On My Way Back

The train is a wonderful thing.

I’m sitting here eastbound on the Amtrak Pennsylvanian (facing west, because apparently that’s how they do things in New York), sifting through several hundred pics & vids from the past five days in NYC.  The near-silence of the train means I can actually concentrate on tagging & cataloging said media.  My laptop is plugged in and charging, thanks to the seat-side electrical outlets (four to every row).  My VZW cell phone has continuous coverage, giving me unlimited broadband for the entire trip.  Although I really don’t mind driving to and in NYC, Amtrak usually winds up being cheaper, and always involves less hassle.

Then there’s the subway.  It’s fast, it’s dirt-cheap, and it truly is environmentally sound (as compared to a bus or taxi).  Even my ride from Bay Ridge in Brooklyn to Times Square to 116th, which in reality took just over an hour, seemed to fly by.  Plus, there’s this tremendous Awesome Factor.  You’re flying around a century-old system at 40 miles per hour, often in cars built during the 70s and 80s.  And since the subway has represented both the very worst and very best of the city, there’s little more iconic of NYC than the MTA.

Anyway – back to the media.

catheadChinatown led to some of the best pictures of the night.  Specifically, an ad campaign for … I don’t know.  But it involved this disturbing Photoshop of a cat.  And when I saw it, my first thought was “WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?”  My second thought was “I’m blogging this”, but since I can’t think of any relevant way to make light of the pic, I’m just posting it.  Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “On My Way Back”

  1. I had not heard WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS yet, so thanks for another laugh.

    Also, I think I know where the weirdo cat thing came from. There is a site called “Kitty Wigs” (really!) and they have a book coming out. Link should be in my name.

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