The Road

There’s a movie coming out this November that features everybody’s favorite 13-mile stretch of abandoned highway.  The abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike was used as a major filming location for The Road due its post-apocalyptic appearance and relative isolation.  Look at slides #6 and #4 of the USA Today slideshow, and you’ll see the eastern portal of … Continue reading The Road

Linglestown Traffic

I know there’s a lot planned for the village, but I have one simple question: What in the hell is wrong with that traffic light at the intersection of Linglestown Road and Colonial Road? You know the one; at the corner with Sheetz, Weis, and KoKoMo’s Aroogas.  Whenever I’m travelling from Harrisburg, that light turns … Continue reading Linglestown Traffic

Camp Hill Suicide Cloverleaf

It’s gone, baby!  According to a story in today’s Patriot News, at least part of the colossal screwup of an interchange at Routes 15 and 581 is being shut down for good.  All I can say is that this is long, long, long overdue.  In fact, having at least a passing familiarity with Pennsylvania’s traffic … Continue reading Camp Hill Suicide Cloverleaf

Pennsylvania Weirdness

Unstoppable underground mine fire: Check. All-concrete ghost town: Check. Worst commercial nuclear accident on US soil: Check. Deserted mental hospitals: Check. Shoe house: Check. If you live in, travel through, or have ever even heard of Pennsylvania, you’ve no doubt heard one of the extremely bizarre stories that make up this state. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading Pennsylvania Weirdness