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PREFACE:  Someone commented on my last post pointing out that the employees of Metro Bank are being yelled at and treated poorly.  I spent almost ten years working in retail and retail management, and I am very well aware of how abusive customers can be.  I always make it a point to be calm and rational towards the employees, even when they’re not treating me the same.

My last post on Metro Bank got pretty popular pretty quickly.  Barely 24 hours after posting, it already has over 500 reads and 33 comments. With a little help from The ConsumeristThe Patriot-News, podcasts, multiple forums, other blogs, and some other frustrated Metro Bank customers, the post has cleared over 1000 reads in 30 hours! more than 3300 readers in less than three days! Thanks, guys!

Two of the commenters describe themselves as Metro Bank employees.  One of them (“Shannon”) did not come out and say “I am an employee of Metro Bank”, and as such, she may very well be some non-Metro Bank employee who happens to say things like “we are doing everything we can”.  Here’s the direct link to the first comment; you can see the other two from “Shannon” immediately after the first.  In fact, let me save you the trouble.  Here are all three comments from “Shannon”, in their complete form:

  1. You need to know what you are talking about before you start making comments on something you have no idea about. Metro will be America’s next GREAT bank when all things are completed. There are a few bumps in the road to success to better serve everyone. I know it is hard now and everyone is frustrated, but things will get better in time. Banks change names, it happens, so before you pass judgment look into the relationship you have had with Commerce. They have always been nothing but great to their customers and we are doing everything that we can to make sure that we can provide everything that we can to them. If you feel that another bank would be better it won’t. They are not there for their customers and Metro has more possibilities coming. Hang in there we all are.  Shannon | Jun 15, 2009 | Reply
  2. Good do it.. they don’t need u!! Shannon | Jun 15, 2009 | Reply
  3. Everyone ”F” off!!! I am sure they still have all of their GOOD customers!!! Shannon | Jun 15, 2009 | Reply

Now, everyone has a right to speak their mind freely.  That’s a given and I applaud Shannon for having the courage to stand up in front of thousands of people and speak her piece in an irrevocable, un-deletable medium like this.  I think the “they don’t need u” was a nice touch, and the “F off” bit at the end was the icing on the cake.  Bravo, Shannon.  Some may call you rather short-sighted (for reasons I’m about to explain), others may raise their fists in triumphant support and say “Rock on, girl (or guy)!”.  Regardless of what others may say, fear not, for your comment is now forever broadcast on the Internet for all to see for years and years (decades?) to come.

Before we go any further, I want to say that I fiercely believe in the privacy of my commenters.  I welcome all comments and commenters.  And I will always do everything in my power to protect the information provided.  Even though your email address reveals exactly who you are, I value your privacy and will never reveal that information to anyone.  So for example, if Metro Bank were to contact me tomorrow and ask for your email address, I would proudly stand up high, raise one finger in the air, and tell them what they can do with themselves.  Because if we can’t speak our minds without fear of repercussion, then what’s the point of speaking at all?

Now, on the other hand, if Metro Bank were to subpoena me with a valid request for your IP address and email address, well, then I’d have to hand it over cheerfully and quickly.  That would be unfortunate, because your email address — which I promise not to share, except under court order — appears to be your full first and last name.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, though.  Employers never crack down on stuff like this.  Heck, judging by Metro’s new website, I doubt anyone at Metro Bank even uses the Internet.

Seriously, have you seen their new website?  It’s terrible!

And even if they did, I’m sure they’d find your post to be rather amusing.  After all, screw those customers, right?  Man, all they ever do is make demand after demand after demand.  I really do feel for the Metro Bank employees who had to work this past weekend and deal with things like “customers who want their money” and “customers whose ATM cards were shut off for no reason” and “customers who can’t log in” and “customers who expect a better answer than ‘Uh, I don’t know'”.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure Metro Bank would get a big laugh out of that one.

In fact, we’re all laughing.  Having our accounts essentially disabled is hands-down the funniest thing to happen to us since … well, ever.

Maybe I should print this out and send it to them, just so they don’t miss out, ya know?  Actually, on second thought, that won’t be necessary.  All they have to do is Google “Metro Bank Harrisburg” and they’ll find me in the top results.

