I Knew This Would Happen

A few months ago (has it been half a year already?) I bought a new car.  Paid around $14k.  Since getting it, I’ve saved about $1000 in reduced monthly payments and fuel consumption.  With fuel prices skyrocketing and no end in sight, demand for high-efficiency vehicles like mine has gone way up.  Used Priuses are selling for more than new ones.  Car companies are taking major hits on sales (except Honda, which, not surpsingly, saw a huge spike in Q2).  And, as I expected, AutoTrader is filling up with low-mileage high-MPG cars.  And they’re selling at a premium:

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Harrisburg Spice

Sometimes — and I know this is going to be hard for some of you to believe — companies do colossally stupid things.

Take Spice, for example.

A few days ago, two Spice employees — Molly Turner and John Burkholder — spoke with a Patriot News reporter about how the economy is affecting their tips.  It was an interesting story, and the fact that the employees were actually willing to give honest answers made it somewhat refreshing in this era of watered-down press-release-driven commentary.  Nothing is more droll and un-insightful than reading a corporate press release, so when actual employees give actual answers, it’s always a welcome change of pace.

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That Dodge Gas Guarantee


A friend of mine is going car shopping right now.  She did in fact read my posts on the subject, and said she felt prepared – aww, I feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside now.  One of the cars she was considering was a Dodge.  It just so happens that she was considering it because of Dodge’s “$2.99 Gas Guarantee”.  You know the one – this is where they sell you fuel at $2.99 / gallon for the next three years, up to 12,000 miles per year.

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August’s blogHarrisburg Tweetup

CORRECTION: The date was previously listed incorrectly.  The correct date is 8/21.

When:  7-9pm Thursday 08/21/08
Where:  On the deck of The Abbey Bar (upstairs at Applachian Brewing Company Harrisburg)
Who’s Invited:  Anyone from Central PA with a blog* or Twitter account

First off, thanks to everyone who showed up at July’s meetup!  It was great hanging out with the regulars once again, and getting to meet a whole slew of new faces was inspiring to say the least.  It’s really quite impressive to see this big of a community forming in what is arguably a medium-sized city in a very rural state.  Judging by the steady growth of the past meetups, August’s promises to be even bigger.

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WordPress 2.6 Upgrade

Just upgraded floor9.com to the new version of WordPress.  A full list of newness is available on the WordPress Blog.  I’ve noticed a handful of minor speed improvements, but most of the changes appear to be cosmetic and internal.  I did run into a snafu when I moved my 2.5 database into the 2.6 installation, requiring me to manually reset my admin password, but everything else appears normal.

If you notice any hiccups on the site, please let me know!

EDIT:  I just noticed that the inline pictures have vanished.  I’ll fix this when I get home.  My SSH access from work is …  bad.