a cool guy. Green is not a flattering color on anybody so relax.

  19. METROCSR, thanks for your post. And there’s no need to go on the offensive against upset (former) Metro Bank customers (“your finances arent so stellar now are they”). As I have pointed out many times previously, I spent almost a decade in customer-facing retail management. So I am fully sympathetic to how customers can sometimes go over the top. On the other hand, Metro Bank employees are not without fault. If I ever — EVER — saw any of my employees blow off customers the way I have personally witnessed Metro Bank employees do, they would be fired on the spot. There are no circumstances under which an employee texting her way through a customer’s concerns is excusable. Doing so moves from “inexcusable” to “outright insulting” when said customer — myself — is making valid, rational complaints in a calm, relaxed manner. When a company screws up — let alone this badly — its customer-facing employees will bear the brunt of the friction.

    If you feel that this is unfair, I suggest finding a job where your contact with people is limited.

  20. I 100% agree Floor9. But for him to say “If you work there you are part of the problem” WRONG. We are fixing the problem.

    There is no excuse at all for an employee to text through customer interactions. Did you get a supervisor involved? If you went out to dinner and your server gave you poor service, wouldnt you want to speak to a manager and make it known his/her employee was making a bad name for the business? You definatley agree that you would fire any employee of yours showing that much disrespect- but what if you didnt know it was happening? If anyone has these issues, please ask to speak to a supervisor…. they are not condoned and the teller will be written up and reprimanded.

    And I fully understand the responsibilites of my job. I am a people person, I love the interaction. I understand that with a customer-facing job, I will obviously have to deal with an upset customer here and there…. however cleaning up corporates mess is not our jobs. It isnt in any of our job descriptions to have to ‘fix the hundreds of problems’ we see on a daily basis and thats what is so frustrating. We are not seeing any additional compensation or incentive for the 20+ ADDITIONAL man hours a week we are putting in… hard ass-busting man hours (sorry for the vulgarity but it is 🙂 ). I am not looking for sympathy or understanding.. just letting people know that there are still amazing co workers of mine that will bend over backwards to help you and straighten everything out for you in a minute… its just getting customers to the point where we can do it quickly and efficiently.

  21. I was short on my check from metro. I put 50% in the bank and the other 50% was to be given back. For what ever reason they gave back 20%. Luckily i counted my money and the problem was fixed but that should not be happening at all. count your money before you send it out.

    When I’m paying, I don’t have to treat you with respect, especially if you f up everyone’s account! If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong career. Maybe you should be working for a collection or repo agency…


    You state; “however cleaning up corporates mess is not our jobs.”. Yes it is dumb a–! You don’t seem to have a realistic understanding of what “customer facing” means do you?


    You state; “We are not seeing any additional compensation or incentive for the 20+ ADDITIONAL man hours a week we are putting in…”. Frankly we don’t care. You have a choice, you can go to work and actually do your job, or you can quit. Your salary is NOT your Customer’s concern. Your incompetence is!

  23. I work as a customer benefits representative and I fully understand the heat that can come with the job. I guess I am so spoiled with the stellar service I received from Commerce Bank and, of course, online banking is just so amazing these days. I’m old enough to remember when the only alternative was to wait until that Statement of Account came in the snail mail and we used our check books to find any discrepancies between the Statement of Account and our individual checkbooks. I just can’t go back to that. I need access to my online account. I believe I’ll go to Member’s First and open a new account.

  24. this goes to A.Teller, i also was threatened by a metro teller . She said “If I dont like it she can close my account.” Now i’ve been a comerce guy for 14 years, this girl was at most 18. I dont want anyone threatining me about my finances,especially not some 18 year old who wont be there in a year. Theese banks need to smarten up I know there trying to keep costs down but come on. By the way, metro is taking me to court saying i broke there deposit door

  25. I’ve experienced several of these issues that are mentioned above. I’d also like to throw in a complaint of their new “penny arcade” change counter. I’ve visited 2 locations since the merger and have noticed that not only is the new penny arcade really loud and annoying but it is less efficient. I think it explains the employee dissatisfaction. I called into the call center to complain…they didn’t care. I am switching banks for many reasons…one of them being that I can’t stand to hear that stupid schpiel one more time.

  26. Metro called me Saturday. Someone used my debit visa card numbers on a fake card at Walmart….several times. I have been wiped out, all while my card rested safely in my hands.

    Went to file the forms first thing Monday and am not happy with how it was handled. I have to wait 60 days for my money?

    I finally just got paid after being held hostage in the budget only to have all of it gone the next bloody day.

    The bank rep says it happens to a lot of people. So I found out a friend of a friend had it happen Saturday too. Same bank…all at walmart.

    So what’s happening here? How is this likely? They hit the gdamned bank is how it happened.

  27. Here is one for you. I was married 8-8-09 and being and existing customer with Metro Bank I wanted to open a Joint Account with my new wife. We took our wedding money on 8-10-09 and went to our local branch they asked her for her Social Security Card, which we did not have we had however, her driver license with her old name, our marriage certificate and my drivers license and existing bank account numbers. They went ahead and processed the new account and took our money. A week later, we get a call from the local branch saying that there is a problem and that they need either her new social security card or a reciept from the social security office stating the name change. We provided them with the reciept. Everyone we spoke to said it was fine. Next day without warning they freeze the account, in essence holding our money hostage, this posed some immediate problems, automatic bill pay to creditors were suspended, credit card company payments could not be withdrawn. Hence making me the possibilty of defaulting on my 0% interest loans which would then the creditors would start charging me interest. I have the money but no access to it. After calling the local branch they tell me that the information that we gave them (which the told us to get them) was not valid becuase the social security does not print the number on the reciept anymore. It took me threating to withdraw all my money and closing all my accounts for the bank manager to get in touch with someone who could unfreeze the account. Needless to say that Metro Bank does not know how to manage accounts. Ok, I understand maybe my wife was not who she said she was, and we were trying to cash checks that were not ours, but then why give us access to those checks for a week before freezing the account. If we were doing that don’t they think that the money would have been withdrawn the moment it cleared. This just does not make sense. At this point, the account is unfrozen and I am expecting them to refreeze it just because someone in their orginazation does not know the conversation that was had between myself and the bank manager. We will wait and see.