NOTE:  The sarcasm ends here.  Metro Bank screws up the accounts of what appears to be many customers (tens? hundreds? thousands?), and their employees are telling me to “F OFF”?  So far, Metro Bank’s management has been deathly silent (aside from the comments here) on this ongoing issue, presumably hoping it will all just go away.  My account is hosed up for an entire weekend, the employees I’ve encountered are completely apathetic, and I’m still hearing reports of people with mangled accounts.  This is an inexcusable state of affairs for any financial institution, let alone mine.  Metro Bank needs to make with the fixes PRONTO.

And Shannon, posting a comment using that particular email address was unbelievably stupid of you.  If you are a Metro Bank employee — and your email address makes it pretty obvious — then you deserve to be fired.  To think you’re the caliber of person that Metro Bank has hired to handle my money (to say nothing of my Social Security number and other personal information) is terrifying.  Go find a job where you never have to deal with the public.

UPDATE #1: The Consumerist is now reporting on this mess.
UPDATE #2: Off the Record dedicated the first ten minutes to Metro Bank’s epic failures.
UPDATE #3: The issue is not going away.  Both WGAL and The Patriot-News are reporting on Metro Bank’s problems.
UPDATE #4: Metro Bank Harrisburg CEO Gary Nalbandian says the upgrade went well, admits “some” glitches.
UPDATE #5: If you’re an affected Metro Bank customer, complain to the FDIC.  Their complaint form can be found here:
UPDATE #6: Oops – this domain is on private registration.  If Metro Bank feels like requesting the information as described above, my mailing address is c/o Dave Sheranko / PO Box 6020 / Harrisburg PA 17112-6020.

20 thoughts on “Metro Bank Responds”

  1. Commerce was always appealing to the consumer – their ads are seemingly consumer friendly – they also claim to be small business friendly. They must have been talking about those small businesses that actually make money because my SMALL business was ill-served and all the ‘perks’ they claim were false because we are, in fact, SMALL.

    I withdrew our funds last week, a day before the crash. Lucky? I consider it a nice payback for all the bull I had to put up with: from the manager lying to me about the lines of credit they were setting up for me and wanting to charge me $900+, to the holds they made on government checks for over 10 days…

    The Patriot’s article was watered down. Thank you for your blog. Shannon – goodluck.

  2. This zinger, from the Patriot article, left my mouth hanging open . . .
    Although the weekend upgrade at Metro went well overall, some glitches arose, said Gary Nalbandian, the bank’s president and CEO.

    I doubt that Mr. Nalbandian would view these problems as merely “some glitches” if he ever experienced the same problems and lack of customer service from the financial advisors and brokers who manage his sizeable accounts.

  3. Gosh – I really feel for all the affected customers and employees who have to face them. I may be the only one in town who, after not being able to gain access over the weekend, signed onto the website Monday morning, got my new password set up with no problem and has had no issues. All my bill pay creditors transferred over (LOVE the new bill pay BTW! Huge improvement over the Commerce one) and nothing has double posted. I used my debit card on Sunday (it was run as a credit though) without a problem. I do hope they figure this out quickly as Metro employs over 1000 locals. I know I am the exception in this mess and feel very lucky.

  4. As a former Commerce customer, I’m glad I switched to Members 1st a couple years ago. Then again, I use credit cards rather than debit cards for nearly everything to minimize transactions to my draft account.

    As for the comments of Shannon, perhaps it is an employee, but perhaps not. I’ve never left a fake e-mail address on one of these sites, but I did this time just to see if it worked. If you need my real e-mail address for whatever reason, it’s available at the Web site I listed.

    I hope everything works well for all the remaining Metro customers. Commerce was a great and convenient bank and it is sad to see things fail so miserably over one weekend.

  5. Let’s just say that based on the information provided by Shannon, I was able to do some detective work and am 100% confident that she is a Metro Bank employee.

  6. “some glitches” ?!! At least in my book, this suger coating EASILY trumps the “Great Google FAIL” for poorest handling of a major issue for 2009 …

  7. You now see why I frequent PennLies, less and less. Childish bs.

    I’d be at the tweetup but I am making Blueberry Muffins. Of course I always say that.


