New Hotel In Town

ABC27 is reporting that  new hotel is planned for “312 Chestnut St” in Harrisburg.  Google Maps puts this address in Penbrook, but I believe the intended location is in the SoMa area.  Specifically, directly across from Pennsylvania Place.

Nothing is on their website yet so this is strictly from memory.  The plans called for the renovation of two side-by-side buildings and the creation of a boutique-style (low-capacity, classy) hotel with on-site restaurant and something on the rooftop.  The architect’s rendering looked like they were trying to stay within the style of the area.  I got the impression that this will be targeted towards a slightly more adult (30+) crowd who want to be near SoMa’s activities but don’t necessarily care to be within walking distance of OMG HARDWARES BAR.

Great.  With the SoMa development already well underway, and with the University tower making progress, this might help trigger further development through the surrounding areas.  Better yet, it might help accellerate residential development (where are my condos?).  And as we all know, neither commercial nor residential development alone can sustain a city.  A combination of residential, retail, and office space — with a healthy dollop of added parking facilities — could really build a large, healthy foundation for sustained development in the city.

4 thoughts on “New Hotel In Town”

  1. 320 Chestnut St. is the “Hardwood Lounge” — a rentable conference room on the first floor of International House. I’m a little confused about what buildings specifically they plan to renovate.

  2. That sounds right, though I thought they were two non-adjacent addresses. I hope that this trickles over to Market Street and, in conjunction with the University tower and some smart management decisions in Strawberry Square, brings back the area’s development boom of the early 80s.

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