  28. It gets better then it goes down the drain again. They are still miss transferring miss over-drafting and miss posting to my quicken. The site was also down yesterday for a bit. and when I call customer service on issues they don’t know what is going on. changing banks is painful and that’s what they are counting on to stop us, if we all go in 1 week maybe they will crash and another back will fill the shoes of what a great bank they once were

  29. My husband and I were just checking out the different banks in our area. We are thinking about switching to a bank closer to home. I’m currently using a Citizen’s Bank account but since loosing my job its pointless for me to drive a half an hour away just to make deposits for my bills. He was interested in Metro bank because of it being so close to our house. And besides he likes the free coin counting idea. I was going to go with his suggestion until I read this site. Is it really that bad? I used to hear great things about Commerce, but I didn’t realize why they changed their names. If this is the case, I can’t afford having my money goofed with that much. I’d love to hear more current insight.

  30. Withdrawls from my account using my debit card # in the amount of over $700!! Cant get money back until 3 weeks after they can get started on researching the problem which could be weeks because of the amount of fradulent activity. I asked for the phone # to these posts so I can call them directly and stop the transaction and they will not give ot to me for my protection???? These transactions are pending so they CAN DECLINE payment? You would think so but they said NO sorry. So the money is being held which means I can’t have it- any suggestions or lawsuits going on.

  31. Girlfriend called today crying – she is a single mom with two kids. She has been charged $148 in overdraft fees in the last two weeks because of how metro changed their deposit/withdrawal policy when they changed from Commerce. Withdrawals are deducted in real time, deposits are not added until the close of business. And ‘holds’ that are twice the amount purchased on the ATM/Debit card are placed on the account so that if she makes a $50 purchase, the bank ‘holds’ $100. The bank held $200 for $100 in purchases and she bounced a $35 dollar check. They hit her for $37 in overdraft fees. Did it twice in the same weekend and she didn’t discover the error until Monday. Did it again two days later – she bought $40 worth of gas and the bank put a hold on $80. Another check ‘bounced.’
    The ignorant c**t at customer service told her thats the way it’s always been and there’s no sense leaving cause other banks would charge her more.

    Hey Gary! I remember when you used to be a nice guy. What happened? Was it the money?

    Oh, and she’ll be joining Belco next week. Bye Gary. Bye Shannon. Hope they let you spend that $148 in hell.

  32. u jackass i just lost 360 dollars out of the account because of their poor accounting. 130 dollars yesterday. i dont give a damn about your silly coin collection i will speak to the fdic and have this bank shut down. they will be investigated by the gov

  33. Metro Bank is the worst bank ever. I had the account for about 6 monthes, until one of there rude employees decided to close my account. I had a negative balance for 2 days of 25$. I went through the drive threw and took care of the 25$ with my check and then they proceeded to tell me that my account is now going to be closed after i fixed it. I was stunned! I could not believe that they scammed me like they did. I contacted the Better business borough and the attorney general. Hopefully someone will help me.

  34. Really? I have been with Commerce/Metro for a very long time. When is enough enough? I have had more problems with Metro in the last 8 months than I had with Commerce over 8 years. Website is down right now and I was told it is down for maintenance. I said “Why don’t you put up a banner saying that then.” I will tell you why, it isn’t down for maintenance, it is just down and they are trying to fix it. This is the first bank that you get a “runtime error” when trying to log in and that is because of maintenance. Anyone who knows how websites work, knows this an error because someone messed up. This bank SHOULD be shut down with all the mistakes they are making. I mean really, who is running the show there and they must have no clue what they are doing. I know I am opening a new account elsewhere and slowly switching my direct deposits over slowly and then “Bye, Bye, Metro!”

  35. Metro now is sending checks to pay my bills. They have paid my bills electronically via their website for years.
    Called them and they told me that is was not them, that my AT&T card now requires Metro to pay via check!! (Which I knew was BS, and told them that.) Why would a entity like AT&T want to wait via snail mail to get paid.
    Called AT&T.. Told me that their is no such policy set in place with Metro regrading check payments.

    Talked to 3 people at Metro. All confused and gave me lame excuses and blames AT&T.
    I asked them if I could have the option to pay via electronic payment- I will even pay a fee. They said no!!! AT&T will not except payment via electronic payment…
    Hmmm.. Is this against the law???

    So now my payment maybe late to AT&T due to the fact Metro Snail mailed it without notifying me!!

    I told Ismel at Metro this and he said..
    Call us if the happens..

    Then what.. Will they say.. OOppss so sorry your rates went up, you got a hefty penalty fee, and got a bad credit rating!!
    THANKS METRO… Very poor business practice IMO!!!

    I am switching my business account today!!

    Any bank that is to cheap to send via electronic payment or does not give me the option to pay for it to be sent this way and controls my account and lies to me, does not deserve my business account!!!!

    METRO – WAKE UP!!!!

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