  8. I have had nothing but problems with this new Metro Bank. There balance NEVER MATCHES MINE THERES IS ALWAYS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I WILL BE PULLING ALL MY ACCOUNTS AND I HOPE OTHERS TO THE SAME

  9. Metro Bank. I have been checking my account and all looks well, should i be concerned? Will i be able to see the double postings? Is the balance on line the actual balance, or is it unviewable? I REALLY LIKED Commerce Bank. The site changes were a shock and had me in a panick, but i usually checked my account to see if scheduled payments are actually scheduled. Has there been problems with scheduled payments or the incorrect amounts being visable? I’m sure this is just a glitch, i don’t think a bank like this would want to cause problems.

  10. Hey guys, calm down, and get yourselves a free lollipop! Word.

    I wouldn’t go live with a website like that for a window cleaning business, let alone a bank! Is it some kinda joke? And what’s with the ‘M’ man logo with a baseball cap!!?? Has Vernon Hill ever been on the Internet? Serious?

    And why “” ?? Too tight to buy the real one that’s for sale..?

    ‘THe Power Of Red’ eh? Oooh, big brainstorming seesion no doubt to come up with that genius of a tag line.

    Sorry, but WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ya, I am one of the “good” customer who put up with their mistakes the last couple years. I have banked there for 15+ years and will be leaving as soon as I do some research on other banks. Example: I presented a check to myself for $1,500 at the teller conter. She did her thing and I left. Checked balance, they withdrew it twice. Took me 3 days to get it fixed and they offered me a $10 voucher for my troubles. Am I the good customer the one girl was talking about? What a joke. That is just one example of about a half dozen I have over the last few years. I should have left then, not sure why I am staying. Switching banks can be a hassle, but there is a problem with this bank lately and I don’t see it being America;s next great bank from what I am experiencing lately…especially the site and I was told “This is our new site” when I inquired if it was going to stay this way because I can’t stand it. So, how can you do any better if you are going to tell customers “This is how it is now” basically. I am very sad that Commerce has died in this area, why won’t the Commerce in Jersey just expand here…they would get all the customers from Metro I am pretty sure. I even hate the name. Where are all the enhancements that were supposed to be coming? Convenient? Only in hours, everything is much less than convenient.

  12. We will be…15+ year customer who is finally wising up. The worst thing about it is they stand behind it like there isn’t a problem and are kind of arrogant about it. That is probably the main reason I am leaving as soon as I can. Metro shoudl humble themselves, admit there is a problem, and FIX it. They have not been to good at fixing problems the last few years, so I don’t see it getting better.

  13. I too am a Metro employee and want to let everyone know that not all of us are like shannon. I take my job very seriously and am personally embarrased about the situation. Believe me that the tellers and CSR’s really wish that there was more that we could do. I’m not going to bash my employer but I honestly wish this was handled in a different manner.

  14. Now, a new twist to my story, I just checked Bill Pay, and guess what?
    They were going to pay my mortgage TWICE A MONTH ALL THE WAY THROUGH NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!
    What a bunch of idiots, or maybe there is a better word, that I can’t use here.
    I canceled ALL of my bill pays, and enrolled in Wachovia on line, and will go to the branch tomorrow to finalize paperwork, etc.
    They will even deal with the mortgage themselves, that I don’t even have to go into a Metro bank again, except to close everything.
    I wonder why Wachovia has been voted the best bank for 6 years in a row now.
    See ya, Metro, and I probably will see more of your employees at Burger King in the near future.

  15. The dog information is gone. replaced with a system that now tells me which caller I am in the queue, and the estimated time – which fluctuated from the original 22 minutes to 6 minutes and is now back up to 18 as I type. I’ve been on hold for 29 minutes, just waiting to ask when they foresee their site coming back up. I wish they’d tell me about their dog…..

    I wasn’t going to switch, but this is the pits. The site technology is circa 1997-98, the tellers look like they want to kill themselves, and the comments here have sealed the deal. I loved PNC, now that they are in Central PA……

  16. okay so for you people who would like to switch your accounts. we’d really like it if you guys just hung in there with us. It’s just as hard and frustrating to us as it is to you. it may even be more. and for you peole who are saying the CSR’s never returned your call…i bet now that it’s been over 3 weeks your call has been returned. they have been very very busy with lines out the door. im sorry that commerce bank spoiled everybody with their amazing online banking and such…which as of right now we still are working on to make things better. for our ccustomers adn spoil you again. and again we are sorry for any inconvience that it may have caused you but it also affected employees of the bank also.

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