Security System Part 3

After reading my last two posts, you already know why you need a security system and how to design / install your own. Security systems — even the inexpensive, do-it-yourself ones — can do a lot more than just tell you when someone breaks into your home.  With all the news of prowling over on the west shore and the recent activity in the city, it’s a safe bet that more than a few people are looking at security systems.  And I hate to see people sucked into those $40-per-month monitoring fees and forced into alarm systems that are locked to one particular monitoring company, so consider this my public service to the community at large.

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Last Night’s bH Meetup / Harrisburg Tweetup

Wow.  Last night’s meetup at The Abbey Bar was easily the best-attended yet!  I don’t have an official headcount, but there were easily two dozen people in attendance.  Off the top of my head, the night saw @EdGrohl, @Dani_Pa, @KathleenLD, @mattyfo, @shawnfarner, @rorowe, Daniel Victor, Jersey Mike, Josh Karns, Bill Bostic, Sara Bozich, Roxbury News, Scott Giambalvo, and even the editor of the Central PA Gazelle stopped by (I never would’ve guessed who is behind that!).  I know I missed some people here — rest assured your omissions are due to my poor memory and not some nefarious status quo — so please comment if you were in attendance!

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SoMa Starbucks Closing

Starbucks announced last week that they will be closing 600 stores nationwide.  This will reduce the national average number of Starbucks per street corner to approximately 3.7.  Although it was said that no Central PA locations will be closing, WHP is reporting that two area ‘Bucks will be going under.  One of them is the store on Paxton Street (which I didn’t know existed), and the other is the Third & Market location in SoMa (which is about half a block from the Strawberry Square location).

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July blogHarrisburg / Twitter Meetup

This Thursday, July 17, is our monthly blogHarrisburg meetup / Harrisburg Twitter meetup.  As always, we’ll be at The Abbey Bar (upstairs at ABC Brewery) in Harrisburg.  Weather permitting we’ll even be outside on the deck! EDIT:  We will be outside on the deck.  The meetup is open to everyone in Central PA who has a blog or a Twitter account, regardless of what you blog or tweet about.  Things get started around 7, and wrap up around 9.  Feel free to hang for the full two hours, show up for 15 minutes, or anywhere in-between!

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Want To Fit In? Complain!

You can’t really live in this area without noticing that a large number of people who live here complain about living here.  You’ve heard it all before:  Central PA sucks, there’s no culture here, people are inbred, our educational institutions suck, the job market sucks, the housing sucks, the transportation options suck … you name it.  I always amuse myself by responding with “So then why DO you live here?”, the answer to which is always some fail-tastic statement like “Uh, well, I guess, uh, um … My husband works for Comcast.   So yeah.”

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