My New Digs

Renovations at the World Headquarters are moving along nicely, now that the contractor doing the master bathroom managed to wrap up his “five days, tops” job in just under seven weeks.  A new contractor is starting on the kitchen and guest bathroom, and I’m going to paint and re-trim the entire house.  With a little luck, I’ll be on the market by the end of this month.  So it was with great giddiness that Deb and I went to view some condos in Mechanicsburg.

A handful of condos at School House Apartments have opened up (the apartments are being converted into condos as they vacate).  I’ll post some more details later, but given what else is available on the market in that price range, the cost per square foot seemed out of whack.  We also toured some open condos in Sunguild; one smelled like dog and desperately needed re-walled, and the other looked like a 1970s old-person’s chalet.  So pass on both of them, unless the owner is willing to come down 25% or so to cover the cost of upgrades.

What I’m really looking for is loft space in an old / historic building in the under-$120k price range.  If Old City Hall or Simon Cameron School started optioning off some of their spaces I’d be there in a second (though maybe not at $120k).  I don’t know what’s going on with the Market Street Lofts, but from the outside it looks completely stalled (and the price is way off, anyway).  Old School House came close, with their 16′ ceillings and unique floorplans, but with that square footage, I want either a split-level design or exposed brick throughout.

There are plenty of vacant buildings (rowhomes or otherwise) in the city that could easily be converted into this style.  Not everybody wants a four-bedroom family-style townhouse with a traditional floorplan; why haven’t we seen more than a rare and scattered handful done up in a more contemporary style?  Even if it meant going into a more questionable neighborhood, I’d love to find some unique residential space nearby.